Is There A Free Version Of Clip Studio Paint?

Clip Studio Paint is wonderful software to create digital comics, illustrations, and 2D animation. If you are a beginner or pro in digital art and wanted to know is there a free version of Clip Studio Paint? So, I tell you that there is a free and legal Clip Studio Paint version for up to 6 months. And, if you are luckily an iPhone user so you can use Clip Studio Paint every day.  In this guide, we will tell you how to get Clip Studio Paint-free.

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Get 30-Days Free Clip Studio Paint 

You can easily redeem your 30 days free trial of Clip Studio Paint. You just have to create a Clip Studio account and then claim your free trial. Then, you will enjoy these amazing features in Clip studio paint.

  • Supports comic and animation creation modes
  • 3D models and drawing figures
  • Supports vector layer 
  • Multiple page comics/manga & illustrations
  • Vector speech bubbles for comics
  • Up to 24 frames for gifs or short animations
  • Natural, customizable pen and brush tools and also can import them 

Clip Studio Paint Trial Limitations

If you are thinking that the free version will come with a lot of restrictions, so I tell you, you are wrong. Clip Studio Paint gives access to all features, you have access to all features that are in the paid version. The only limitation of this 30 days free trails is that you can enjoy this trial only on Windows, macOS, or iPad. 

Book A Free Version Of Clip Studio Paint For Upto 6 Months 

Is there a free version of Clip Studio Paint? Yes, you can book a free trial version of any Pro or Ex version of Clip Studio Paint for a specific period of time. This time varies from the operating system to the operating system such as

  • 3 months free trial for Windows
  • 3 month free trial for macOS
  • 6 month free trial for Galaxy
  • 3 month free trial for iPad
  • 3 month free trial for Andriod
  • Every day free for iPhone 
  • 3 month free trial for Chromebook

However, this free trial period is only applicable if you purchase a monthly or annual subscription to Clip Studio Paint. In simple words first, you have to pay for Clip Studio Paint subscriptions then you can avail of the free trial. iPhone every day free trial will only work for 1 hour per day. 

How To Get A Free Version Of Clip Studio Paint

Follows this Step to download Clip Studio Paint for the free full version on your device for upto 6 months.

  1. Go to Clip Studio Paint’s official website. 
  2. Navigate to the free trail section. 
  3. Download the CSP free apk as per your device operating system.
  4. Now, Open the apk and click o sign up. 
  5. Creat your Clip Studio Account. 
  6. Click on the 3-month free option.
  7. Choose Ex or Pro version for a monthly subscription and now your first 3-month will be free of cost. 

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How Much Does Clip Studio Paint Cost Money- Pricing of CSP

If you want to redeem the free version of Clip Studio Paint, then here it’s the pricing to make easy your decision. Clip Studio has to version Pro and Ex, Clip Studio Paint Ex is an advanced version of Pro. Here is the Monthly and yearly plan of CSP Pro and Ex. And if you want to buy premium with discount price then use Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code.

Clip Studio Paint Pro Plan 

PlanMonthly Annual
1 Device $4.49$24.99
2 Device $7.49$43.99
4 Device $8.99$53.99
1 Smartphone $0.99$6.49

You can get this version at a 50% discount by purchasing it from the Clip Studio Paint Pro sale. This is an exclusive offer so grab it at the earliest.

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Clip Studio Paint Ex Plan 

PlanMonthly Annual
1 Device $8.99$71.99
2 Device $12.49$99.99
4 Device $14.99$117.99
1 Smartphone $2.49$16.99
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You can also purchase a one-time purchase only on Windows/Mac. The CSP Pro plan will cost you $49.99/lifetime and the CSP Ex plan will cost you $219/lifetime. Get all detailed information about Is Clip Studio Paint A One-Time Purchase.

Some Best Clip Studio Paint Free Download Alternatives

If you aren’t happy with the Clip Studio Paint but want to explore more about digital painting software. So, here are some of the best alternatives to Clip Studio Paint for free. 


It is the best free alternative to Clip Studio Paint, it is an open-source digital art platform. It has various handy features for digital painting and here people post their artwork, ask questions, and do general discussions. Krita has various similar free Clip studio Paintbrushes in the wide category. And if you want more artistic tools in it so you look for the paid version which is extremely cheap. 

1 Microsoft Paint 3D

It is a good alternative to CSP, it is easy to use and basic photo editing software to edit images. Microsoft Paint has features like resizing pictures, spin images, tints, and more. It also has various brush options that include pencils/pens/inkers.

2 Artweaver 

Artweaver is another free digital painting software, standard image editing tools like gradient, crop, fill, and selection tools. It also can import images from scanners, a variety of brushes, and a sleek interface. Read 5 more Best Clip Studio Paint Alternatives.

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