5 Best Clip Studio Paint Alternatives 2024 – Free CSP Similar

Are you the one who needs some alternatives to clip studio paint or manga studio?

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CSP is one of the well-known open-source software for creating digital characters. Many artists have the curiosity to know about the Clip Studio Paint Alternatives 2024 that is available in the market. 

Many beginners want a basic digital painting program at the initial time of their career. Although clip studio paint is also very good for them you may have many other free alternatives to Clip studio paint. 

Before preceding further, let us know why you should prefer clip studio paint similar. 

Top Reasons To Choose Clip Studio Paint

  1. CSP Has Ultimate Drawing Facilities
  2. Allow Editing Tools With The Latest Ai Technology
  3. User-friendly Dark Theme
  4. 3d Capabilities And Excellent Vector Toolkit
  5. Wide Range Of Options To Select Brush Sets
  6. Best For Comic Creation And Frame-by-frame Animation
  7. Options To Customize Your Editing Pens/Pencils/Brushes Quickly
  8. Premium Subscription For One-time Payment
  9. Artwork Get Excellent Professional Look
  10. Great Choice For Professional Artists.

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Learn Which Clip Studio Paint Brushes Are Best For You?

Therefore, Clip Studio Paint has become many professional artist’s choices. Let us have a look at various free alternatives to clip studio paint. 

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Wondershare Filmora Alternatives

Top 5 Clip Studio Paint Alternatives 2024

  • Adobe Photoshop: An Ultimate Suite For Photo Editing
  • Corel Painter: Excellent Color Mixing Techniques
  • Autodesk Sketchbook: Best Alternative To Clip Studio Paint
  • Procreate: Strong Clip Studio Paint Competitor
  • Microsoft Paint: Huge Painting Graphics Available


Alternative To Clip Studio Paint- photoshop logo Adobe Photoshop

The King Of Digital Painting And Drawing Software

Key Features Of Adobe Photoshop

  • Ultimate Project Management Tools
  • Good Import/Export Options
  • Easy User-interface
  • Organized Capabilities
  • Work On Vector Layers And Red-Eye Correction
  • Easily Restore Last Edited Picture

Work With: Windows/iOS/macOS devices | Costing: Available in three versions such as:

  • Photoshop Creative Cloud Photography starts at $9.99 per month
  • Adobe Ps Cloud Single App starts at $20.00 per month
  • Creative Cloud All App starts at $52.99 per month

As mentioned above adobe Ps is a king of digital painting tools. That is why Photoshop is placed at the number one position in this Clip Studio Paint alternatives list. 

Photoshop is used by many professional photographers as well as digital artists to make professional-style artwork. It has a wide range of brushes, vector tools, animation options, pencils, 2D-3D effects, and so on. The major reason why photoshop is the best free alternative clip studio paint is that it has many plugin options with extra editing functions.  

You can also compare Clip studio paint or photoshop for more information.


Clip Studio Alternative- corel painter logo Corel Painter

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An Excellent Color Mixing Technique

Key Features Of Corel Painter

  • Streamlined User-interface
  • Very Traditional Media Editing Tools 
  • Great Color Wheel 
  • Advanced Vector Previous 
  • Great Curve Segments 

Work With: Windows, Mac | Costing: Starts with $429

Corel Painter is a very good option for all Apple users and a perfect clip studio paint similar product. It offers Al-based art styles that include 12-artistic styles that provide great oil pastel tools, clone tining, various layer tools. 

You are also allowed to mix various colors as the software has an advanced color wheel option. Corel Painter also provides you to customize various pen sets and brushes as per your own requirement. 

The new version of Corel Painter brings various new techniques of digital paintings and drawings. You can also check Corel Painter Vs Clip Studio Paint Comparison for further information.


Alternative To Clip Studio Paint- autodesk sketchbook logo Autodesk SketchBook

Best For Designing Models For Engineers And Architects 

Key Features Of Autodesk SketchBook

  • Options To Create Four Symmetry Dimension
  • Provide A Natural Look To Your Designs
  • Support Multiple Download Formats
  • Single Pack Subscription For All Platforms
  • Ellipse Guides Available
  • Transparent Background Is Also Available

Working With: Desktop, iOS, Android | Costing: Starts at $29.99 per year

Autodesk SketchBook is more used by professional artists, civil or mechanical engineers, architectures, and concept artists. The main advantage of using SketchBook over Clip Studio Paint is that its robust creative software with a smooth and intuitive user interface. 

