Norton 360 Vs Norton Security : Price, Plan & Features

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In this Norton 360 VS Norton Security, you will get to know about the main differences between this software. As you know that the Norton is one of the best security software providers. This one is the most popular antivirus provider in the antivirus market. The company is famous for providing you the best quality services & antivirus protection.

In recent days Norton has brings many new changes in its services. They connected with the Lifelock select protection that is known to offer the best VPN Services. Before these changes, Norton deals with the Norton 360, Norton Antivirus & Norton Security. But now they offer Norton 360 standard, Norton 360 deluxe, Norton antivirus plus & Norton Lifelock select. After up-gradation, it brings many new and beneficial changes in its services for the users.

In This Norton 360 Vs Norton Security article, I am going to share a brief about then & you can easily compare then on the basis of its features, pricing, and its pros and cons. So move on and check out the difference between Norton 360 and Norton Security.

When was the Norton 360 Launched?

Norton 360 for excellent protection

The Norton 360 was launched in April 2019. This software brings huge changes to the services of Norton. In this software, Norton security is combined with the Norton 360. Through this combination, a user can get all the features of Norton security in Norton 360. The Norton software is known in the market because of its excellent security features that will help in protecting many devices from many online threats. With the help of Norton software, you can easily get rid of malware, hackers, viruses and unwanted online threats. You will get the extreme level security for your device through this Norton Security Software.

What is the purpose of Norton 360 & Norton Security?

As per Norton’s popularity, it is easy to recognize the work of its software. Through Norton software, you can secure your devices. But according to its software, the purpose of the software differs. So lets now about the purpose of Norton 360 & Norton Security.

Norton 360 Vs Norton Security

Purpose Of Norton 360

Noton 360 is all in one protection security suite. This will secure all the devices against computer viruses, malware, spam, social viruses, phishing,  identity theft, and other online growing threats.

Purpose Of Norton Security

This will help you in securing all king of devices from online threats. This will provide protection to computers, smartphones, & tablets.

Pricing difference Of Norton 360 & Norton Security

Norton 360 plans compare with Norton security

Prices:- $24.99 or $34.99 for a Year

The price of Norton security starts at $24.99 for a year and Norton 360 cost $34.99 for a year. There is a difference of $10 in its prices. After knowing the difference of $10 the question arises does Norton 360 worth these $10.

Yes, It worth it because in this you will get many advanced and excellent features that will help you in keeping your devices safe from many unwanted online activities.

Difference between the Norton 360 & Norton Security Features

Before up-gradation, Norton Security contains three different software that will help you in keeping your devices safe from many harmful activities. In its three plans, they offer a bunch of excellent features that ill help you in keeping your devices safe many online threats.

Norton 360 contains all the features of Norton Security with some extra features like  PC tuneup, Automatic Content Backup, Secure VPN, PC SafeCam, and Dark Web Monitoring and plans. Fro using these features you can buy this software in four different plans:-

Not only this you can save more by using Norton Coupon Code. With this, you can save the maximum up to 60% on its different software.

Features Of Norton Security

Norton360 protection

Norton Security provides all those features that will help you in keeping your devices safe from online threats. This one is affordable software for any kind of user. With the maximum cost-effective features. Norton Security offers the guarantee of full return if your system catches any kind of virus while using this software.  The features of Norton Security are:-

  • Strong Antivirus Module
  • Provides Firewall
  • An Anti-Spam Filter
  • Identity Protection
  • Password manager
  • Parental controls
  • Secure VPN
  • PC SafeCam
  • Dark web monitoring
  • LifeLock Identity Alert
  • Lost wallet protection and many more

Features Of Norton 360

Norton 360 is the all in one software that will guard your devices from many online born unwanted activities. This one is the all in one solution to fight against all online threats. Norton 360 is the combination of Norton security features. So in this, you will get all the features of Norton Security and many plus features too. Norton 360 includes proactive threat protection, automatic backups.

upgrade Norton security plan with Norton 360

Computer tune-up tool, Guard your all documents & files against losses,  & optimize PC performance. The features you will get in Norton 360 2020 are:-

Let us check out the additional features of Norton 360 one by one

In these additional features, you will get the maximum benefits for your all kind of devices. The feature you will get in this Norton 360 are:-

PC Tuneup

With this Norton 360 PC Tuneup feature, you can run your old PC like a new one. With these features, you can abolish all the problems you are facing in your PC like crashes, strange program operations, or system instability, just Tuneup your PC. You can get this feature only in Norton 360 all in one security guard. With the help of this feature, you can run your old device like a new one. This Norton computer tunes up feature will help in destroying registry files & optimized processes. With this, you will also get alert about the available updates. This will abolish all the unnecessary files and speed up your device’s internet browsing speed. This one is the best software feature for your Pc. By using this you can make your PC viruses & spyware free.

Automatic Cloud Backup

Norton Automatic Cloud Backup is the best additional features for all the users. In this feature, you can create back up and copy of all those files which you don’t want to lose. If your computer or any devices loss o get corrupted then you no need to worry about your data. This software will create a copy of all the files which you want. Cloud Back up will help in creating automatic ack up & stores all important files and data securely to the cloud.  If your device faces any Hard Drive Fail, Accidental Deletion, Natural Disaster, Theft, Ransomware, Malware this cloud back up will help you in getting back all the files and restore them again.

Secure VPN

Norton Secure VPN keeps your identity safe and secure on the internet. With this feature, you can work anonymously over the internet & keep your identity safe from theft & hackers. Norton Secure VPN will help you in keeping all the private details, information, passwords, bank details, transactions id while using public wifi in your any devices. In this Norton 360, they are offering this feature free of cost. So buy it & get the benefits of this Secure VPN.

Password Manager

By using this Norton 360 you will get the benefit of Managing your password as well as data & files. With this, you can store the password in windows, mac, android and the device you are using. You can check the strength of the password with this Norton Password manager. If you are using this then you no need to remember your password. You are securing your password at a safe place with this password manages feature of Norton.

Parental Control

Norton parental control will help you in keeping your children safe from the online jungle. This software will teach your children about the good & bad impact of the internet. Norton Parental control fosters you to keep eye on the all online activity of your children. You can manage the screen or searches of your kids, vies and location too. Norton parental control is free of cost feature in Norton 360. With this, you can guard your kids against any kind of bad internet activity.

Multi-Device Program

This one is the multi-device programming software. You can use this software in more than 1 device.  So this one is the biggest plus point if you are using this.

  • All features of Norton Security
  • 100% Security against viruses, malware, and other unwanted threats
  • Cam Safeguard
  • Secure VPN
  • Parental Control Password Manager
  • Automatic Cloud Backup
  • Bank-Grade Encryption
  • Constant Analyzer
  • Multi-Device Programme
  • Computer Tune-up Tools

Norton 360 Vs Norton Security

Difference between Norton360 or norton security

Both Norton 360 & Norton Security provides the best features of security. But the difference you will see in its features, the Norton 360 is rich in the comparison of the Norton security. In this, you will get the best security features at reasonable prices. With this Norton 360, you will get the best security for your all devices.