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If you use the best cloud storage for photos, so your images and Videos are saved with actual resolution. Many people want to save their images and videos in online photo storage. If you find the cloud storage for images so you are in right place. We provide you best online storage for your precious photos. We have focused on many cloud storage companies for the best cloud storage photos. In this article, we will see which company gives more storage, security, data backup, cost, collaboration, and anywhere access these features are made one company’s best cloud storage for images and Videos. 

Which Cloud Storage Is Best For Photos?

The best cloud storage for photos so we consider pCloud. It Comes with three plans individual, Business, and Family. pCloud provides 10GB of free cloud storage for your photos and videos. But if you want more storage so you have to pay for it.  Also, you need the best cloud storage for photos so it will definitely help you. Our Webtechcoupons team tested lots of online storage for photos, but we have selected only 5 cloud storage companies. Let’s find out which is the best cloud storage for Photos and videos. When you buy any cloud storage the first thing we check is the advantages of cloud storage, because it is very important.

Top 5 Photos Cloud Storage

5 Best Cloud Storage For Images

Here we provide you best cloud storage for Images and Videos. By using these cloud storage you can save your images and videos on a virtual storage server. These cloud storage comes with AES 256-Bit encryption features for great security. 

  • pCloud
  • Mega
  • Wasabi
  • Sync
  • Google Photos

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pCloud Best Online Storage For Pictures

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$350$990 GET OFFER

Many cloud storage has provided limited access to change in photos but this case is not with pCloud. You have an option to resize the photos and also you can easily archive older images and videos. By using this feature of pCloud you can focus on your Photos. 

Most photographers will appreciate the pCloud automatically previews and thumbnail icons of uncompressed RAW format photos( this feature helps you in better editing). These Features make pCloud the best Cloud storage for Images and videos. Also, the pCloud is directly connected with macOS, Lightroom, and Windows. Finding the best Image Cloud storage is very difficult. The next thing cthat omes in a mind for any cloud storage for Photos is prices and Plans. pCloud Provides lots of Encryption features like client-side Encryption, Zero Knowledge Privacy, and the Easiest way to encrypt and decrypt features for all images and videos. 

pCloud Price & Plans Of Cloud Image Server

pCloud offers three plans and these plans are for personal, family, and for Office. For your first signup, pCloud offers 10GB of free cloud storage for Photos. After that, you have to pay for it.  

  • Individual Plan: In the Individual Plan there are 2 types first is Annual Plan and the second is the pCloud lifetime plan
  • Annual Plan provides 2 photo cloud storage plan first is 500GB/ 49.99$ and second is 2TB/ 99.99$. 
  • Lifetime Plan provides three Plans first is 500GB/175$, the second is 2TB/350$ and the last one is 10TB/ 990$. These are plans are only in the best Cloud storage for photos and videos.
  • Family Plan: In this Plan, you get 2 types of storage plans first is 2TB/ 500$ and the second plan is 10TB/1390$. Cloud storage for images is a very important thing in all important data. 
  • Business Plan: in this plan you get 2 plans first is a normal Business plan and the second is a Business Pro Plan in that plan you get the benefit of pCloud cloud storage. 

These are the plans and prices of pCloud. If these plans’ prices are high so you can use the pCloud Coupon code to save 80% off on the pCloud Image cloud storage server. Free Cloud Storage For Images

Grab the deal now of Mega Coupon Code & save up to 50% on its purchases. Limited time offer.

Mega Cloud storage is a new Zealand Base Company and lots of Users like it because of its free 20GB. Mega privacy is very secure and very easy to access also you can use this free cloud storage for Images. Mega is a cloud Storage focused on our security and it also provides end-to-end Encryption for image cloud storage. User data and files are secure through its zero-knowledge encryption service.

 Even though Mega provides a bountiful free Plan, its paid plan is not right according to its price. If you want to use free cloud storage for photos so it’s great cloud storage. It also provides Zero- knowledge Encryption for your image cloud storage free. If you check, it gives 20GB of free cloud storage which provides very less cloud storage and it is enough for your photos and videos.

Price And Plans Of Mega Picture Cloud Storage

Although Mega Cloud Storage gives 20GB of free storage, it is important to know its plans too. Because you may need more cloud storage for your other important data. Let’s see the price and offers. Also, we check the discount given by Mega by using the Mega Coupon code.

In the Mega Cloud Storage for Photos Paid Plain, there are two types of plain first is the Individual, and the second is Business Plain.

