How to get Microsoft Ads certification?

Are you among those who are new to Advertisement? Do you want to increase your knowledge in your respective domain? Does your business need a strong online advertising platform? But you want to learn all those skills on your own and look for a platform for them. Then Microsoft is here with all the answers to your questions, queries, or problems! If you want to get Microsoft Ads certification courses to upskill yourself. But wait do you stitch at the question How to get Microsoft Ads Certification?

This article has solutions to all your queries. What Microsoft Certification is? What are the various fields of Microsoft Certifications? How do you get them? How do you get benefits from them? What are their perks? And most importantly, how are they profitable for you? How professional certification will make you listable on Microsoft and help you to get a segmented audience. 

Microsoft Ads Certifications

Before moving to other details let’s know about what Microsoft Ads Certification is? Bing Ads Certification or Microsoft Ads Certification is for those professionals who belong to the business, of marketing. If you are among them who want to grow their business and want to learn management skills then this course is just for you. The course is self-paced so that you can learn the skills efficiently at your relevant time. After completion of the course, you needed to give a certification exam to get the certification. There you need to score a minimum of 80% for official certification.

There are various courses provided by Microsoft dedicated to themes that contain detail. You can make your knowledge up to date with the help of this course. Here you will learn various marketing skills, online advertising skills, and can improve your profile. By showing this to respective authorities and through your CV.

Starts the Certification

It is not so difficult to get Microsoft Ads Certification, just follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. First, visit the Microsoft Ads website, and there open an account. 
  2. After that, you can access all the courses provided by it. Like budgeting, billing, and bids, introductory courses, optimizing an ad campaign using techniques and skills, and much more.
  3. As courses are in various sections that follow their respective task and domains. Each module will describe its related process.
  4. There are various modules and related themes, below are a few of them are mentioned:
Audience TargetingCreate and apply remarketing audience lists
SyndicationIntroduction to the Microsoft Advertising Partner Network
Ad TypesExpanded Text Ads report and optimization
ReportingThe power of Microsoft Advertising reporting
Dynamic Search AdsDynamic Search Ads- the why what & how
Broad MatchBuilding and measuring success with broad match

As the modules are self-paced so you can use an ample amount of time to grasp the content and apply it at your workplace.

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Profit of Microsoft Ads Certifications

Benefits of Microsoft Ads

There are various profits from Microsoft Ads Certifications. As this is an Ad certification program that’s why it is beneficial for businesses through improved ad campaigns. Since it will become relevant and cost-effective. 

The most important thing is that the Certified Professional course is free of cost!! If you want to break into a new market, want to increase the performance of Ads, or improve your skills. This course is the best solution for that. This course has everything from terminologies or related concepts that work while on a successful Ad Campaign. This is the best way to add a professional skillset to your resume. 

This Bing or Microsoft ads certification helps the learner to understand how to increase the income with positive outcomes through Ads. The course provides insights into the Ads marketing. It helps in various ways like

  • You will learn how to optimize your own ad campaigns through best practices.
  • Helps to increase your understanding of reporting and tools.
  • It will improve your Microsoft advertising knowledge.

The most important thing is that you are getting all this free of cost. Hence, choosing Microsoft Ads Certificate over any other certification is always the best choice. Besides this, get a great money-saving offer with a Microsoft Bing Ads coupon & promo code.

What Perks will you get after getting the certificate complete?

After, getting certified by Microsoft will not increase your knowledge but also provide you with many perks related to them. There are various perks that make Microsoft Ads certification unique. Let’s take a glimpse of them:

  • You will get placement in the Microsoft member directory which will help you in your business or future.
  • You will get an official printable certificate and that too from Microsoft!
  • Membership of the year if you score more than 80% in examinations. 

How is getting Microsoft Ads Certification worthwhile?

This certification is meant for those wishing to learn about Ads. And for those who want to know more about the search engine market to help in their business. For individuals who will learn this course’s content, they will definitely increase their domain’s knowledge. This certificate will allow them to get placed easily in their respective market through their resume or CVs. Microsoft Ads Certification not only provides the content or knowledge but also provides ample career opportunities. Through the certification, you will represent the deployment of various marketing skills. 

You are getting a whole structure of the content that will help you to save your time and help you to focus on the aim.

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