Pros And Cons Of Clip Studio Paint 2022

Clip Studio Paint is one of the best digital art software for making professional style animation and comic designs. It comes with two versions Pro or Ex version that are very popular programs in the comic or manga art industry.  Let us know what are the pros and cons of clip studio paint in this guide.

What Is Clip Studio Paint?

Clip studio paint is a great digital painting and drawing software. It offers advanced solutions for animations, concept art, comic, and manga art. In North America, the company clip studio paint was recognized by Manga Studio and developed by a Japenese Graphics company namely Celsys.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Clip Studio Paint

As with every other software, there are some highlights and challenges within it. Clip studio paint advantages and disadvantages can help you to get more deep knowledge before using the software. So that you are aware of what troubles or benefits you will get to face while accessing the program.

Pros And Cons Of Clip Studio Paint

  • Drawing Flexibility
  • Bundles Of Brush Options
  • Advanced Vector Toolkit
  • 3D Capability
  • AI Technology
  • Frame-By-Frame Animation
  • Dark Theme

  • Immense Interface
  • Lack of Audio Support in Animation
  • Manipulate Text And Fonts
  • Complex Keybinding
  • Too Many Options
  • Stifling Ex or Pro Prices

Clip Studio Paint Pros:

Drawing Flexibility: This is the reason that puts Clip studio paint edge over other digital painting software. It will provide bundles of advanced features to create a professional-style artwork with huge drawing flexibility or tools.

Bundles Of Brush Options: You are completely free to create your own brushes or can choose from numerous preset brush options in the software. More read about clip studio paint brushes in detail.

Advanced Vector Toolkit: clip studio paint offers the great advantage of a vector toolkit that can help you to touch up any error spot or areas that needs a little customization. This can reduce your project completion time with fewer errors.

3D Capabilities: This feature of the software allows you to modify and use 3D models and objects seamlessly with drag and drop tools.

AI Technology: Clip Studio Paint comes with the latest AI technology that does everything from coloring your drawings to the auto coloring of animations.

Frame By Frame Animation: The Ex version of clip studio paint comes with excellent animation capabilities whereas the Pro version only allows 24 frames of animations which is worthy for a simple project.

Dark Theme: To reduce the eyes strain, Clip Studio Paint comes with the dark theme option for their users which is a very good advantage of using this software.

Clip Studio Paint Cons:

Immense Interface: The software’s interface is quite overwhelming. But yes one can customize the outlook as per their requirement.

Lack of Audio Support in Animation: This is the drawback of using this software. It does not provide audio support in the animation timeline. For this, you have to take some external help from a third-party site to add an audio track or checking the timing.

Manipulate Text And Fonts: The software lacks in providing options for manipulating fonts and texts, for which other software like photoshop has an edge over this software.

Complex Keybinding: If you have used other digital painting or drawing software like photoshops, Corel, and so on then you might find clip studio paint has strange keybinding at some times.

Too Many Options: As a beginner or a new user of such kind of software, one must face some trouble while setup the software on your device. But once it was done in the right setting, it will work seamlessly.

Stifling of Pro & Ex prices: There is a huge difference of $150 between main features like multiple page layouts and importing OBJ files to convert.

So these are the essential pros and cons of clip studio paint software which are researched as per the user experience.

Is Clip Studio Paint Better Than Photoshop?

Difference Between Clip Studio Paint And PhotoShop

Yes. Clip Studio Paint is much better than photoshop. There are many advanced features that clip studio paint offers to their customer as compared to Photoshop. Such Features are

  • Huge Variety Of Brushes
  • Viewpoint Guides And Ruler Assortment
  • Comic Books panel creation
  • Extensive Library Resources
  • Advanced Frame by Frame Animation Capabilities

Since Photoshop is one of the well-known photo editing software but it does not provide options to create comic books. Clip studio paint provide a wide range of option to create a project with the professional look.

Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop 2022: How They Compare?

As of now, there is plenty of creative software available which are specifically made for Digital Artist. Both ...

What’s The Difference Between Clip Studio Paint Pro And Ex?

Clip studio paint comes with two versions i.e. Clip Studio Paint Pro and Clip Studio Paint Ex. Both the products are equally good with their features. Know is clip studio paint a one-time purchase or not.

Clip Studio Paint Ex vs Pro Comparison

Clip Studio Paint Ex Version

  • Wide Range Of Formats
  • Provide Good Printing Ability
  • Bundles Of Filters
  • Sorted File Management Option
  • Preview Of 3D Projects

Clip studio Paint Pro Version

  • Moving Creation Of Diagrams
  • Capacity For Making Font Lists
  • Drawing Line Optimization Available
  • Different Rulers Options
  • Options For Image Editing

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Which Is Better Clip Studio Paint Pro Or Ex


Clip Studio Paint Pro: The Pro version of Clip Studio Paint provides various options to its users so that they can easily draw various shapes and sizes, can able to create 3D models of real objects professionally, editing to their artwork, and it is specialized for character art, illustrations and concept art. You can make purchase during CSP coupon code 2022 for more discounts.

Price Starts  $49.99 on one –time purchase $0.99/month

Clip Studio Paint Ex: This Version Of Clip Studio Paint allows users to manage their multiple pages for comics, can use features like CSP, the addition of images or 3D elements to comics by converting it into various lines and screen tones, able to print and export files in other formats, and it is specialized in manga or comic art and animations

Price Starts $219 on a one-time purchase & $2.49/month

50 Off Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code 2022 - Upto 50% discount on both EX & PRO versions. Best value

Clip Studio Paint is an easy-to-use software to create drawings, paintings, and illustrations. If you are one of its ...

Clip Studio Paint is one of the great digital painting and drawing software available in the market. So, the pros and cons of clip studio paint might vary from person to person as per their experience. If you are a beginner in this field then we would recommend this program to you. Clip Studio Paint Pro or Ex version both are equally worthy according to their features. Therefore, the software will provide a good satisfactory experience while making your project or artwork professionally.

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