Glary Utilities Vs Advanced SystemCare 2024 – Which Is Safe?

Obviously, with time, most devices, whether PC or smartphone, start performing below the expected level. This mainly happens due to the excessive storage of junk files or the broken disk paths. However, for copping up these kinds of situations and giving a boost to the performance of your device, you can take the help of some device optimization software programs like Glary Utilities and Advanced SystemCare.

These two are considered among the best PC tune-up software programs and provide some amazing features. By comparing Glary Utilities vs Advanced SystemCare 2024 we will help you to find the best utility software for a PC.

Iobit Advanced Systemcare Vs Glary Utilities

Below we have compared Glary Utilities Pro 5 vs Advanced SystemCare based on various factors. However, if you are running short of time then you can have a look at our detailed infographics of Advanced SystemCare vs Glary Utilities.

Glary Utilities vs advanced systemcare

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By comparing these software programs, we felt that Glary Utilities is best for healing the health of PC as it provides tools dedicated to PC tuneup and optimization. On the other hand, IObit Advanced SystemCare care allows you to maintain your privacy along with basic PC optimization.

If you want are looking for a tool for solely optimizing PC health then choosing Glary Utilities can be a great deal for you. However, for getting access to both privacy and tuneup features, you should opt for IObit.

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Introduction To Glary Utilities Vs Advanced SystemCare

Glary Utilities is a product of California-based company Glarysoft Ltd. One of the foremost questions that hit the mind of many users is that is Glary Utilities any good? Well, Glary Utilities is a widely used PC tuneup software that can optimize Windows devices. It is also trusted by over 40 million users. This shows that it is completely safe to use this software.

Like Glary Utilities, you can also use the Iobit Advanced SystemCare without worrying about is Advanced SystemCare Safe or does Advanced SystemCare slows down the computer. It is one of the oldest PC tuneup software of this industry and has over 500 million successful downloads. Through it, you can improve the performance of your Windows device.

Now, let’s move on to the comparison between Iobit Advanced SystemCare vs Glary Utilities to find out what are the similarities and differences between them.

Comparison Between Glary Utilities Vs Advanced SystemCare

We have compared these two utility software programs based on the factors or attributes that are:

What Are The Features Offered By Advanced SystemCare Vs IObit SystemCare?

Key Features

First, have a look at the key features that you can get with both Glary Utilities Pro and Advanced SystemCare’sthe latest version.

Glary Utilities offers a lot of features to its users. The major thing that it boasts is to improve the performance of a device by 8 times or 800%. In just one click, you can scan and assess the various aspects like system error, crashes, freezing, etc. This software also comes with an auto maintenance tool that takes care of your device on its own.

Same as Glary Utilities, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14 comes with some powerful attributes. It claims to thoroughly clean your devices and make them up to 200% faster. This software also promises to have an AI-based scanning mechanism that can intelligently access every possible aspect of your device.

These are the features that these software programs offer to their users.

Glary Utilities Vs Advanced SystemCare, Which Software Improves The Performance Most?


It is one of the most important aspects to look for before making any decision. For checking the performance of both of these software applications, we installed them on our device.

As expected, both of them showed a positive impact on our device and improved the boot time. However, Glary Utilities proved to be better than Advanced SystemCare Ultimate full.

In our tests, Glary Utilities Pro reduced the boot time of our device up to 50% whereas the impact of Advanced SystemCare was very little.

So, in terms of performance, Glary Utilities proved to be better than the IObit Advanced SystemCare.

Which Software, IObit Advanced SystemCare Vs Glary Utilities Comes With Better Privacy Protection Tools?

Privacy Protection

Glary Utilities comes with some basic privacy tools. Through this software, you can keep your data secure and protect it from snoopers or hackers.

Likewise, Advanced SystemCare Pro 14 comes with some strong privacy features for keeping your data secure as we have also seen in our Advanced SystemCare review. It comes with an automated tool that erases your activities and blocks the untrusted website for providing a safer browsing experience. Besides, it also makes your browsing experience 3 times faster than before.

So, in terms of privacy, IObit Advanced SystemCare has an edge over Glary Utilities.

Which Is Better In Optimizing Registry, Glary Utilities Vs Advanced SystemCare?

Registry Optimization And Disk Defragmentation

A registry is one of the most important parts of a PC as most of the system files are stored here. Any issue in the registry can lead to system freezing or even to crashing the system. So, it is always suggested to choose a software program with caution for cleaning or optimizing registries.

