How To Update Clip Studio Paint | Step-By-Step Guide

The new version of clip studio paint was released on 21 October 2021 and it is now available for update. You can update to the newest 1.11.4 version of clip studio paint for every device you have. 

In the clip studio paint updated version, you’ll find various bugs are now fixed. And for window users, there is a major fix is that the buttons will not appear in the menu bar of the clip studio launcher. 

How To Update Clip Studio Paint 2021?

Did I need my clip studio paint Pro update or EX update?  Yes, you must Update clip studio paint as it is now filled with more specified features for creating comics and cartoons character. It added now better and smooth features to color our drawing, for pen pressure correction, fine smooth lines, and more. 

And if you are stopped on how to update clip studio paint then let us help you through our article. 

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How Do I Update Clip Studio Paint: Version 1.11.4?

Use these 4 simple steps for clip studio login into the updated 1.11.4 version. 

  1. Start clip studio paint on your device. 
  2. Click on the red button on the top-left side of the menu. 
  3. You’ll find the update option click on it.
  4. Now, the new updates are installed.

With clip studio paint updated, you can run it more smoothly and enjoy the new features. 

You can also use this technique to update clip studio paint. Floor these 5 easy steps for updating. 

  1. Open the web browser and search clip studio paint. 
  2. Open the official site of clip studio paint. 
  3. Go to the download section. 
  4. Click on the download button for the latest version of your OS.
  5. Now, the new updates are installed.   

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What Are The New Things In The Clip Studio Paint Update? 

There are various improvements in the new updates of CSP, they fixed a large number of bugs. We mentioned the improvement that you’ll find in the clip studio paint update, right below.  

  • Fixed an issue where a combined select layer would apply the blending mode of a layer even if it is not selected. 
  • Now touch gesture will work properly in windows too as it sometimes does not work if the user closes the about CSP screen. 
  • In the new version, the png file will import in the real resolution without any issue. 
  • Now you can easily input text in dialogue in the updated version. 
  • An issue fixed related to the unrealistic perception of the camera on a near object in 3D art.
  • Set the display; it becomes unstable in the previous version if multi-color palette tabs are displayed.
  • A lag issue is fixed that particularly happens with iPad users while using a three-finger tap gesture. 
  • And more bugs are fixed and improvements have been done. 

Is Clip Studio Paint Free Download Option Available? 

Yes, clip studio paint apk download for free for upto 6 months. For 6 months you can unlock all the features by registering your clip studio account. Plus enjoy the latest version of it in the clip studio paint free download

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How Often Does Clip Studio Go On Sale?    

Clip studio goes on sale in summer with massive offers, but the summer offers are closed. Now the question is when does clip studio go on sale, further in the future. However, it will on sale this Black Friday with upto a 50% discount on its plans.


We hope our article on how to update clip studio paint helps you in updating your clip studio paint version. In the same way, you can update CSP on your iPhone and iPad/ android from the App Store/ play store

Frequently Asked Question About Clip Studio Paint?

Is It Free To Update The Clip Studio Paint? 

Yes, it is free to update any version of clip studio paint. You can also update the new version for free and enjoy smooth work. 

Can I Use Clip Studio Paint In Multiple Devices? 

Yes, it supports upto 2 devices from one account. With one serial ID, you can access your account on 2 computers but you can’t run simultaneously on both

How To Upgrade My Clip Studio Paint PRO To EX?

For clip studio paint pro update to EX, you have to go on the official site of CSP and click on to buy section. You’ll find the upgrade option click on it and pay the price. That’s how you easily upgrade your clip studio paint PRO plan into EX. 

What is the latest version of clip studio paint?

The newest version is released on 21 October for all devices, and it is the latest update after 7 October. The new version of clip studio paint is officially named Clip Studio Paint Ver.1.11.4.

Is Clip Studio Purchase A One-Time Payment?

It is a one-time purchase if you buy it for macOS and Windows. And if you buy it for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Chromebook then there is no one-time purchase but a monthly plan.

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