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When you are selecting a web hosting provider you look for reliability, speed & performance. Everyone seeks that firm that stands tall in the criteria of features and functionalities. But there is a dirty secret of many big-shot web hosting companies. As you know web hosting requires heavy energy to keep the servers up all the time. That creates consequences like air pollution and heating issues which lead the environment toward global warming. To heal the environmental issues many companies have initiated providing Best Green Web hosting.

Today, I will do my contribute to the environment by motivating everyone to go for green web hosting providers.

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What is Green Web hosting?

Green web hosting is the most eco-friendly way to host a website. The motive of green hosting is to provide high-quality services to support the environment. While doing everything they want to limit the carbon footprint of normal web hosting.

Green web hosting is an environmentally friendly way to start a website or e-commerce business.  The companies use renewable power technologies to generate energy like solar and wind. These two are the most effective way to generate electricity without causing any harm to the environment.

What Are The Consequences Of Normal Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a very energy-consuming data center. It may have thousands of high-power computers. Most of these computers have a permanently high CPU, and drive usage and this will generate much heat that providers will need a normal cooling system to keep the temperature manageable.

The consequences are founded by the web natural founder Jacks Amends. It calculated that powering an average website produces 4500 pounds of CO2 a year. It shows that hosting has a very real impact on the environment and the consequences of it very significant as you think.

So for solving this type of issue many web hosting providers start providing green web hosting. After knowing the impact of web hosting many companies start investing their money for lowering this environmental impact. Before choosing a green hosting provider you have to know about the benefits of green web hosting and what is green web hosting?

So here I and going to share about Green hosting and what its are benefits of it.

The Benefits of Using Best Green Web hosting

Benefits of Green Web hosting

The benefit of green web hosting is it is an environmentally friendly considerate way to start your website online. This will help the environment to reduce the carbon footprint of the web host. It means that you are interacting with the environment in a positive manner.

Why Use A Green Web Hosting?

People go green in the many impacts on their lives. Everyone wants to take an initiative to save and secure the environment while using natural resources. So, the web hosting company is also becoming a part of it to secure our environment by providing Green Web Hosting services.

If a person wants to reduce the carbon footprint of your website on the environment then the use of green web hosting is a good idea.

If every person uses this approach and if enough data centers will provide this green hosting then it becomes easy to reduce the carbon footprint of a website. This will show that you are very concerned about the environment.

After knowing about Green Hosting I am sharing about the world’s no. 1 Green web hosting provider GreenGeeks. A hosting provider that will fulfill your website needs with the safety of the environment.

#1 GreenGeeks:- Best Green Web Hosting Provider

GreenGeeks is the most eco-conscious web hosting provider. This was founded in California in 2008. Now it is claimed to be the number one #1 Green web hosting provider. It is not surprising that it is dedicated to working for green web hosting. The company cannot say that it provides 100% green web hosting to users. But it ensures that it used three times more effective renewable energy. You will not get any type of variance in the GreenGeeks Hosting Plan but you will get satisfaction while using its existing plans.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of GreenGeeks?

Here are some GreenGeeks advantages and disadvantages before choosing web hosting provider.

GreenGeeks Benefits
Pros Of GreenGeeks
  • 300% Offsets carbon footprints
  • Better customer support
  • Affordable plans with eco-friendly resources
  • Free  Daily Backup
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
Cons Of GreenGeeks
  • A limited number of plans and offers
  • Need to sign up for three years to use the advertised prices

How Good Are Greengeek’s Hosting Plans?

Greengeeks Hosting Plans

Its plans are not very complicated. It provides three different types of web hosting for beginners and pros as well. The three plans are as follows:-

This plan is perfect for small businessesGood for a growing website that needs more speed and resourcesThis plan is perfect for a very busy website or online store
It cost $2.95/per monthIt starts at $5.95/monthGet started at $11.95/month
1 WebsiteUnlimited WebsiteUnlimited Website
1 click app installer1 click app installer1 click app installer
Unlimited web spaceUnlimited web spaceUnlimited web space
Unlimited Data transferUnlimited Data transferUnlimited Data transfer
The free Domain name for 1 yearThe free Domain name for 1 yearA free Domain name for 1 year
Free SSL CertificateFree SSL CertificateFree Premium  SSL Certificate
Standard performance2X performance4X performance
 PowerCacher includedFree Dedicated IP
  PowerCacher included


What GreenGeeks provide to boost up your website?

They will provide you with all the necessary features which you will want to run a website. You will get hundreds of features only at a low price of a $2.75 plan. The features are provided according to the performance and needs of a website. You can also apply GreenGeeks coupon code to grab an instant discount on its hosting services.

GreenGeeks Features

The essential features

  • Unlimited SSD Web Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Host Unlimited Domains (Pro & Premium)
  • Free Drag n’ Drop Builder
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Free Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Sub & Parked Domains
  • cPanel & Softaculous
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 300% Offset with Renewable Energy


  • Scalable Computing Resources
  • Multiple Data Centers
  • SSD-based RAID-10 Storage Arrays
  • Optimized LiteSpeed and MariaDB
  • Free CDN Integration
  • HTTP/2 & PHP 7
  • PowerCacher

Security and Reliability

  • Hardware & Power Redundancy
  • Container-based Technology
  • Hosting Account Isolation
  • Pro-active Server Monitoring
  • Real-time Security Scanning
  • Automatic App Updates
  • Enhanced SPAM Protection
  • Nightly Data Backup

E-commerce Capability

  • Free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL
  • Free Shopping Cart Installation
  • Premium SSL Certificates Available

Developer Friendly

  • Multiple PHP Versions (7.1, 7.0, 5.6, and more)
  • Free SSH and Secure FTP Access
  • Perl and Python Support
  • MySQL Databases
  • FTP Accounts
  • Git, WP-CLI, Drush & Tons more.

Technical support

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Above & Beyond Technical Support
  • Support via Live Chat, Telephone & Email Tickets

Another Perk Of Using GreenGeeks Web Hosting

Why Choose Greengeeks?

If you are going to buy it any plan but you worry about its prices then you no need to do it. Because they provide the latest bumper hosting discount on its plans. It provides GreenGeeks coupon code & promo code on its green web hosting plans. It provides a cheap web hosting plan to its users. So can easily create your green website with the GreenGeeks hosting services.

Alternatives Of GreenGeeks

If you are searching for a Green Web Hosting provider then GreenGeeks is the number choice for you. But if you want to explore more then you can easily go for its alternatives. You can go and choose a green hosting plan from further companies that provide green web hosting at reasonable prices. The companies are:- HostGator, A2 Hosting, and DreamHost. These are the best next alternative choice to go with green hosting.

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