How To Fix Err_Connection_Closed Error In Google Chrome 2024

As a user, we remain unanswered to which makes this error in chrome. And most of us are unaware of how to fix the err_connection_closed error in Google Chrome. Because of the lack of information, we cannot successfully resolve this problem.

Working on Google Chrome, we might face lots of technical problems. One of the issues while loading some requested websites is getting an error “err_connection_closed”. This problem occurs due to the reason of the lack of connection with the desired website.

Let us understand what does this Err_Connection_Closed means? Try to get different solutions that can help us to easily overcome this problem.

What Is Err_Connection_Closed?

Whenever we try to open different websites on our Chrome browser, sometimes errors appear. Every error has a different meaning; therefore err_connection_closed is also different from others.

Err connection closed

The err_connection_closed meaning of this error is that the data transfer between the website’s server and the client is not complete. There could any reason for having this error. This closes the connection between the server and the browser.

Sometimes, this interruption occurs due to interrupting Internet connection. Another reason for getting the err_connection_closed on chrome is your ISP i.e. Internet Service Provider has blocked that requested website. Try the following solution to get out of this problem.

If you get a 0x0 0x0 error then you can check the post that is published on which might be helpful for you to get out of this issue.

How To Fix ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED In Google Chrome?

These simple solutions can help to solve this problem on your browser.  Before exceeding in details let just simply understand what this Google Chrome error message recommended:

  • Try to visit another website, to verify your internet connection interruption.
  • Try to verify by simply restarting your Internet Router.
  • Try to disconnect the active VPN, if installed any.
  • Temporary disable the firewall program and access the requested website.
  • Try to verify whether your ISP has blocked the requested website.

Still having the error then follow these solutions given below.

Solutions To Fix Err_Connection_Closed Error in Chrome

Solution 1 Manager DNS Settings

Try these instructions step by step for modification of your DNS settings help to fix err_connection_closed:

Step 1 Open Control Panel in your system, navigate to Network And Internet.

Step 2 Then click on Network and Sharing Centre

Step 3 Select “change adapter settings” on the left side.

how to fix err_connection_closed

Step 4 Click the active connection and go to its properties. Navigate to Networking Tab.

how to fix err_connection_closed error

Step 5 Select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and then properties.

how to fix err_connection_closed error in mac

Step 6 Now select “use the following DNS server address:” and type Google’s public DNS server i.e. and and click OK. Restart your system.

how to fix err_connection_closed error in google chrome

Solution 2 Try To Connect With VPN

If you find that ISP i.e. Internet Service Provider has blocked the requested website, get VPN. Get a VPN from the recognized service providers like ProtonVPN. These services offer services that help to access all the geo-restricted content that includes the website which shows err_connection_closed message.

Solution 3 Manage Chrome Extensions

To make our experience on Google Chrome we use some free chrome extensions. But sometimes these extensions may create problems and the error like err_connection_closed.

Try to figure out what is responsible for the Google Chrome Error, and disable each extension one by one. Then reload the requested website and identify whether the problem resolves or not.

If the error vanishes successfully, then find the extension which is responsible for it. And remove that extension from chrome permanently.

Solution 4 Clear Cache Files

This is not mandatory, but yes sometimes it works. Sometimes, corrupted and incorrect cache files may be responsible for the Google Chrome error.

You can simply clear all the cache files along with cookies, browsing history, cached images or files, and download history.

For this purpose, type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in your web browser.

Then open clear browsing data > select the basic tab, and set Time range > All Time. Lastly, click the Clear data button.

fix err_connection_closed error in chrome

Solution 5 Reset TCP/IP Settings

Command Prompt is software that helps you to get rid of this error problem.  Copy the following commands and follow the given instruction to work on your command prompt.

Step 1 Open the Command Prompt in your search bar. Right-click select Run as administrator.

Step 2 Try the given command to solve your problem. After typing this you have to restart your computer. Now, go back to your browser and reload the requested website.

Command Prompt

Step 3 Type the following command one by one in the same order and press enter. After that, you have to restart your system again.

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /registerdns   

Solution 6 Update Google Chrome

You have to check whether you are working on an updated version of chrome. Sometimes the older version may create a technical problem that leads to getting err_connection_closed.

To check this, type chrome://settings/help into your browser and check the version of Google Chrome. If it requires an update then do it. And try to reload your requested site.

Err_connection_closed chrome

Solution 7 Use Chrome Cleanup Tool To Check Malware

The best security setup does not offer you 100 % malware protection. You will not get any evidence that your system has been effective with any malware software. This is also one of the reasons for getting a chrome error.

Google Chrome also offers its solution to detect and remove malware. Simply follow these steps in your browser:

Step 1 Click on the three-dot icon, on the upper right side of your browser.

Step 2 Select Settings.

Step 3 Now select the advance option and expand it. Navigate to “Reset And Clean Up” and find “Clean Up Computer”.

Err connection closed error in google chrome

Step 4 Click on the “FIND”. If you need information about detected malware and your system processor settings then mark the checkbox.

Chrome error err_connection_closed

Solution 8 Clean DNS Cache

To clear your DNS entries type this address chrome://net-internals/#dns into your search bar.

DNS setting err_connection_closed in chrome

This is will open the DNS settings. To clear the DNS entries, you will get the option “Clear Host Cache” click on it and clear all the caches.

If nothing happens with the above mention solutions, then the last option for you is to uninstall Google Chrome. Remember all the settings will be lost by doing this. Reinstall the chrome browser and set your settings. This can help you to know how to fix err_connection_closed error in Google chrome. Let us know in the comment section whether these solutions are helpful or not.

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