ProtonMail Coupon Code 2024 | Get Your Email Account Encrypted At 20% Discount

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Easiest way of encrypting both incoming and outgoing emails | Suitable for both individuals and businesses | Uses best encryption and protocols for securing your data

Proton is a popular VPN brand, although it may surprise you that it initially started its journey by offering encrypted email services named ProtonMail. By using the latest ProtonMail Coupon Code 2024, you too can make your emails encrypted at very low prices. Redeem the ProtonMail Discount Coupon and save your precious data.

What Is ProtonMail User For?

ProtonMail Coupon

Email is one of the oldest forms of electronic communication and is still even used by many individuals and organizations. Communicating through emails is a great idea, however, there are lots of privacy threats related to emails as it is really easy to track emails and snoop into someone’s personal texts.

ProtonMail is an all-in-one solution for tackling these problems. It helps you to send and receive encrypted emails so that no one can see your messages. With the help of our ProtonMail Coupon Code Reddit, you can use the services of ProtonMail at very low prices.

Benefits Of Using The ProtonMail

There are lots of adorable benefits that you may experience by using ProtonMail. The major ones out of them are:

  • Fully Encrypted Messages: For encrypting your messages, ProtonMail uses the industry-best encrypting. This helps your messages in keeping totally encrypted.
  • No Data Logging: ProtonMail doesn’t record or track any of the user’s data. You can freely send emails without worrying about data logging.
  • Privacy Friendly Country: Proton Technology is based in Switzerland, which has very strong privacy laws. That means the government will never force Proton Technology to track your activities.
  • Send Temporary Messages: With ProtonMail, you can send temporary messages by setting an expiration date. After that date, that specific message won’t be accessible.

Save Up To 20% With Our ProtonMail Coupon Code

ProtonMail Discount Coupon

At present, you get the encrypted email services of Proton Technologies at a 20% discount. For this, you have to just use our ProtonMail Discount Coupon. This offer is valid for all the ProtonMail plans. This offer is valid only for a limited time. So, grab it at the earliest for saving amazingly. For finding more deals, you can visit our ProtonVPN Coupon Code page.

Plans Offered By ProtonMail

There are mainly three ProtonMail pricing plans offered by Proton Technologies. You can use the ProtonMail Discount Coupon on any of these plans. All these plans contain different features and these are as follows:

ProtonMail Plus

This is the basic paid plan of ProtonMail and is best suited for individual purposes. You can use ProtonMail Plus Coupon for getting this plan. The attributes of this plan are as follows:

  • Up to 5 GB of encrypted storage.
  • Send a maximum of 1000 encrypted emails every day.
  • Create custom folders and set various filters and labels.
  • Use a custom domain name for sending or receiving emails.
  • Create up to 5 email aliases.

ProtonMail Visionary

This is the second paid plan of ProtonMail and is best suited for teams or small-sized organizations. Compared to the former plan, it includes extra resources and you can use the ProtonMail Visionary Coupon for getting this plan. The main attributes of this plan are as follows:

  • Great storage capacity of up to 20 GB.
  • Create up to 50 email aliases.
  • You can use up to 10 different custom domain names.
  • Send as many emails as you want without any limit.
  • Up to 6 users can use this plan. 

ProtonMail Professional

This is the advanced ProtonMail Plan and is suitable for medium or large-sized organizations. Through ProtonMail Coupon Reddit you can get it at very low prices. This plan includes flexible storage management and comes with some powerful administrative controls. 

It also includes some great migration tools and with this plan, you will get priority support. These are the various plans offered by ProtonMail. With the help of the latest ProtonMail Coupon Code 2024, you can grab a discount on any of these plans.

Is ProtonMail Safer Than Gmail?

Both Gmail and ProtonMail are secure and use the best encryption for protecting your data. Gmail is a product of Google that is based in the USA. That means the US government can bound Google to track and share public data. This makes ProtonMail a bit safer than Gmail.

Is There Any ProtonMail Lifetime Plan?

No, currently there isn’t any ProtonMail Lifetime Plan. Through ProtonMail Coupon Code, you can purchase monthly and annual plans.

Can I Get a ProtonMail Student Discount?

At present, there isn’t any such kind of discount. Therefore, stay tuned with us as we will inform you at the earliest if any such kind of offer occurs. So, it is suggested to use the ProtonMail Discount Coupon if you want to enjoy some price reductions.

ProtonMail Coupon Code 2024 | Get Your Email Account Encrypted At 20% Discount
ProtonMail Coupon Code 2024 | Get Your Email Account Encrypted At 20% Discount
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