5 Best Wacom Alternatives 2024– Is It Worth Using Wacom Tablet?

Wacom is one of the secure drawing tablet service providers in the market. It is a Japan-based company that provides easy-to-use drawing tablet solutions for individuals and businesses. If we’re talking about Wacom Alternatives tablets, don’t take me wrong this is one of the best services. Except for this, there are a lot of good drawing tablet options available in the market as well.

While researching we get to know There are various alternatives available for drawing tablets except For Wacom. This becomes a very messy situation for a buyer to choose the best one. To deal with this, here we are giving the list of best alternatives to Wacom, according to the research of 2024.

A Quick Glance At Best Wacom Alternatives 2024

As we know there are many alternatives to Wacom tablets available in the market which can replace Wacom. On the basis of some factors, we select a good collection for you. Here is the list of top 5 alternatives to Wacom tablets, after intensive research:-

  • Huion Kamvas Pro 24
  • XP-Pen Deco Pro
  • Huion H430P
  • Gaomon PD1560
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7

     These are the Top 5 Wacom alternatives available in the market which can be substituted for Wacom services for drawing tablets. Now for understanding these in detail, we first need to know why we need an alternative to Wacom.

    Major Reasons To Look For Alternatives To Wacom Tablet
  • A Bit expensive to afford 
  • The learning curve has become an obstacle to appreciating the Wacom tablet fully.
  • The New board is compatible with pens from earlier versions.
  • It is not actually appropriate for general selection work such as pointing and ticking or clicking on menu tools.

5 Best Wacom Alternatives From Beginners To Pro-Level 2024

Best Wacom Tablet Alternatives From beginners to pro-level

1)  Huion Kamvas Pro 24– Top Alternative to wacom tablet

Huion Kamvas Pro 24

It is one of the best alternatives among available options in the market. Why I am saying this is because they provide a 525*294mm active drawing area. The connections are also available for HDMI/DP/VGA with 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity. The battery is also good in terms of quality with pen PW517.

It is one of the best alternatives to the Wacom tablet available in the market, provides one of the largest drawing monitors of Huion. The QHD screen is 23.8 inches large enough to show everything clearly.

By having a large screen feature you will see your working efficiency is improving .how?It saves your time by switching to different windows and zooming in on pictures again and again.

Reasons To Buy
  • Top-Notch Display Quality
  • New Features To Explore
Reasons To Avoid
  • Occurrence Of Lagging Issue Sometimes
  • Not Cost-Effective

2)  XP-Pen Deco Pro– Best For Android & Mobile

Features of XP-Pen deco pro

XP-pen deco pro has an active drawing area of 279 x152mm and the main thing is that the stylus is battery-free. The XP-pen deco pro is also a good alternative to Wacom. It supports connection with android tablets and mobile phones, also many software like Flipaclip, Autodesk, ibis, etc.

This also falls under the category of Best Wacom Tablet Alternatives. It illuminates your workflow because the roller wheel consists of an indicator light and adjustable brightness level. In the presence of this feature, you can work and create a preferred lighting environment. 

Along with this, The XP-pen decor pro provides you with natural tilt support to a 60-degree angle which makes it the best Wacom alternative. In this situation, you don’t need to brush direction in the software again and again. Especially, In The presence of this feature, users get a simple and smoother transition between lines and strokes.

There is a lot of alternatives to Wacom available then the question comes why we choose XP-pen. The XP-pen decor pro is the first drawing tablet in the market that comes equipped with a USB-C port. You can directly connect iMac, mac book, or windows without using a USB-C to a USB adaptor.

The XP-Pen Deco Pro Series is operatable with Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux, and above. However, it works with most major creative software including Photoshop,  Clip Studio, Illustrator, Painter, GIMP, Blender 3D, and more. 

Reasons To Buy
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use plug-and-play setup
Reasons To Avoid
  • Pen taper
  • Occurrence of Some software issues

3) Huion H430P– Excellent Wacom Alternative

Huion H430P

The Pen tablet H430P comes with a minimum thickness of 6.3mm that does not weigh more than a mobile phone. It falls under the category of one of the best alternatives to Wacom tablets.

The 233PPS report rate makes sure instant response to pen movements, because of this, users get a smooth drawing experience. Huion H430P provides an active drawing area of 121×76 mm with battery-free pen PW201 including pen pressure.

Users don’t need to charge the stylus again and again, as EMR technology and battery-free pen PW201 are facilitating your work.

Reasons To Buy
  • Cost-effective
  • Light to use 
Reasons To Avoid
  • No display
  • Small drawing area

4) Gaomon PD1560– A Smart Wacom Tablet Alternative

Gaomon PD1560

Gaomon PD1560 provides you Display area of 344.16 × 193.59mm and screen resolution 1920 x 1080(16:9). Gaomon also offers you an active smart wireless digital pen that gives a comfortable grip to the user. Along with this, a customizable double button can switch between brush and eraser easily, stimulating unlimited creative passion.

This also provides embedded signal interference, which avoids the issue of the signal wire falling off.

Adjust angle accordingly, give yourself a comfortable environment. How? By Changing an angle, you may be enlightened and grow more innovative ideas. After studying all the above-mentioned things we can say this is a good alternative to the Wacom tablet.

