Why Is My Drawing Tablet Lagging? Ways To Fix Drawing Tablet Lag

As we know, Drawing tablets become popular these days. Most people have access to this device as it provides some great technical features which meet today’s requirements. However, in the presence of that many features, the question comes why is my drawing tablet lagging?

We also know sometimes drawing tablets causes technical issues like lagging, glitching, etc. There are various reasons behind the lagging of drawing tablets. Here we are providing you with some basic tips and tricks to tackle this issue.

The Ultimate Solution3 Best Ways To Fix Drawing Tablet Lag 

There are a lot of reasons that why is my drawing tablet lagging. After deep research, we are giving you here three-wide reasons which occur more often. Along with this reason, here are some solutions to know how to fix this issue.

1. Tablet Driver Out Of Date: Drivers Conflict

Timely updating of drivers solves almost every problem of a drawing tablet, except physical harm. If you are installing an unrelated device in your system, lagging may be caused by old drivers. 

For understanding, this, take an example, let us suppose your software is working perfectly but automatically it starts glitching, you don’t know the reason behind this. The reason sometimes is the installation of any hardware like a printer, video card, etc. 

Now, how you can solve this issue of why is my drawing tablet lagging. Approach the manufacturing website of that particular drawing tablet. First, Install the latest version of the driver for your tablet. You can download this from Wacom, XP-Pen, Huion, etc.

It is a must step after installing drivers. After this step restarts the device, otherwise, you won’t see changes. However, if you trust an iPad Pro, Microsoft surface, will help to have software updates automatically enabled.

2. Unstable Bluetooth Connection

If you are using a Bluetooth tablet, the reason behind the tablet lag could be a weak or unstable wireless connection. To deal with this kind of issue, first, make sure that the computer you are connected to has a compatible version for a drawing tablet.

Bluetooth devices are convenient for users because they are wireless. Generally in hard-wired connection, the stability experience is overall best. If you are using a drawing tablet and In case the problem is still occurring try to take the help of a USB  cable. Connect it to your device, you will see some good results.

3. The Pen Is Not Good Enough 

The tablet is not always the same reason for lagging drawing tablets. We can consider pen also falls under one of the reasons. We can say the pen nib is not up to the mark, the pen is not charged enough to work or it’s time to charge batteries, the reason could be any. 

You can also check driver updates of your pen, check the working of the pen, and whether the version of drivers that they are using is current or not. 

For Bluetooth-connected devices, the pen should be Bluetooth enabled also. We can take examples like apple pencil, Microsoft surface pen, etc. In these cases, to check the compatibility of devices first check the connectivity and pairing settings.

Why Is My Drawing Tablet Lagging Again?

If the problem is still occurring, contact the technical staff of your drawing tablet. However, your tablet is under a warranty period you can get repaired, without any cost. It will last so many years if you will maintain the drawing tablet carefully.

Wacom Tablet Lags At The Start Of Drawing A Line

This is a very common issue these days, we see a large number of people reporting that the Wacom tablet lags at the start of drawing a line. For dealing with this issue First, how should you identify that the lag issue happens due to drawing a line? 

You can check it simply by putting your pen on a tablet. If your line matches up with where the nib was resting, then the issue is lag due to the pen. In case if your line was in time with pen strokes but not in that place where the pen’s nib was touching the display. The reason could be the display of the tablet. Make sure you use the latest version of drivers, as the old version creates issues. However, if you want to avoid this kind of issue, timely update the drivers.

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Why Is My Drawing Tablet Lagging For Huion?

The reason why the drawing tablet lagging for Huion is that the driver is not of the latest version. Huion has the feature of updating the drivers, you have to do some basic steps here. 

Visit the website of Huion, pick the right driver, according to the version which is compatible enough with your device. Eventually, Download and install it manually.

There are other reasons also like you can restart your computer, disable sleep mode, enable support tablet pc or disable windows ink, etc.

How Can I Make My Drawing Tablet Smoother?