Individual Plan

Pro LitePro LitePro IIPro III
$5.07/400GBWith 1TB Transfer$10.15/2TB With 2TB Transfer$20.32/8TB With 8TB Transfer$30.48/16TB With 16TB Transfer

Business Plan/Month

100TB With 100TB Transfer/ $2541PB With 1PB Transfer/ $2,544

Also Mega offers some discounts for our users, you can save upto 50% off if you use the coupon code of Mega which we have provided above section. You have to click on the GET OFFER button.

Wasabi Cloud Storage for Images

Usually, Wasabi is used for storing important data and files because it provides great security features. But most Wasabi users use cloud storage for images and Videos.  If you use this Wasabi image cloud Storage so your images and videos will be secure with Zero- knowledge Encryption. end-to-end Encryption of Wasabi Cloud Storage is very great. So many users trust Wasabi security for best Cloud the storage for Photos. 

The best part about Wasabi is that it offers the best plans at affordable prices which is why Wasabi Cloud Storage is the Leading cloud storage company in our industry. Wasabi cloud storage is a reputed cloud storage company because it’s secure your images and videos and all your important documents. 

Price And Plans Of Wasabi Image Cloud Storage Server

If you talk about the wasabi price and plans, it is not very difficult to choose because the price of wasabi is starting from $5.59/ 1TB per Month, which is very low compared to other Cloud Storage. Also, you have an option to customize your plans according to your money.

Sync Cloud Storage For Images And Videos

Sync Cloud Storage has been providing our service for a number of years and that is why it has been in the cloud storage industry for a long time, so people have confidence in it. Many users use this cloud storage for Photos to secure our important images and videos. Sync is Similar to DropBox. Sync Cloud Storage provides the best file syncing features for your device. If you find the best Cloud storage for Images, this online storage service is best. It also provides a vault feature for your image Cloud storage. Or if you have any confusion in pCloud vs Sync, So best Cloud storage is best its your choice.

Sync Cloud Storage also gives end-to-end Encryption to secure images and videos of users. The most precious feature of sync Cloud storage is to keep a folder on your system in sync with the cloud. It is very easy to set up and install or sync cloud storage.

Price And Plans Of Sync Picture Cloud Storage

If you want to know about the Sync cloud storage price and plans and how much free storage Sync gives? So it only provides 5GB of Free Cloud storage for photos and videos. Sync provides two types of Paid plans First is an Individual And the Second is a Team plan. Or also you can use the Sync Coupon code to save extra money on the actual price. 

Individual Plan

Solo BasicSolo Professional
$8/ Per Month With 2TB$20/ Per Month With 6TB 

Team Plan

Teams StandardTeams Unlimited
$6/ Per Month With 1TB$15/ Per Month With Unlimted Storage

These plans are best for storing images in Cloud storage. This Image Cloud Storage is very secure and most important it is very affordable cloud storage.

Google Free Cloud Storage For Images

Google Photos is the most popular 4k video cloud storage software in the cloud storage industry. Most users use this to store their photos in Google Photos. This Cloud storage for Images and videos because it provides 15GB of free space. You can also edit your image in Google photos or google photos also provide a face detection feature easily so that you can find any person from your gallery. This Google Photos free Cloud storage for photos is the most used cloud storage software.

Google Photos Google Photos gives you your old memories so that can remember your old memories. This photo cloud storage gives you lots of important features for your precious image. 

Price & Plans Of Google Photos Cloud Storage

Here we provide you paid plan for Google Photos, But before they also provide 15GB of free space for your photos. Also, you can use the Google Photos Coupon code to decrease your price. Google Photos provides two types of plans first Monthly and the second Annual. 

Monthly Plan

DetailBasic PlanStandard PlanPremium Plan
GB 100 GB200 GB2 TB

Annually Plan

DetailBasic PlanStandard PlanPremium Plan
GB 100 GB200 GB2 TB

Conclusion – Best Cloud Storage For Photos

Finding the best Cloud Storage for Photos is quite tough. We Understand because after a very good result we conduct a list of above mentioned best 5 Cloud Storage for images. But among all 5 We recommend you to go for cloud services. Because after using its limited time services you can switch to its lifetime plan. Yes, The company provides a pCloud Lifetime Deal for users to get the security of data for a lifetime. This one is the only cloud storage company that deal with lifetime subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions – Top 5 Cloud Storage For Photos

What Is The Best Cloud Storage For Pictures?

pCloud Storage is the best Online Storage for Images. It gives you great security with lots of Features. 

Which Cloud Is Best For Free?

Mega Cloud storage is the Best free Cloud storage for Images. It gives you 20GB of free Cloud Storage for your Important videos and photos.

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