You can easily create your visualization into a screen using SketchBook, that is why it is considered as a Clip studio paint alternatives list. While designing any machine model with a 3D illustration, this software is the perfect choice for them. 

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Clip Studio Alternatives – procreate logo Procreate

An Excellent Digital Art Software For iPad or iPhone Users

Key Features Of Procreate

  • Huge Advantage Of Having An Alpha Lock
  • Must-Try Their Quickshape And Quickline
  • Also, Customize Your Own Brushes/Pens/Pencils.
  • Eyedropper Tool Is Available For Creating A Color Palette
  • Basic Gestures Are Also Available
  • Many Other Features Of Blend Modes

Working With: iPad or iOS version 11.1+ | Costing: Starts At $9.99 per year

Procreate is not a very common digital art software, and it only works over iPad or iPhone devices. The software is highly responsive along with zero stroke lag. By changing the time, many Apple users were creating their art pieces on this program. 

It also has options of motion, Gaussians, and perspective blur with high resolution or brightness settings. Procreate allows you to record your drawings or painting in the form of videos and export it into various formats in HD quality.


Alternatives To Clip Studio Paint- microsoft paint 3dMicrosoft Paint 3D

Huge Painting Graphics Are Available 

Key Features Of Mircosoft Paint

  • An Ultimate Option For  Creating 3d Images Or Paintings
  • Allow You To Share 3d Pictures
  • Very Easy To Use

Work With: Windows Devices | Cost: Free Of Cost

Microsoft paint 3D is completely different from your basic MS paint. In this application, you will have many advanced options to create great art. 

This is the most basic photo editing software with which many beginners can easily edit their images. Options including resizing the picture, tint, and spin images. Just like other reputed digital software, Microsoft paint 3D also provides multiple brush options that include pencils/pens/inkers.

Is There A Free Version Of Clip Studio Paint?

clip studio paint free trial

Clip Studio Paint offers a free trial for their beginner users. These trial periods are from three to six years. Both Clip studio versions Pro and Ex come with their free trial version. So you can try the software and explore its features for creating your own artwork. Before proceeding to get a premium subscription don’t forget to use coupon codes available on Clip studio paint sale 2024 for huge money-saving discounts.

Do Professionals Use Clip Studio Paint?

Yes. Clip Studio Paint is the choice of many skilled professionals for editing their projects. Not only professionals but students and beginners are also using this software. The main reason for its popularity is the availability of bundles of Clip Studio Paint Brushes at their store. Many of these brushes are free or some are paid. 

CSP has many advanced options such as a wide range of vector tools. Others include frame-by-frame animations, great 2D or 3D illustration models, many grid options, and other excellent features. You can also find many Clip Studio Paint Alternatives as mentioned above in this article that also provide similar features.

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Which Version Of Clip Studio Paint Is The Best?

Which Version Of Clip Studio Paint Is The Best

CSP has two versions for their users such CSP Ex and Pro version. For beginners, Clip Studio Paint Pro Verison is the best option. It is a wallet-friendly software that provides great features which are sufficient to create professionally styled artwork. 

If you are a professional working at an international level, the CSP ex version is a good choice for you. It has advanced additional features compared to the CSP Pro version. Many animators prefer Clip studio paint ex version at their work.

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Final Verdict- Alternatives To Clip Studio Paint 

In this guide, we have mentioned the top 5 clip studio paint alternatives that are highly recommended. CSP itself is a very good digital painting and drawing software and adopted by many professionals. Now it’s up to you which CSP alternatives you want to try as per your requirement. All the best for creating your great artwork. 

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Frequently Asked Questions-

What Can I Use Instead Of Clip Studio Paint?

We have listed the top five free alternatives to clip studio paint which are best for both beginners as well as professionals. 

Is There A Free Version Of Clip Studio Paint?

Clip Studio Paint has also offered a monthly free version available for every kind of device including mac, windows, android, iPhone, and iPad.

What Is The Best Free Drawing Program?

We have shared the best five digital drawing programs that will definitely be good for making professional projects. 

Is Clip Studio Paint Free With Wacom?

Yes. Clip Studio Paint is free with Wacom but only available for three months on the purchase of Wacom’s monthly payments. 

Does Windows 10 Have Clip Studio Paint?

Yes. CSP works on Windows 10 as well. Other clip studio paint similar software also work with windows as well as another operating system.

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