Hola VPN Vs ProtonVPN 2024: Who Gives Better Services?

Hola VPN and ProtonVPN are the two most famous and popular names in the VPN (Virtual private network) industry. They offer some great features which make it difficult to compare these two popular brands. 

Both companies excel over others in their different departments. Through this Hola VPN VS ProtonVPN comparison, you can find out which VPN provides you with features that suit you the most. 

We will compare all the important factors that make a VPN better than others, such as privacy, features, pricing, no-logs policy, history, pros, and cons, etc. 

Now, let’s dig deep to find out which VPN service is better Hola VPN or ProtonVPN as there is only one winner. 

Short Summary For Hola VPN vs ProtonVPN

PROTON VPN vs HOLA VPN Which Is Better

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Which is Better Hola or ProtonVPN – User Interface

Both Hola and ProtonVPN come with an easy-to-use interface so that anyone can easily use and understand their features. It takes only 5 minutes to set up both of these VPNs. You also do not need to be a tech-savvy person to operate these VPNs. So, when it comes to the user interface, both of them stood beside each other.

Which VPN Supports Maximum Devices?

Hola VPN The basic plan of Hola VPN, you are provided with 10 user licenses. Whereas, by opting for the premium plan of Hola, you can use it on a maximum of 20 devices simultaneously.

ProtonVPN- ProtonVPN can also be used on up to 10 devices simultaneously. 

So, both the VPN service provider provides a great number of simultaneous connections. However, for securing more than 10 devices, you can opt for Hola VPN.

Which VPN Is More Secure – ProtonVPN or Hola VPN?

Security is the most important factor while buying any VPN service. It is important to check the level of security that they are providing. Hola VPN uses the Peer-to-Peer model which is a community-powered VPN. 

ProtonVPN uses the best protocols and encryptions for the safety of your data such as iKEV2, OpenVPN protocols, and military-grade AES-256-bit encryption used by professionals. Also, this VPN comes with built-in tor support. 

Hola VPN, On the other side Hola VPN offers iKEV2/ IPsec/ PPTP. and L2TP protocols. Like ProtonVPN it uses the AES-256-bit encryption and also provides an option for switching encryption to AES-128/192 and DES3. For using this feature you will have to take its Hola VPN premium plan as Hola VPN free lacks some security measures. 

Compare Server Of ProtonVPN vs HolaVPN

ProtonVPN has a wide range of servers and has 500+ servers in 40+ countries. It means you will get many IP addresses to watch your favorite content. You can select any of your favorite country’s servers some of its servers are also free.  

On the other hand, Hola VPN provides you with 1000+ servers in over 200+ countries. Since the company has not disclosed its server location this is our approximation of its servers.

Device Compatibility Of Hola VPN And ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is compatible with many devices such as Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS. So, you do not need to buy a special VPN for your devices it will work on it as well. It can also connect with up to 10 devices simultaneously.

On the other hand, Hola VPN is also compatible with Windows, OS, Linux, Android, iOS, XBOX, and Router. You can easily run Hola VPN on these devices and this too can connect with 10 devices simultaneously.

So, Hola VPN is compatible with a more number of devices as compared to ProtonVPN.

Does ProtonVPN And Hola VPN Keeps Logs?

Well, there are so many cases over the internet where some VPN companies were found to be keeping logs of users’ activities and they might also sell this data to a third party. That is why it is important that your VPN service provider must give you a strict no-logs policy. 

ProtonVPN is very good at security features it provides a strict no-logs policy which means it does not keep any record of your internet activity. 

On the flip side, Hola VPN lacks at keeping everything private and personal. The company has mentioned all of its terms and conditions of keeping your log activities and that includes almost everything. This increases your risk of getting your data exposed. You can also read Hola Free VPN Review for further details. 

So, from a security perspective, ProtonVPN is better as compared to Hola VPN.

Who Provides Better Options For Streaming Hola VPN or ProtonVPN?

While testing for Hola VPN we found that Hola VPN is not able to unlock big platforms like BBC, iPlayer. Though it can easily open the US Netflix library without any lagging even with its free version you can get the same feature. Hola VPN free time limit for Netflix is for only one hour to continue watching you need to upgrade your plan. 

ProtonVPN, On the other side, can unblock all the major platforms like Disney+, HBO, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. You can stream any platform with this VPN. ProtonVPN also provides a free VPN time limit but for watching Netflix and other streaming platforms you need to go its plus plan version.

ProtonVPN vs Hola VPN – Best VPN For Torrenting

Many people use VPN for torrenting so that they can share large files easily and smoothly. Hola VPN is good for torrenting it can easily share or transfer huge of large files. Hola VPN supports torrenting. But as we have discussed that Hola VPN keeps logs of your activities so we advise you to not share any files with it. 

ProtonVPN is a great choice for torrenting. It provides you with a strict no-logs policy and gives you unlimited bandwidth so don’t have to face any speed trouble while sharing huge files. This VPN is safe for you to fix torrenting use as compared to Hola.

Who Offers Better Performance & Speed In Hola VPN or ProtonVPN?

