Do You Have To Pay Monthly For CSP?

As you all know CSP comes with unlimited quality features which is beneficial to add value to your creativity. But, you should know things about the software before making any payment. It is not good to pay for the long-term plan for Clip studio paint if you are not aware of the software. So, it is necessary to know that do you have to pay Monthly for CSP or not?

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Or, if Clip studio paint contains any long-term plans, then does CSP has a discount while paying once for a lifetime subscription. 

Is Clip Studio Paint A One-Time Purchase?

People who get satisfied with the Clip studio paint software, always look to if clip studio paint is a one-time purchase or not? It is because a short-term plan of CSP can be costly as compared to the one-time CSP subscription plan. 

On, the short-term plan you have to pay each time when the plan gets to finish. While on, Clip Studio Paint lifetime plan, a one-time payment is required with lifetime service. You can also pay monthly whose installments are cheaper as compared to the Monthly plan of CSP. 

But, yes if you are using the long-term plan then, you can also make payment on a monthly installment basis. This helps you to pay easily without any burden and you can also get a discount on a long-term CSP subscription. 

It has many Plans so, you can choose according to your requirement. On each plan, Clip Studio Paint company charges different amounts on their installments. It means you can get benefits by choosing long term CSP plan but can charge an extra amount on installment payment instead of one. 

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How Many Plans Does Clip Studio Paint Have Contain?

Clip Studio Paint software has a total of 3 plans.

  1. Clip Studio Paint Monthly Plan.
  2. CSP Yearly/Annually Plan.
  3. Clip Studio Paint Lifetime Plan.

CSP software is used by many people like Windows, macOS, iPad, Android, Chromebook, Galaxy, iPhone, etc. 

But, if you want to know that is Clip Studio Paint is a one-time purchase for all the device users. Then, the answer is no because CSP lifetime subscription is only available for Windows and macOS users. 

On the other hand, Clip Studio Paint Monthly, as well as Yearly plan, is applicable for all but single device users. A yearly Plan can be the best decision for CSP users but, it may be difficult to pay at once. That’s why we have brought out the solution to your query that do you have to pay monthly for CSP.

You can pay the Yearly as well as lifetime subscription monthly on which you can get the huge discount benefit. It has some condition that if you pay to get the scheme to pay monthly then you are unable to enjoy free service. It means you can get free service for up to 3 months only when you pay the charges Also, read the Pros And Cons Of Clip Studio Paint

Difference – Clip Studio Paint One-Time Purchase Vs Monthly 

The Clip Studio Paint software has a total of two versions.

  1. Clip Studio Paint Pro Version.
  2. Clip Studio Paint Ex Version.

Each version charges different prices on each Monthly, Yearly, and Lifetime subscription plan. 

Price Of Clip Studio Paint Monthly Subscription Plan

A monthly subscription can also be the best choice for all users of Clip Studio Paint software. On Monthly Plan, no confusion that do you have to pay monthly for CSP because the company charges on monthly basis. Here you can understand that how much is CSP monthly charges on their devices. 

Cost Of CSP Pro

Users of Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chromebook, Galaxy have to pay up to $2.09/Month.

Cost Of CSP Ex

If you want more features to use variety in your digital art then, CSP Ex charges up to $6 for its services. 

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Price Of Clip Studio Paint Yearly Subscription Plan

Clip Studio Paint software company also offers a Yearly plan. Once it gets finished after 12 months then, the new plan automatically gets activated if your card is attached with the CSP company. But, people always want to know that do you have to pay monthly for CSP, even you are purchasing the yearly plan. 

Then, the answer is yes that, If you want to pay the payment monthly instead of paying at once. Then, you can get a huge discount as compared to getting the subscription of the Monthly plan of CSP software. 

Cost of CSP Pro

On CSP pro yearly plan, you have to pay charges up to $16.99 for a single device.

Cost of CSP Ex

If you are looking to use the CSP Ex version then, you have to pay money up to $53.95 once a year.

  • Price Of Clip Studio Paint One-time Subscription Plan

As we have discussed that Clip Studio Paint is only valid for Windows and macOS users. You have to pay a different amount for each plan because you will get a different number and quality of features on each version. Before all this, features of Clip Studio Paint are free for up to 3 months for both Windows and macOS users. 

If you use Monthly or Yearly plans then you have to pay high charges for the features of CSP which you use. That’s why users are willing to know that do you have to pay monthly for CSP while getting the premium of the lifetime plan.

Cost of CSP Pro

Users of Windows and macOS have to pay up to $49.99 once to use the features of CSP for a lifetime. 

Cost of CSP Ex

If you have a Windows or macOS device and want to purchase the one-time subscription plan. Then, you have to pay up to $219 once and enjoy the service for a lifetime. 

There is a comparison between Clip Studio Paint’s one-time subscription vs lifetime. It charges different amounts on different plans which are charged by Clip Studio Paint software.

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Does CSP Have Discount When Upgraded From CSP Pro To CSP Ex Version?

The use of CSP software includes many benefits, you can see what benefits you can get while installing this software. 

  • Yes, CSP has a discount when you upgraded your old CSP Pro version with the Clip Studio Paint Discount. You can get a discount of up to 40% and pay only up to $169 for a lifetime CSP plan. 
  • If you are an iPhone user then you have a golden chance to get this service free of cost. 
  • Galaxy users can get the free service from Clip Studio Paint software for up to 6 months.
  • The most company offers a moneyback guarantee or a free trial period of only up to 30 days but, CSP provides more days validity. CSP company offers up to 3 months of free service to Windows, Chromebook, Galaxy, Android, iPad, iPhone users. 
  • Clip Studio Paint company also brings CSP contest 2021 for their users, on which they can get an amazing offer. 

What Is The Winning Prize Of CSP Contest 2024?

CSP contest 2021 is available for all users and it brings a huge discount offer opportunity to its users. 

  • You can get the grand prize on CSP contest 2021 up to $2000 and an activation code on a 3-year plan of 2-device. 
  • CSP contest winner 2021 runner-up can get up to $500 with activation code on 3 years, 2-device plan.
  • The 3-5th position Clip Studio Paint winner 2021 can enjoy the chance of getting $200 with the activation code of CSP Ex on a dual device of 1 Year plan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did People like to Pay Monthly For CSP Instead Of Paying Once On Yearly Or Lifetime Plan?

It can be costly to pay a high amount of yearly and lifetime plans of Clip Studio Paint software. But, if you pay it on a monthly installment then it is easy to pay for you. It is like a monthly plan on which you have to pay monthly. But, the Monthly plan is expensive as compared to any other plan of Clip Studio Paint software.

Why Should I Upgrade Clip Studio Paint Pro To Ex Version?

Upgradation of Clip Studio Paint Pro to Ex leads to more features and more quality in your work. If you are using the CSP Pro then it charges high prices for the services. 
But, if you upgrade your version with the new one then it provides up to 40% off. It means you get double benefit while upgrading Clip Studio Paint Pro to the Ex version. 

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