Filmora Pros And Cons 2023 – Is Filmora Worth It?

If you are new to the video editing industry then Filmora can be a good software to kick off a start. But, before sticking to this software, you must be aware of Filmora pros and cons 2023.

Here we will discuss what are the major advantages and disadvantages of the Filmora video editing program. However, before proceeding toward these pros and cons of Filmora, let’s have a look at its background.

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What Is Filmora?

Filmora by Wondershare is one of the most popular video editing programs. It was released almost two decades with an aim to provide affordable video editing programs to create. Now, it is used by millions of users and many professionals recommend using it.

Now the latest version of this software has been launched which is Filmora 12 which provides immense features for professional use. To get a detailed analysis of this video editing software you can read our Filmora review.

By discussing Filmora Pros and Cons in the next section, we will be able to know Is Filmora worth buying or not?

Pros And Cons Of Filmora Video Editor

Like any other software, Filmora too has both advantages and disadvantages. The major benefits and limitations of using this software are as follows:

Pros Of Filmora:

  • Has a simple-looking interface
  • Easy To Use
  • Great Basic And Intermediate Features
  • Reasonable Lifetime Price
  • Faster Rendering Of Videos
  • Amazing Video Output
  • Supports Screen Recording
  • Support A Plethora Of File Formats
  • Comes With A Good User Support

Cons Of Filmora:

  • Lacks Advanced Features
  • Free Version Contains Watermarks
  • Works Only On Windows And Mac
  • Monthly And Yearly Plan Are Expensive
  • Frequent Lagging
  • 4K Editing Sucks

These are the major Filmora pros and cons. Below we have elaborated on them to know about them in detail.

What Are The Benefits Of Wondershare Filmora?

In this Filmora pros and cons article, first, we will know about the advantages of Filmora video editing software.

  • Intuitive Interface: The interface of all versions of Filmora is quite attractive and user-friendly. You can also customize it according to your needs.
  • Easy To Use: This is the best advantage of Filmora as it is very easy to start working with. You can also edit video projects by just dragging and dropping various elements into the workplace.
  • Great Features: Filmora offers a great set of features to its users. You can use them to work on simple and intermediate-level projects. If you upgrade Filmora X to 11, you will get plenty of features that are best for professional video editing.
  • Affordable Lifetime License: Compared to its rival, the lifetime license of Filmora is quite affordable. You just need to pay a one-time cost of $89.99 to use this software for the rest of your life.
  • Great Final Video Results: Like any other good video editing software, Filmora also provided us with great video editing results. Besides, it also let us have a preview of our videos before exporting them.
  • Faster Renders And Previews: In our personal test, we found Filmora very fast. It was also very quick in showing previews of our projects.
  • Supports Screen Capturing: Apart from video editing, Filmora can also be used to capture screens. The recorded videos were also of great quality. This makes it one of the major Camtasia alternatives.
  • Support Wide Range Of File Formats: There are a large number of files that are compatible with this video editing program. The major formats are MP4, WMV, AVI, F4V, MKV, MPEG-2, WEBM, GIF, MP3, etc.
  • User Support Is Good: Filmora offers good support to its users. You can mail them anytime 24/7 and get quick replies. To solve minor issues, you can look for its well-written blogs and tutorials. If you are facing major issues then you can also get assistance by phone.

These are the major pros of using Wondershare Filmora. In the further part, we have explained the areas where this software lacks.

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Purchase Filmora video editing software at just a discounted price and create professional-looking videos.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Filmora?

Here is the list of some of the Filmora limitations which you should know.

  • Lacks Advanced Features: In Filmora 9 version, there are lots of advanced features that you may find missing with Filmora. So, if you are working at a professional level then it is better to look for a Filmora alternative.
  • Free Version Has Watermark: The Filmora free trial limitation is it contains a watermark. This can create a bad impact on the users. This is the biggest difference if we compare Filmora paid vs free version and to get rid of it you have to purchase pro version.
  • Not Available For Linux And Phones: This is one of the biggest Filmora cons that you can use only on Windows and Mac devices. If you are a Linux user then you may look for any other video editing software.
  • Pricing Is Expensive: The price of the monthly and yearly Filmora 12 price is quite high. However, to get some price exemption, you can apply the Filmora 12 coupon code to save some bucks on this software.
  • Software Lagging: We analyzed the reviews of various users and also personally faced Filmora lagging a lot sometimes. However, this mostly happens if you use it on a low-end PC. 
  • 4K Editing Sucks: Filmora sucks when it comes to providing 4K editing mode. However, this mode is not that great and you can also face slow rendering while working in this mode.

These are the major disadvantages that you may face with Wondershare Filmora. So we have mentioned all of Filmora pros and cons and now it must be clear to you whether is Filmora worth it or not.

Is Filmora Reliable To Use?

Yes, Filmora is a reliable video editing software with an easy user interface and provides various effects, tools, and filters. Moreover, you will get video cutting and better output options. Besides that, Filmora has the fastest rendering speed when we tested it on Windows.

Is Filmora Worth Buying?

Conclusion: Is Filmora Worth It?

With Filmora pros and cons we get to know that it is a useful tool and comes with lots of features. This software also performs brilliantly when it comes to basic video editing with Filmora X and 9. However, you may find difficulties in doing advanced editing with it but it is now solved by launching Filmora 12 version. So, Filmora is worth buying if you are a beginner or a professional.

What Are The Downsides Of Filmora?

Some of the limitations of Filmora video editor are slow processing of high-resolution videos or large files, difficult workflow efficiency, watermark with free version, and more.

Is Filmora Safe And Good?

Yes, Filmora is safe to use and a good video editor with amazing features. When you download Filmora on your device then you do not need to connect internet unless uploading media to other apps.

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