How Norton Secure VPN Works?: Features, Functions, Pros & Cons

Norton or Symantec is a very popular name when it comes to antivirus suites. But we are going to talk about how Norton Secure VPN works in some devic.

Norton Secure VPN protects your passwords, credit card details, personal information, and your online activities from cyber threats and hackers. 

You can use up to 10 devices with Norton Secure VPN. And there are annual and monthly plans that you can subscribe to. you can also check the Norton Antivirus for great secure privacy.

Secure your online life and personal data with Norton Secure VPN. And browse the web without any fear of cyber threats and enjoy unlimited content. 

Norton DIgital privacy

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How Norton Secure VPN works? 

Public Wi-Fi is one of the common things that hackers can track your IP address and steal your personal and financial information. 

We usually go to coffee shops, MacDonalds, Airpot, etc, and use public wifi without even thinking twice and knowing that we could be hacked. 

That is why Norton VPN masks/hides your IP address and secure your online traffic. It uses bank-grade encryption to protect you from hackers. 

It blocks all the ads and cookies that track you all around the web. You must have noticed the same ads on the various websites you visit and they are pretty annoying. 

You can browse and stream the web anonymously with Norton Secure VPN. Explore unlimited movies, TV shows, and content beyond boundaries. 

What are the Online Threats?

What are the key functions of Norton VPN?

Bank-Grade Encryption

Bank-grade encryption for wifi security is a very important feature of Norton Secure VPN. 

It allows you to use public wifi and unsafe networks for browsing, streaming, or doing any type of online activity. This is how you can secure your PC, Laptop, Mobile, and Android devices. 

With this feature, your privacy is always intact and your bank details will never leak and misused. 

Block Tracking Ads

Whenever you visit a website you often being tracked by tracking ads and cookies that nowadays websites and organizations use. 

These ads and cookies follow you wherever you go all around the web. And we all know how annoying and disturbing these ads seem. 

But all of your problems are solved with Norton Secure VPN. Norton VPN helps you get rid of online advertisement tracking techs and software. 

With Norton VPN you will not be disturbed and distracted by these online ads and cookies. 

Use Public WIFI safety With Norton Secure VPN

Browse Anonymously

Your IP address is very easy to be tracked down. Your online activities are no longer safe in this world where new malware and malicious software are released. This is what compromises your privacy and personal data. Hackers can easily access your personal data and threaten you for money. 

That is why Norton VPN lets you browse anonymously on the internet. Hide or change your IP and browse as much as you want online without worrying about privacy and personal data stealth. 

Stream Unlimited Content

Due to government restrictions and various copyright issues, there is a lot of content geo-restricted. With Norton Secure VPN you can access all of these restricted content all around the world. 

Stream your favorite Netflix TV shows and unlimited videos. You can use this VPN to access content even when you are traveling. 

Norton VPN Protects Your Device From Cybercriminals & Hackers

Customer Support & Money Back Guarantee

With a Norton Secure Connection subscription, you also get a money-back guarantee on your VPN plan. Plus if you face any issue and problem with your VPN then you can contact the Norton Customer Support team. 

Your queries and issues get responses and solutions as soon as possible. It is one of the best customer support in the world. 

How much does Norton Secure VPN cost? 

There are annual and monthly plans for 1 device, 5 devices, and 10 devices.  you can also use the Norton Coupon code to save extra money.

For 1 device the price is $ 39.99 annually ( Only 10% OFF). 

The price for 5 devices is also $ 39.99 annually (40% OFF).

For 10 devices the price is $ 59.99 annually (40% OFF)

The pricing for 1 device and 5 devices are the same. So you can go for the 5 devices plan of Norton Secure VPN. 

The prices for the 10 devices plan are also reasonable and it is 40 % off.

Moreover, all of these plans are available on a monthly basis also. 

Final Thoughts – (How Norton VPN Works?)

The overall performance of the Norton Secure VPN is very good. All the features and functions are also impressive. And it gives you very strong security from all types of online threats. 

The prices of Norton VPN plans are expensive though. That’s the only reasonable downside of Norton VPN. 

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