Reasons To Buy
  • Top notched quality
  • Useful shortcut keys
Reasons To Avoid
  • Noticeable parallax
  • Not the brightest

5) Microsoft Surface Pro 7– Best Wacom Alternative 2024

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft surface pro 7 is the best alternative to Wacom mobile studio pro. In this alternative, we get an Active drawing area(12.3inch screen)with Connections of USB-C, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. You can set your perfect angle with the built kickstand. It is better than  Microsoft surface pro 6, especially in terms of graphics-intensive tasks. Microsoft window surface pro 7 is also one of the best Wacom alternatives available in the market.
They offer you personalize Surface Pro 7 with Surface Pen  Signature and Surface Arc Mouse. You can mix all in rich colors or match as well, in the presence of this quality.

Reasons To Buy
  • Can be operated in windows also
  • Top-quality performance
Reasons To Avoid
  • Some battery issues
  • Slow tech – improvement

Best Wacom MobileStudio Pro Alternative 2024

To be honest, Microsoft surface falls under the category of one of the best Wacom alternatives. Don’t be confused, it doesn’t mean that its quality is not up to the mark. 

As we discussed a lot of Wacom alternatives already, now it become important for us, which one is the best Wacom mobileStudio pro alternative available in the market. For understanding it from a user’s perspective, we mention some good points here. On that basis, you can compare, whether this Wacom alternative is best suits you or not. 

After researching a lot of alternatives of Wacom, we found that Microsoft surface pro is one of the best mobile studio pro alternatives, here are the reasons why:-

Screen SizeThe Microsoft pro surface provides you 12.3 inches pixels with a maximum screen resolution of 2736×1824.  If we are talking about the size of a tablet, it gives you a perfect size, which is not too small or too large.

Battery lifeThere is no doubt about its battery because it lasts more than 13 hours on a single charge. This means that if you charge it once a day or night, there is no issue of battery dead. You can work  smoothly the whole day with a one-time charge which makes it one of the best Wacom mobilestudio pro alternative

Operating system- It becomes easy to handle or use an operating system from the perspective of a buyer. Most of the people already know, how to handle operating systems or they are already familiar with them. This is a great plus point or advantage because if you have any issue related to it, you can approach anyone. As there is a lot of people available online who can help you. In spite of that, you can also visit customer care, the service they provide is 24/7 and definitely help you to get rid of any kind of issue.

Built-in kickstand-If you are a user your physical health is also one of the major concerns while working online. As we know most people don’t care, neglect, and take it for granted.

That’s why it become very crucial to use an adjustable stand with a drawing tablet. Most of the companies sell it separately but Microsoft consists of it already. By using this you can set different angles according to your need.

Most Useful Advice Before Buying Wacom MobileStudio Pro Alternative

A user doesn’t buy or purchase a drawing tablet regularly, so if you are purchasing a drawing tablet, first make sure that you choose the best processor and largest RAM. The prices of Microsoft surface pro are quite reasonable, a user can afford it easily. In case you go for the best processor and RAM, prices are definitely a bit high, but it totally worth it. If you pay one time for this, you get a device that is capable enough of supporting heavier projects.

Is Wacom Or Huion Better?

As we know Wacom is also one of the good options available in the market. Wacom offers you the facility to set buttons to have different functions performed, as per the requirement of the software program. Now, After considering all the factors, we suggest Wacom is overall the best option, but if we see it in terms of an alternative perspective, huion is also one of the best options.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Wacom Pen?

You can use any Wacom pen that claims to be compatible with your tablet or device. Your fingers are also a good alternative for a Wacom pen, As long as your device has a capacitive touch screen.

Is Gaomon Better Than Wacom?

Gaomon also falls under the category of Best Wacom Tablet Alternatives. According to our research, gammon is better than Wacom, or it is a good alternative for Wacom. Gaomon tries to provide always high-quality products with a lot of extra features in minimum changes.

Is Wacom Still The Best?

Wacom is one of the best drawing tablet service providers for a group of people.  It’s an excellent tool for editors,note-takers, and casual artists. Wacom is also known for making great drawing tablets in the market. The class-leading Cintiq range with good quality does come at a cost. In this case, you can go for alternatives as we mentioned above, which is also good to use if you want to substitute Wacom.

Why Isn’t My Wacom Tablet Connected To My Computer?

For smooth functioning of Wacom tablets or any other product installation, a software driver is a must. Initially, you have to download and install it in your system correctly.

How do I download Wacom drivers?

 Here I mentioned some easy steps of installation or downloading of Wacom drivers. 

  • Initially Visit the Wacom site.
  • After that Visit wacom
  • Click Download to the latest driver that supports your system.
  • Follow the remaining steps mentioned on the page to finish the installation procedure.

What is Wacom Intuos? Is a Wacom Intuos worth it?

 Yes, It is good for graphics designers especially. When you use Intuos and Cintiq tablets, you feel very convenient than using a mouse for the same work. Wacom Intuos consists of the top quality features which save your time. generally, it suits beginners for using drawing tablets, because the procedure of using is very simple. The installation procedure is also very easy, on macOS and windows both.

 Which is better Wacom one or Wacom Intuos?

Both the options are good, depending upon the situation for what you are using it. Wacom One is a good option for a beginner or starter digital artist who just started making use of these types of equipment. 

On the other side, Wacom Intuos suits mostly professionalists. If we compare Wacom one and Wacom Intuos on the basis of price, It ranges almost the same, and the quality they provide is also almost the same. Just choose it wisely, for what purpose are you making use of it.

 Is Wacom Cintiq the best?

The best drawing tablet of Wacom these days is Wacom Cintiq 22. It is cost-effective with top-notched quality.  Having good color reproduction, greater pen stylus decent screen makes it demandable. The price of this Wacom tablet charge is almost half of the charges of the Wacom pro tablet.

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