Glary Utilities is one of the best software for cleaning and optimizing the registries along with hard disks. There is very little chance that it may cause any trouble to your PC. After running its deep cleaner, you can eventually experience improved system performance.

IObit Advanced SystemCare also comes with a registry optimizing tool. However, its registry cleaner isn’t that efficient as Glary Utilities. After using this tool, many users also faced some major issues like system creasing, etc. 

So, for optimizing the registries, it is always suggested to go with Glary Utilities rather than IObit Advanced SystemCare.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Vs Glary Utilities, Which One Is Easier To Use?

UI (User Interface)

It is very easy to use both Glary Utilities vs Advanced SystemCare. You can install and set up both of these software programs in just a few clicks.

IObit Advanced SystemCare has a dark-themed interface and at its main dashboard, you are provided with an option to scan your device. Besides, it provides some other options at the left sidebar that you can use to navigate to other tabs. 

Compared to Advanced SystemCare, the interface of Glary Utilities is quite ordinary and seems to be a bit outdated. However, it is very easy to use and you can use it without compromising with performance.

What Kind Of Support Is Provided By Glary Utilities Vs Advanced SystemCare To Its Users?

User Support

Both Advanced SystemCare vs Glary Utilities provides the same kind of support to their users. For solving the minor issues, both of them have has a great knowledge base of FAQs and forums. However, for getting technical assistance, you can contact their support team through mail or ticket-based support.

Which Software Is More Affordable, Advanced SystemCare Vs Glary Utilities?

The pricing of both Glary Utilities and IObit SystemCare is quite similar. The only difference is that IObit offers two plans whereas Glary Utilities offers a single plan. There are lots of offers related to Advanced SystemCare that you can check at our Advanced SystemCare Coupon Code page. You can get a discount on both the software here:

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The plans of IObit are backed with a 60 days money-back guarantee whereas Glary Utilities provide 90 days money-back guarantee with its plans.

Glary Utilities Free Vs Advanced SystemCare Free

Is IObit Software Free?

Yes, IObit provides a free version to its users. With its free version, you can get access to the following features:

  • Intelligent cleaning with inbuilt AI-mode.
  • Real-time tuneup.
  • Basic improvement in system performance.
  • Basic browsing experience enhancement.

However, while using its free version, you have to watch promotional advertisements.

Is There Any Free Version Of Glary Utilities?

Glary Utilities also provides a free software version to its users. With the free version, you can get access to basic security and protection and can use it on Windows devices.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using IObit Advanced SystemCare And Glary Utilities

Pros And Cons Of IObit Advanced SystemCare

Pros Of IObit Advanced SystemCare:

  • Easy to use and have an attractive looking interface
  • Provides a free version
  • Works with an AI-based inbuilt mechanism
  • Comes with strong privacy features
  • Capable of improving performance

Cons Of IObit Advanced SystemCare:

  • Doesn’t work with Mac, Android, and iOS devices
  • Registry cleaner doesn’t work perfectly
  • The free version comes with promotional ads

Pros And Cons Of Glary Utilities

Pros Of Glary Utilities:

  • Thoroughly optimizes hard disk and registry
  • Provides auto maintenance tools
  • Easy to Use
  • Comes with an ad-free free version

Cons Of Glary Utilities:

  • Doesn’t work with Mac and iPhone
  • Provides limited privacy features

IObit Advanced SystemCare Vs Glary Utilities: Conclusion

Here we analyzed the various aspects of these two software programs. If you want strong and powerful software for optimizing the performance then you should go with Glary Utilities. It comes with some stunning features that can help you safely fix the performance issues of your PC and laptop easily.

However, if you want to enjoy better privacy and security features along with device optimization then choosing IObit Advanced SystemCare can prove to be beneficial for you.

FAQ: Glary Utilities Vs Advanced SystemCare

Q. Is Advanced SystemCare a virus?

No, Advanced SystemCare isn’t a virus. It is a kind of optimization software that also comes with some security tools.

Q. Does Glary Utilities work with Windows 10?

Glary Utilities can work with all kinds of Windows devices including Windows 10.

Q. Is Advanced SystemCare bad for your computer?

Advanced SystemCare is not that bad. However, some of its tools can prove to be useless for you.

Q. What is better than Glary Utilities?

There are many software programs that you can use in place of Glary Utilities that are CCleaner or Avast Cleanup Premium.

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