Black Friday Dedicated Server Deals 2021 | Discount Sale

If you are ready to purchase a web hosting plan for your website and already decided to buy one then wait, because  Black Friday Dedicated Server Deals are coming and this can be so profitable for you and your wallet, this sale can help you to save as much as money for your next work. Black Friday has set off as a worldwide trend for shopping in recent years and by shopping on the Black Friday sales you have a chance to get a discount on a lot of products and services like cheap web hosting. Like everything goes on sale, it is time for you when you can get the highest discounts on web hosting.

In case you are planning to switch providers or starting a new website, it is the best time to do it. We have listed some of the best savings from top hosting companies like Interserver, Hostgator, Bluehost, Liquid Web, A2 hosting, and, Go Daddy on their dedicated servers. Anyhow if you want to purchase shared web hosting deals then you can refer to our Black Friday hosting deals

Top 6 Companies for Black Friday Dedicated Server Offers

  1. Hostgator: As we already know Hostgator is one of the popular companies for its web hosting services. It is for speed and reliability and excellent support, it offers flexible hosting and domain options to users and, with the easiest CPanel system, anyone can use it for their website launching and it makes it more suitable for all.

On this black Friday, Hostgator is providing discount up to 70% to 80% off on its dedicated servers so get ready with your favorite plans list on black Friday and enjoy Black Friday Dedicated Server Offers.

Hostgator offers three types of dedicated servers in the Black Friday Sale:

  • Linux Dedicated Server
  • Windows Dedicated Server
  • Managed Dedicated Server

Hostgator offers various types of plans in all the servers like Basic, Standard, Elite, and Pro. All the plans are available in the Black Friday Dedicated Server Sale and you can easily get a discount of up to 70% to 80% on any dedicated server you want.

ServersNormal priceDiscount on Black Friday
Linux Dedicated Server pro$125.81/MonthDiscount Up to $100
Windows Dedicated Server pro$232.93/MonthDiscount Up to $185


Managed Dedicated Server pro$219.23/MonthDiscount Up to $175


  1. Bluehost: Bluehost is a big name on the platform of dedicated web hosting and the numbers of its user are increasing day by day because it provides a lot of features in it like powerful configuration, extreme speed, improved cPanel, domain privacy and, site lock.

Bluehost offers Standard, Enhanced, and Premium plan in its dedicated server and you can get your chosen plan at a very cheap price in the Black Friday Dedicated Server Deals. You will have a chance to obtain a cut-price off up to 60% to 70% off on most of the plans.

Bluehost offers three types of dedicated server plans on Black Friday

  • Standard plan
  • Enhanced plan
  • Premium plan

All three plans have their own features and specialties according to the prices

plansNormal priceDiscount on Black Friday
Standard plan$89.04/MonthDiscount Up to $62.3
Enhanced plan$116.44/MonthDiscount Up to $81.50


Premium plan$143.84/MonthDiscount Up to $100.10


  1. A2Hosting: A2hosting is a good web hosting provider which have attractive features like a money-back guarantee, 99.9% uptime commitment, and free account migration for all users.

A2hosting offers three servers in dedicated hosting and you can get 70% to 80% off on prices in the Black Friday Dedicated Server sale.

  • Unmanaged server
  • Core servers
  • Managed servers

Price of Managed servers in Black Friday offer

plansNormal priceDiscount on Black Friday
Sprint$141/MonthDiscount up to $112.8
Exceed$207.49/MonthDiscount up to $165.9
Mach$290.49/MonthDiscount up to $232.3

Interserver: Interserver will offer a great discount for their dedicated services and they are best for anyone who wants a long term hosting provider. It offers two types of plans in the dedicated server black Friday sale and you can get a high discount on both of the plans.

Difference between normal pricing and price on Black Friday

PlansNormal priceDiscount on Black Friday
AMD EPYC 7402$199/MonthDiscount up to $119.4
Intel E3-1230 v6$99/MonthDiscount up to $59.4
  1. GoDaddy: If you are a TV lover then you already about GoDaddy, this company is well known for its fast service and high powered hosting. GoDaddy offers four types of Dedicated hosting service plans and you can get 70% to 80% off deduction on prices in this Black Friday Dedicated Server offer.

Prices of all plans on Black Friday sale:

PlansNormal priceDiscount on Black Friday
DS-32$121.08/MonthDiscount up to $96.8
DS-64$158.34/MonthDiscount up to $126.4
DS-128$278.62/MonthDiscount up to $222.8
DS-256$372.59/MonthDiscount up to $298
  1. Liquid web: liquid is the most popular for being the most helpful company in the hosting industry with more than 20 years of experience in hosting. Its dedicated server offers locked-down security and high performance for any website and application. The Company offers three types of plans in black Friday dedicated server sale, Intel Xeon 1230, Intel Xeon silver 4108, and Intel Xeon Gold 6130. You have a great chance to get maximum discounts on all the plans at the Black Friday sale.

Difference between Pricing on Normal day and the Black Friday sale

PlansNormal priceDiscount on Black Friday
Intel Xeon 1230$140/MonthDiscount up to $70
Intel Xeon silver 4108$299/ MonthDiscount up to $149.5
Intel Xeon Gold 6130$499/ MonthDiscount up to $249.5