Is Clip Studio Paint Free Forever?

Clip Studio is a very versatile digital painting software, it is filled with various unique and handy features. CSP is compatible with various devices such as Windows, macOS, Galaxy, iPad, Andriod, iPhone, and more. It provides a free trial to the various devices but is Clip Studio Paint free forever

Yes, Clip Studio Paint is free forever but only for users who use a specific operating system. In this guide, we will tell you who are the lucky people who can use CSP every day for free.

Is Clip Studio Paint Completely Free?

No, CSP is not completely free for but it is free to some extent with its free trial. Clip Studio Paint provides 2 types of free trail and in one of these free Clip Studio Paint trials, CSP gives the leverage of free use forever. 

Clip Studio Paint provides a basic 30 days free trial to every user without charging a single penny. For this, you have to create a Clip Studio account and claim your free 30 days. 

Clip Studio also Provides a free trial of upto forever. And how long is the free trial of Clip Studio Paint? is depends on the operating system. This free Clip Studio Paint trial time duration varies from the operating system to the operating system as given below

Operating System Free Trial Time Duration
Windows3 month
macOS3 month
Galaxy6 month
iPad3 month
Andriod3 month
Chromebook3 month

This free trial can only be claimed if you purchase a monthly or yearly subscription with it.

Can You Still Use Clip Studio Paint After The Free Trial?

If you have already claimed your free trial then you cannot further enroll for it. However, you can use it further by opting paid subscription.

Is Clip Studio Paint Free Forever For iPhone Is A Good Deal?

If you are dedicated to digital art and want to polish your skill with CSP, then this is not a worthy deal. In this free trial for a lifetime on iPhone, you can use CSP for only an hour. An hour for an artist is not adequate to refine its skill and create something extraordinary. If you want to boost artistic technique you can look for Clip Studio Paint paid plan with CSP Sale 2024.  

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Pricing Of Clip Studio Paint

If the free plan doesn’t work for you, so you look for renting or buying clip studio paint. CSP comes in two versions Pro and Ex you can subscribe to any of them, Ex is an advanced version of Pro. 

Clip Studio Paint Pro Plan 

  • Single plan (1 device support) at $4.49/monthly or $24.99/yearly.  
  • Duo plan (2 device support) at $7.49/monthly or $43.99/yearly.  
  • Premium plan (4 device support) at $8.99/monthly or $53.99/yearly.  
  • Single Smartphone Plan at $0.99/monthly or $6.49/yearly.
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Clip Studio Paint Ex Plan 

  • Single plan (1 device support) at $8.99/monthly or $71.99/yearly.  
  • Duo plan (2 device support) at $12.49/monthly or $99.99/yearly.  
  • Premium plan (4 device support) at $14.99/monthly or $117.99/yearly.  
  • Single Smartphone Plan at $2.49/monthly or $16.99/yearly.
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Clip Studio Paint One-time Purchase 

CSP offers one-time purchases of both versions for Windows and Mac. Price of a one-time buy of the Pro version is $49.99 and the EX version is $219. 

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What Is The Difference Between Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex?

Clip Studio Paint Ex version is slightly an advanced version of CSP Pro. Ex version is better for high-resolution illustration, comics, manga, and professional animation. Ex version had some special features like it can Export and print multi-page files, Convert images & 3D models into lines, and dot shading. Check out Clip Studio Paint Ex Vs Pro version in-depth study.

You should choose the CSP Pro version if you are new to digital art as you can upgrade it when you master it. You can easily upgrade to the Pro version for $169 if you buy the lifetime plan of CSP Pro.

Get all the details of updating CSP from here: How To Update Clip Studio Paint

Some Free Alternatives To Clip Studio Paint

If you are interested in digital art, but your budget is tight, or if Clip Studio Paint free forever trick doesn’t work for you. So here are some best Clip Studio Paint-free alternatives. 

1 Krita

It is a free and open-source painting platform and a nice option for Clip Studio Paint. Krita brushes have a large variety with real vibes plus it has lots of handy tools for art.   

2 Photopea

Photopea is another good free alternative to Clip Studio Paint. It is an Online Photo Editor that lets you edit photos with effects, filters, add text, crop, resize, and more.  

3 MediBang Paint

It is also a free digital painting and manga creation alternative to Clip Studio Paint. With over more than 60 brushes and handy tools, it is an intuitive and easy-to-use app to play with digital art. Get more paid and free 5 Best Clip Studio Paint Alternatives.

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