How To Uninstall NordVPN In 2024?

Are you being tired of removing NordVPN from your device but still can’t eliminate it? If so then no worries because in this guide on how to uninstall NordVPN you will get to know the different devices.

So, let’s quickly check out the steps of removing NordVPN from different devices.

Uninstall NordVPN From Mac

Many people always hunt for how do I completely remove NordVPN from my Mac? If you are also from one of those then follow these instructions carefully.

  1. The foremost step you need to do is to quit the NordVPN app if running.
  2. Now, from your MacBook launch Finder app.
  3. Connect Applications in the Finder sidebar.
  4. Search for NordVPN, drag & drop it to the Bin at the last of the Dock.
  5. You can even right-click or Ctrl-click on the NordVPN icon and appoint it Bin from the sub-menu.
  6. You may be asked to enter the administrator password and hit OK.
  7. At last, open Finder and then empty trash from the menu bar. You can also empty the Bin directly by right-clicking on the Trash icon and hitting Empty Trash.

This will permanently delete NordVPN from mac and you can’t be able to revert it back.

Uninstall NordVPN Windows 10

To uninstall NordVPN from Windows PC or laptop:

  1. Click on the Start button and search for Control Panel.
  2. Now, hit Programs > Uninstall a program. Search for the Nord VPN app and click on Uninstall.
  3. A permission dialogue box will appear asking you if you really want to remove it. Click on Yes to grant the permission and begin the uninstallation process.
  4. Wait until the process ends. Click on the Finish button to exit the box.

Uninstall NordVPN From iOS

Follow these below-mentioned steps to uninstall NordVPN on iPhone.

  1. Find the NordVPN app on your iPhone turn off VPN.
  2. Hold the app until the icons start shaking.
  3. You will see a small x on it. Press on it to uninstall it from your iOS devices.

You can uninstall NordVPN from the iPad in the same way.

Uninstall NordVPN From Android

Removing NordVPN from an Android smartphone is very easy. You can do this in 2 ways.

From Play Store
  1. Go to Play Store from your Android device and search NordVPN.
  2. Tap on the icon, once it open then click on Uninstall.

However, you can again install NordVPN on Android from Play store.

From Phone
  1. Search for the NordVPN app on your phone.
  2. Click & hold it until you will see the trash icon at the top of your phone.
  3. Drag & drop it to the uninstall option to completely remove Nord VPN from your phone.

Uninstall NordVPN From Linux

If you can’t uninstall NordVPN from Linux then just follow these two simple steps.

  1. Open the terminal window.
  2. Enter the command by typing – sudo apt-get —purge remove nordvpn*.

The VPN will be uninstalled from Linux permanently.

How Do I Delete My NordVPN Account?

You can cancel your NordVPN subscription and request for refund if canceled before 30-days from the date of purchase.

To do this you can follow these steps,

  1. Visit the NordVPN official website & Log in.
  2. Now click on Private and secure internet access (VPN) under My services.
  3. Here you will find 3 horizontal dots just next to the Change Plan and click on cancel automatic payments
  4. Select Yes and wait when your page will reload automatically and you will get a confirmation message.
How To Uninstall NordVPN – FAQs

How do I completely remove NordVPN?

You can uninstall and delete NordVPN from any of the devices you have installed on. Just follow the steps we have described with this guide to remove it.

How do I remove NordVPN from my computer?

Open Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program > NordVPN and then hit uninstall to remove it.

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