Top Mega Alternative Cloud Storage 2024 – Affordable And Secure

If you are using Mega Cloud Storage and you want to switch to another cloud Storage, for some reason, then you can try some Mega Alternatives that will help you to store your data online with full privacy and security. 

In this article, we choose an alternative to Mega by some criteria. We need to keep a few things in mind when we choose Mega Alternate: Storage, Price, Performance, Features, and security.

Alternatives Of 5 Mega Cloud Storage 2024

Top 5 Alternatives For Mega

Here we give you the top 5 Mega Alternatives that produce lots of Cloud Storage at a very low budget. So let’s find out which one is best for you and save your all data online.

  • pCloud
  • Google Drive
  • IDrive
  • Sync
  • DropBox

These are some cloud storage that you can exchange with Mega Cloud Storage.


Buy now one of the most used Mega alternatives at a very low price. And also buy its lifetime deal at $199/ one time pay

 This is the first Mega Alternative that is pCloud. It is a Swiss corporation, and pCloud offers Swiss data security with client-side encryption and zero-knowledge privacy. Client-side encryption protects your files from unauthorized access by encrypting your data before it is uploaded from your device to pCloud servers. 

In contrast, zero-knowledge privacy ensures that the service provider won’t be able to see your encryption keys because you, the creator, are the only one who is able to see them. It allows you to pCloud transfer files with others. 

pCloud includes Mobile Applications (iOS and Android) and Desktop versions (Mac, Windows and Linux). Also, pCloud’s web platform is accessible from any of the most popular web browsers.

pCloud Pros:

  • You can get basic free 10GB cloud storage included with the pCloud account.
  • Here you can lifetime plan with a one-time payment option.
  • Ease of use with several devices.
  • TLS/SSL channel protection; 256-bit AES encryption for all files; 5 copies of your files on various servers) are among the most advanced security features available.
  • You can share multiple files at one time.

pCloud Cons:

  • You have to extra pay if you want access pCloud Crypto
  • zero-knowledge privacy 
  • multi-layer protection
  • client-side encryption 

pCloud Pricing and Plans

If you make a new account you can get 10GB of free cloud Storage for lifetime. pCloud premium plans start from $3.99/Month for a yearly subscription. This plan of pCloud offers 500GB of disc Space and 500GB of data transmission bandwidth for sharing big files and links. You can say that this is the best Mega Alternative to store your data online.

They have a business plan that offers Premium Plus bundles with 2TB of cloud storage for all users. pCloud also offers a lifetime plan only at $175 with a one-time payment. It is a one-time payment option that helps you to give 500GB of Cloud Storage.

Buy now one of the most used Mega alternatives at a very low price. And also buy its lifetime deal at $199/ one time pay

Google Drive 

This is the second Mega Alternative cloud storage that you can consider in storing your data online. If use Google then you know about google drive. It is one of the most famous cloud Storage Companies. 

For customers who merely want to back up their personal and work files, Google Drive is a good choice because it comes with 15GB of free storage space and lets you back up your photos and videos at a reduced quality without counting them against your free account storage. 

Google Drive Pros:

  • You can access your files, images, and videos with encrypted security.
  • Ad customization isn’t done with your files
  • In Google Drive, you can access Docs, Sheets, Slides, Microsoft Office, Slack, Salesforce, DocuSign, Autodesk, and much more with only one app.
  • Google Drive is based on Google AI and Search Engine, It increases your file-finding Speed with Google support.
  • Offers Free 15GB Of Cloud Storage on one Google Account.

Google Drive Cons:

  • Google Drive does not provide any lifetime deal on premium purchases.

Google Drive Pricing Plans

In addition to the 15GB cloud storage included in the free plan, Google Drive doesn’t count low-quality images or videos against your storage usage if they are backed up in low-quality. It is the best Cloud Storage for Images because lots of users only use this Google Drive to store images online.

With a basic plan costing $1.99 a month, you get 100GB of storage. The Standard plan includes 200GB of cloud storage for $2.99 a month, while the Premium plan offers 2TB of storage for $9.99 per month. You consider Google Drive as Mega Alternatives.

IDrive Cloud Storage

If you want an Alternative to Mega then you go with IDrive cloud storage. In spite of being new to the market, IDrive has already made an impressive first impression. With a unique drive-mounting software feature, IDrive’s cloud storage feels like a real hard drive without the need for synchronization or bandwidth usage. This is the best Alternative for Mega cloud Storage to store online data.

