How To Add Text To Reels – Best Video Editing Apps For Instagram 2024

Instagram has been around since 2010 and has gained massive popularity with constantly evolving new features. In research, the users spend 30 minutes daily on Instagram on average and more after IG reels.

If I would ask you what’s the most engaging and stunning thing you like about Insta reels then would probably love the background, music, and text. So, if your search is also on how to add text to reel on Instagram then we got you.

Steps To Add Text To Instagram Reels In 2024

Subtitles or text in videos will not only enhance your videos but also add value to them. So, here are the steps you can follow to simply edit the Instagram reel text.

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap on the Reels icon to add new videos by swiping right. You can also upload the video from your phone’s gallery.
  2. Now tap on the Preview button to start editing.
  3. Tap on Aa from the top right corner to add the text to your reel.
  4. Start typing the text that you want to in your videos. If you want to add multiple texts then you need to enter the text separately by hitting the Done button.
  5. After you have added the multiple texts, they will appear in different blocks. Here you have to set them accordingly by selecting the text layer and a white box will appear around the preview of the video.
  6. You can adjust the timing of the text blocks individually or one by one that depending on you.
  7. Once done, just publish your Reels with text on your Instagram handle.

How To Edit Text On Instagram Reel?

Once you have added the text to your Instagram reels it’s time to add some stunning effect to it.

You can do this by tapping on your text and from the top of the screen you can:

  • Change text font & style
  • Change text color
  • Animate text
  • Move & resize
Can’t Add Text To Reels? – 4 Best Video Editing Apps For Instagram 2024

If you aren’t able to add the text to your reels then you can do this in another way by using some of the good video editing apps for Instagram.


The first on our video editing app list is InVideo which is a powerful editor packed with 5000+ templates, iStock media, music library, transitions, filters, and more. With more than 7 million users you can download this app absolutely for free also. However, with our InVideo Promo Code you can get a great discount on its plans. Also, you can opt for account of lifetime to save maximum bucks on it.

You can find it on App Store by searching ‘Filmr’ and start downloading it for free.


FilmoraGo by Wondershare is a cheap video editing software app for Android & iOS. With its advanced features, you can create a powerful and engaging video for your Instagram handle. Also, you can add text from dozens of styles and colors easily.

The 4.6-star rating app has royalty-free music, sound effects, stunning video effects, many more features. Filmora is also one of the best software launched by Wondershare. It can not only add text but can edit your videos. It provides great video editing tools to users and make their video look great.

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InShot – Video Editor

InShot is the topmost video & photo editor tool with many pro-level features. This 4.7-star rating app lets you trim, cut, merge, add text, emoji, and many more effects. It also supports 4K & 60fps video format to share on Instagram, YouTube, and other apps.

You can download it for free from the App or Play Store.

Camtasia – Screen Recorder & Video Editor

Camtasia product is offered by Techsmith for screen recording and video editing. This software provides you with features by which you can add dialog boxes, text, and titles to Instagram reels. Also, you can buy this software at a low cost by using the Camtasia coupon code. By this, you can get a huge discount at the time of purchase.

Final Words – Add Text To Instagram Reels

No doubt that text to the video can help better to engage your audience. By following the steps on how to add text to reels of Instagram you can better create your videos.

Moreover, if you don’t feel satisfied then use some good video editing apps for Instagram that will take your Insta game to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Some top queries related to add text to Instagram reels are answered below:

  1. Can you edit the reel text after posting?

    Instagram allows the users to edit the text while editing the reel. Once you have published you can’t make a change in that. You need to delete your video and then re-upload it after making the changes you want to.

  2. How to make text appear or disappear on Insta reels?

    You can do this by clicking on the text box at the bottom of the screen to get the movie function in the rectangular box. Now, move the edges to make your text appear at the point in your video and click on done.

  3. Can you edit the reel caption after posting?

    Once you gave published the Instagram reels then you can’t make any changes to them. In fact, you can’t edit the caption after publishing the reel. So, it’s better to preview the video before publishing it.

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