Comparing these two Hola VPN vs ProtonVPN for performance and speed was not an easy task but yet we researched it. 

Through our test and research, we found that Hola VPN slows down your internet connection speed. Its standard speed was 74.97 Mbps down and 4.88 Mbps up. However, it provides you with some great features like ad-blocker and proxy service. 

On the other side, ProtonVPN provides you with great speed and performance. Its average speed during our test was 60 Mbps we did not see any sign of speed throttling, internet disconnection, etc. 

So, if you want to do some basic work then Hola VPN is a good choice. And if you want to do multiple tasks and want to do some other activity then ProtonVPN is a better option.

Compare Pricing Of ProtonVPN VS Hola VPN

While comparing Hola VPN or ProtonVPN we have mentioned that Hola VPN and ProtonVPN both come with a free version. Now let’s just compare their upgraded version of plans and pricing:

Hola VPN Pricing Plans: Hola VPN comes with 3 plans known as:

  • Monthly Subscription: Starts at $14.99
  • Yearly Subscription: Starts at $7.69
  • 3 Yearly Plan: Starts at $2.99

Payment Method- Paypal, Visa/Mastercard/ American Express

For discounts and offers, you can use Hola VPN Coupon Code and Hola VPN Coupon

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Now, Let’s discuss ProtonVPN pricing Also you can use ProtonVPN coupon code for discount offers.

ProtonVPN Pricing Plan: ProtonVPN comes with three different plans such as:

  • ProtonVPN basic plan starts at $4/month
  • ProtonVPN Plus plan starts at $5.99/month
  • ProtonVPN visionary plan starts at $24/month

Payment Method- Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Bank transfer, Cash letter to the office, Bitcoin.

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As the festive season is arriving, many great deals from big brands are also getting live. And the ProtonVPN Gift Code ...
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Prices May Vary Without Any Prior Notice

Here we have compared both the company’s plans and the pricing both the companies provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can try any of it and if you are not satisfied you can as for a refund.

Pros & Cons Of Hola VPN

Everything comes with some positive and negative aspects let’s discuss all of them:

Advantages of Hola VPN:

  • Comes with a full-featured free version. 
  • Unlimited Servers 
  • Unlocks geo-restricted contents
  • Based in Israel

Disadvantages of Hola VPN:

  • It keeps your logs and browsing activities. 
  • The free versions consume your bandwidth. 
  • No live chat support

Pros & Cons Of ProtonVPN

Advantages Of ProtonVPN:

  • Comes with advanced security features. 
  • It has strong encryption.
  • Provides strict no-logs policy.
  • Gives DNS leak protection 
  • P2P support

Disadvantages Of ProtonVPN:

  • A little bit expensive
  • Frequent connection issues 
  • Weak customer support

Who Has Strong Customer Support Hola VPN or ProtonVPN?

Customer support is one of the most important factors while looking for a VPN service. ProtonVPN provides you 24/7 knowledge base and e-mail support. Whereas, Hola VPN gives you email and knowledge support. Here both the VPNs are weak at providing customer support.

Does Hola VPN Works With Kodi?

Just like Netflix, Kodi is one of the most important software for which peoples uses VPN. Kodi is software where you can watch many OTTs channels in one software. People use VPN with Kodi for unblocking its add-ons, but unfortunately, Hola VPN does not work with Kodi.

Does ProtonVPN Works With Kodi?

ProtonVPN works great for unblocking geo-restricted Kodi add-ons. It will provide you with everything that you will need to operate Kodi. You can easily unlock your favorite Kodi add-ons and enjoy your favorite content with popcorn without facing any kind of buffering problem, etc.

Final Verdict – Which Is Better Hola VPN or ProtonVPN?

While comparing Hola VPN vs ProtonVPN we found that both the VPNs give you some good features. But as compared to ProtonVPN Hola VPN does not have advanced features. For a basic user, Hola VPN is a great deal.

ProtonVPN provides you all the great features and security measures. If you want to do some big work then ProtonVPN is recommended for you.

  1. Is ProtonVPN safe to use?

    Yes, ProtonVPN is completely safe it provides you with all the security and safety measures. It gives you a strict no-logs policy which means they do not keep your browsing activity.

  2. Is ProtonVPN free forever?

    Yes, ProtonVPN’s free version is free forever it gives you a strict no-logs policy, serves in 3 countries, and works with one device. You can use this anytime you want.

  3. Is ProtonVPN a virus?

    No, ProtonVPN is not a virus it is a VPN that protects you from cyber threats and criminals. But there was news that in 2019 that it was abused to spread malware.

  4. Does ProtonVPN sell your data Reddit?

    No, ProtonVPN does not sell your data as it provides you with a strict no-logs policy. It only keeps some of your important detail such as your registration id, etc.

  5. Is Hola VPN safe for Netflix? 

    Yes, Hola VPN can unlock the US Netflix library it provides you good speed so that you don’t have to face any buffering problems while streaming US Netflix. And yet if you are not satisfied with it you can use ProtonVPN as a Hola alternative.