Filmora Free Vs Paid 2024: Which One Is Better?

Filmora is a known and best video editing software provided by Wondershare. It offers multiple tools that make your videos look immense and professional. You can use this software for free and pay for it as well. But here we are going to differentiate Filmora free vs paid version to know which one is better to use. So let’s begin the comparison of Wondershare Filmora paid vs free.

Filmora Free Version

Download latest Wondershare Filmora 12 for free trial.

Filmora Paid Version

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Difference Between Filmora Free Vs Paid

Filmora Free Vs Paid Comparison

The only difference between Wondershare Filmora free or paid is a huge watermark in its free trial. You will get this watermark while exporting the videos. This watermark makes your video unattractive and useless so you can not upload it on any social media platform. So there will be no benefit of using the Filmora free version when you can export your videos to different platforms. If you want to get rid of this issue then simply purchase its paid version. 

Wondershare Filmora Free Vs Pro Features

Priorly we have compared Filmora X vs 11 but here are some Filmora 12 free vs paid key features differentiation to understand it more clearly.

FeaturesFilmora Free VersionFilmora Paid Version
Supports 4k video editing 
Supports Mac touch bar
Allows audio mixing
Pre-made video effects
3D LUTs support
Professional text editor
Includes watermark

So here we can analyze the difference between Filmora paid vs free is a watermark. It is the only that makes these two versions’ features differ from each other. Otherwise, you’ll get the same features with Filmora free or paid and the system requirements for Filmora are also the same for both versions. 

Does Filmora Free Trial Provide Fewer Features Than Paid Version?

No, the Filmora trial version has all the features that are present in the paid one. But the watermark issue makes a huge difference between Filmora Scrn free vs paid as you can not export videos on different platforms. This is one of the huge differences between Filmora free vs paid versions. Otherwise, you can enjoy the same video editing features on both of them.

How To Remove Watermark From Filmora?

It is not possible to remove the watermark from Filmora free version. But yes if you use its paid version and get watermark-free videos to post on multiple social media platforms. If your videos are really attractive and you feel it is worth buying Filmora 12 paid subscription then go for it. Or you still get watermarks on your video then quickly update Filmora X to 11.

Price Comparison: Filmora Paid Vs Free

Now another biggest dissimilarity between Filmora free vs paid is the price. Filmora free version is completely safe to use for everyone for 30 days. Besides this, Filmora paid has a one-time payment option known as Filmora perpetual plan for $79.99. You can also purchase its annual subscription for $49.99. With these plans, you are allowed to access all features and get unlimited video downloads.

How To Purchase Filmora Paid Version?

It is another dissimilarity between Filmora paid vs free is you have to pay for its premium subscription. You can simply get Filmora paid subscription as we have marked a shopping button on this page. Just click on it and you will be redirected to its official page. After that follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Create an account on Filmora and get its premium version
  • Now you will get a login username, password, and registration code
  • Then open Filmora again and tap on the Help menu
  • Fill in your Login ID and registration code

That’s how you can easily activate your Filmora paid version and get rid of this watermark. Besides this, you can also use Wondershare Filmora 12 coupon code to grab this software at a low price.

How To Activate Filmora 12 For Free?

Here are some most manageable steps so you can simply activate Filmora free version.

  • Go to Filmora’s official website and click on the Download button
  • It will start downloading on your device
  • Then click on Install button and it will start installing
  • Tap on the start button and Get Filmora free version on your Windows and Mac devices
  • Log in with your Email or create an account if you do not have one

Start making great videos with this amazing free version of Filmora video editing software. Now let’s move to the advantages and disadvantages of Filmora free vs paid software.

Is Free Version Of Filmora Safe To Download?: Filmora Free Vs Paid

Yes, it is safe to download Filmora free version. However, you should have installed it from the official Wondershare website. The free version does not contain malware or any kind of virus if you download it from the official website. But if you are using its cracked version then there are high chances to get viruses and malware on your device.

Pros And Cons: Filmora Pro Vs Free

There are also some advantages and disadvantages of Filmora paid vs free that we have mentioned below:

Benefits And Limitations Of Filmora Free Version

These are some major Filmora free version advantages and disadvantages:

Filmora Free Trial Pros
  • Simple and easy to use
  • All advanced features to create professional videos
  • No need to pay money
  • Allows to use 100 videos, audio, and more editing tools
Filmora Free Cons
  • Watermark on exporting video
  • Limited for 30 days
  • No option for storyboard editing

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Filmora Pro Version

Here we have noted some pros and cons of the Filmora paid version.

Filmora Paid Pros
  • Great for professional use
  • Combines audio and video recording
  • Easily combine shots with various cameras
  • No watermark on videos
Filmora Paid Cons
  • Quite uneasy for beginners

Conclusion: Filmora Free Vs Paid

At the end of this guide, we have concluded that Filmora paid version is good for exporting video. You can create a video with its free version and if you want to export it on other platforms then buy its paid subscription.

Filmora Free Vs Paid, Which Is Better?

Filmora paid version is best for exporting videos. Otherwise, both Filmora free and paid are best for creating professional videos.

Is Filmora Free Or Paid?

Filmora provides both paid and free versions for users but the free trial is limited to only 30 days.

Is Filmora Free For Lifetime?

Yes, Filmora provides a 30-day free trial before purchasing its lifetime offer.

Is Filmora Free Good?

Yes, Filmora free version is good for creating professional videos as it provides all useful features for video editing.

Is Filmora 12 Free?

Yes, Filmora 12 is free and you can download it on your device easily but it has a watermark on videos.

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