Twofish encryption on the client side, zero-knowledge privacy, intuitive interface design, and competitive prices are just a few of IDrive’s outstanding features. there are lots of advantages of Cloud Storage if you analyze cloud storage deeply.

IDrive pros:

  • It provides you 10GB of Cloud Storage for new users with a credit Card.
  • IDrive provides client-side or Zero-Knowledge encryption for better security.
  • Continuous cloud storage services need a lot of bandwidth.
  • Also, If you want to access any file then you need a password.
  • You can access IDrive on all the devices like Web, desktop & laptop, and mobile & tablet.

IDrive Cons:

  • On the free service of IDrive, they dont provide Client Side Encryption

IDrive Price & Plans

If you find an alternative for Mega in cloud storage plans and prices, then it will definitely help you to get the best plans and prices. So, let’s check it out.

IDrive Basic10GB, 1 user, unlimited computersFree
IDrive Personal 5TB5TB, 1 user, unlimited computers$79.50 yearly ($6.63 monthly)
IDrive Personal 10TB10TB, 1 user, unlimited computers$99.50 yearly ($8.29 monthly)

These are some basic prices and plans of IDrive Cloud Storage. There are some more plans for this cloud storage you can check out on the official website. Cloud Storage

So now we check Sync Cloud Storage this is another Mega Alternative Cloud Storage, that helps you to sync all the files from all over the world. Sync provides 5GB of Cloud storage free when you make an account on It is the Canadian base collaborative Cloud Storage.

With free programs, you can sync and access your files anywhere, whether your computer is Mac, Windows, iOS, Android or the web. Additionally, with all Sync plans, you can disable your logged-in devices if they are lost or stolen using the remote device lockout option. This significantly increases your security and privacy.

Sync Pros:

  • It provides 5GB of Cloud Storage when you sign up the first time.
  • You can not track by any other party or third-party app or hacker( you are the main owner of your data cloud Storage).
  • You can share an unlimited number of files and documents with secure links.
  • You can also access Offline with 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Sync Cons:

The main problem with Sync Cloud Storage is they don’t have an unlimited plan.

Sync.Com Price & Plans

With’s free plan, you can store 5GB of data and transfer it to other devices, but you can’t do so between devices. The paid plans for teams start at $60 per user per year and include unlimited data transfer and robust security and privacy features. As compared with Mega plans, the price is less. So you can consider this as Mega Alternative cloud Storage.

DropBox Cloud Storage

Now we talk about DropBox which is an alternative to Mega cloud storage, DropBox is used by over 600 million users worldwide. With this Cloud Storage, you can store your files, photos, videos, PDF, and other documents very easily. Also, it provides 2GB Of free cloud Storage. You can easily use this cloud storage for Samsung S22 Ultra as it is compatible with all kinds of devices and operating systems.

DropBox also allows you to share files and documents with another person by sharing folders and individual files, or also you can share the specific file link. Dropbox also makes it easy to collaborate with your colleagues or clients by using its sharing folder feature. 

This allows you to share files and documents with lots of users at the same time without any lag files of low quality which is a very a unique feature as compared to Mega cloud storage. 

DropBox Pros:

  • Use DropBox with any Operating System without any problem.
  • Flexible arrangement of collaborative tools.
  • Solid package for premium members.
  • You can sign digitally on DropBox.
  • Offline Access to all the files.

DropBox Cons:

  • Some Fewer Security Features.
  • Less Storage Feature For free users.
  • Limited Search Function.

DropBox Price And Plans

DropBox offers 2GB of Free Cloud Storage for new users for one year. And the plus plan is $99/user/Month with 2TB Of Encrypted Cloud Storage. And the second Plan of DropBox is the Family Plan, which starts from $16.99/6 users/Month with 2TB of encrypted Cloud Storage.

What Can I Use Instead Of Mega Cloud Storage?

pCloud is the best option instead of Mega Cloud Storage. You can also consider this as a Mega alternative because it provides great plans for families, businesses, and unlimited cloud storage plans as well. Anyway lots of Cloud Storage in the market as you know, but pCloud is top of the line in all the Cloud Storage.


Mega is one of the most famous Cloud Storage but for some reason, users are not satisfied somehow they find Mega Alternatives Cloud storage. As we mention above top 5 alternatives of Mega Cloud Storage and from all of these cloud storage, the best Cloud Storage is pcloud. 
pCloud is also a famous and trusted cloud storage and they provide unlimited plans also which is a very good thing. So go and try the alternative cloud Storage of Mega.

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