Working digitally and fulfilling the demand of today’s generation is very important. If you are new and want to make your writing smoother, here are some basic tips that are mentioned below:

  • Draw Slow For Some Specific Lines-This is a handy way to get the tricky lines in your display. If you draw them either in one slow stroke or multiple smaller ones, the result shows as per your desired want.
  • Large Graphics Tablet- Make sure first that if your screen is big and you are using a small graphic tablet. In this situation, It is difficult to draw as per your desired want. Our suggestion is to use a medium-size graphics tablet, it will give you great results. Long size graphic tablet requires a lot of effort for achieving the same results. They are also expensive too. There are mainly two professional software AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT that works seamlessly on these tablets.
  • Use Pressure Sensitivity Accordingly- This is a default feature in most of the programs, by using this you can create different strokes by pressing the pen strongly or lightly. One common error people do always is that they don’t check the pressure sensitivity is working correctly or not. If this is not working, fix it by reinstalling the tablet driver.

 Wacom Tablet Lagging Windows10 

Windows 10 is overall good to use but when we use it we have seen some conflicts related to drawing tablets.

Check driver updation regularly, this will solve most of the issues. I would recommend  some  steps which help you to get rid of the issue of lagging problem in windows 10

Why Is My Wacom Pen Lagging In Mac?

The reason behind lacking a Wacom pen is maybe the nip is not good enough to work. Except this it is not charged properly, the reason could be any as we already mentioned above. 

Now we are giving you a quick step structure here to deal with the Wacom pen lagging issue for mac.

  • The first step is to plug the USB cable into your tablet and computer.
  • Download and install the driver for Mac 
  • Restart your computer, it’s optional.

Timely update the drivers as per the demand. you won’t face this kind of issue often.it will solve almost every issue except physical damage.

Reasons For Why Is My Tablet So Slow And Laggy

There are so many reasons except malware which causes slow down. We know that tablets are a basic necessity these days. For using social media, checking emails, taking photos, playing games, etc, we all make use of social media.

Along with this we also understood that why is my drawing tablet lagging. Now after research, here we are offering you some tips and tricks. With these tips, you can deal easily with the issue of why is my tablet is so slow and laggy.

  • Remove Unnecessary And Unused Apps– If you have so many apps in your system, without any use. Find them and delete them, this will clear your space and give a boost to speed.
  • Install And Download The Latest Version Software–  installation of the latest software versions will protect you from cybercrimes. Timely  Updates make you restart your device as well as enhances speed. The main task performance is clear cached data, close background apps etc, to maintain a good speed standard.
  • Use An Antivirus On Your Tablet- People think that using a table does cause virus issues. In reality, everything creates virus issues for dealing with this, it’s great to have an antivirus whether you are using a tablet, window, mac etc.

Format Your External Storage On A Regular Basis-Format regularly your tablet’s SD card to keep the system operations working smoothly. You can do it at least once every three months for better results.

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Why Does My Wacom Pen Keep Glitching? Why Is My Digital Pen Logging?

This issue occurs a lot of times these days. However, The tablet is not always the same reason for lagging drawing tablets. The pen is also an important factor, it keeps glitching due to many reasons like the pen nib is not good to use. It is not charged enough, or the battery is not working, the reason could be any. 

You can also check driver updates of your pen, as you check for drawing tablets. You can also check whether the version of drivers that they are using is current or not. 

Till now we understood that why is my drawing tablet lagging. Now for Bluetooth-connected devices, the process is a little bit different. the pen is also Bluetooth enabled like apple pencil, Microsoft surface pen, etc. In the Bluetooth devices check first the compatibility of devices and connectivity and pairing settings.

Conclusion (A Quick Recap)

Eventually, we just want to give you a brief about why drawing tablets are lagging. The reason could be any but most often driver reinstallation is enough to tackle issues.

Sometimes if this is also not working, then a slightly old driver may work. In case if this is also not working try to install a driver from another similar device if the same series of drawing tablets you have. There is a high chance that if you do all of this, then your issue may get resolved. Let’s suppose the problem is still occurring then restart your computer or device after 

Do you have still any questions related to this issue? Leave a comment below and we will get back to you right away.

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