Camtasia For Free 2024 – Top Features And Security

You can use Camtasia, the video editing tool, for free for a certain period. So, in the article today, we are going to discuss all the important points related to Camtasia for free.

This video editing tool offers great features and templates to edit your videos. Moreover, we are going to discuss Camtasia free trial limitations and its templates. 

Can you use Camtasia for free?

Yes, you can use free Camtasia for a 30-day trial. The company allows you to use it and try it for free for 30 days. However, if you want to reset their free service, you can easily do that and get another 15 days of the trial period.

But once you are done with this, you have to get a paid one if you wish to continue their services.

What Are Camtasia Free Features?

Features of Camtasia for free

Many of the amazing features available in the paid version of Camtasia are also available in the free version. So, let’s see the features of Camtasia free trial:

  • It provides many new templates to create videos more easily.
  • Edit your videos using the simplified tools from Camtasia that makes adding, removing, trimming, or moving sections of videos and audio much easier.
  • You can instantly access your most used tools and effects by saving them for frequent use.
  • You can easily customize any royalty-free assets from Camtasia library and use them in your video.
  • Has an easy file-sharing option available.
  • It even allows you to add text to your reels.
  • It gives you the privilege to choose and use 100 transitions between slides and scenes.
  • It lets you easily upload your video to YouTube, Screencast, and more.
  • It gives you a feature with the help of which you can easily import video, audio, or image files from your computer, mobile, or cloud and drop them directly into your recording.  
  • It is very easy to use screen recording so that you will not face any difficulty while using it.

How to get Camtasia for free 2024?

It is completely free to download Camtasia for Mac and android. Just download it and use it during the 30-day trial period. Moreover, you don’t have to pay for anything.

What Are The Free Customer Support Options Available With Free Camtasia?

Even after getting Camtasia for free, you can get all the customer support options with the paid one. If you have any questions, you can quickly contact them at:

  • Email/ Help desk
  • Phone support
  • Forum or FAQs
  • Knowledge Base

Is Camtasia Video Editor Free Or Paid?

Camtasia is available for both free and paid use. However, free Camtasia is available only during a trial period. Moreover, you cannot get a lifetime of free Camtasia service.

Furthermore, once you’ve completed that, you can easily obtain the paid one for yourself.

For How Long Can You Use Camtasia for free 2024?

Free Camtasia video editor is available for 30 days. Furthermore, if you want to reset and enjoy your free service, you can get it for 15 days extra.

However, in order to continue using those services, you must pay for them. So, you can use the Camtasia coupon code where you can save $60 on the purchase of this software.

How To Use Camtasia For Free Without Watermark?

You can easily remove the watermark in two ways, even from your free Camtasia.

In a first way, just follow some easy steps to remove the watermark. The following are the steps:

  • Make a video using the free Camtasia templates.
  • Then click on Import Media.
  • Drag your video to the timeline. Then switch off your internet connection.
  • Click on the Export button and then on the Local File.
  • On clicking on Local File, you will get two options either export the file with or without a watermark. Then use the Camtasia watermark removal code “GWAM4FUU5ZCMXCCHC44AC9R3E” and click on the procedure without the watermark.

In a second way, you can simply use a watermark removal tool, to easily remove the watermark from your photos or videos.

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