Kaspersky vs Avast – Who Provides Comprehensive Security in 2024

Viruses or malware can attack your device in many ways like root kills, worms, ransomware, adware, Trojan horses, bugs, bats, etc.

It is quite difficult for your device or system to deal with these numerous types of malware attacks on their own. That is we take external help to cope with such attacks. Kaspersky and Avast are the software that can provide you some comprehensive security and privacy tools.

This Kaspersky Vs Avast comparison will help you in finding the reason to choose any of the software for your device protection.

Kaspersky Vs Avast Detailed Comparison 2024

Compare Kaspersky vs Avast Antivirus

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In this Kaspersky or Avast which is a better comparison, we compare both the top-rated antivirus companies. You will be able to find the reasons to select anyone that suits your requirement.

Which Is Better Antivirus Avast or Kaspersky

Comparison Between Kaspersky And Avast Antivirus

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free vs Avast Free Antivirus

Free Antivirus

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free  

The company offers this antivirus tool for free to their users namely Kaspersky Free. It protects from malware attacks but lacks advanced security features. And also, this is only compatible with Windows.

Avast Free Antivirus

This is very basic-level protection provided by the company and available for free. It also lacks some advanced security utilities or features that are needed to deal with harmful malware attacks.

Kaspersky Vs Avast Internet Security

Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security

The next level of protection is provided by the Kaspersky Company. This include

  • Two-way Firewall
  • Secure browser for online banking transactions.
  • Email Filter helps to resist the junk or spam away from your inbox
  • Webcam spying protection
  • Limited VPN use, to access geo-restricted content
  • Compatible with smartphones, PCs, and Macs

Avast Internet Security

The company offers very interesting features that include:

  • 24/7 malware protection two-way firewall
  • Email protection that stops malicious & spam emails
  • A Sandbox Mode is available that allows to securely access suspicious files and apps.
  • To prevent fake DNS routing, real site features are there.

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Kaspersky Total Security vs Avast Premium


Kaspersky Total Security

This includes all features of Kaspersky Internet security along with below mention features:

  • Advance password manager that helps in managing all your passwords.
  • File Shredder to erase sensitive files and folders
  • To secure your essential data File Encryption utility feature is there.
  • To monitor your children’s web activity, the Parental Control feature is available for providing them a safe and secure web surfing.

Avast Premium

Along with internet security feature, Avast Premium also includes features listed below:

  • To resist hijackers, an Anti-spying tool is there that prevents this.
  • You can share sensitive files easily with advanced tools
  • Avast Premium offers an automatic software update utility.

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Kaspersky Versus Avast Malware Protection

Malware Protection


Kaspersky comes with advanced malware protection with its automatic threat scanner which will constantly scan your device. If they find some harmful malware Kaspersky will automatically remove it.

The software helps in blocking some potential malware attacks and keep malware protection tool up to date to secure your device. Feature also available with android and iOS devices.


Avast antivirus provides a great malware scanner that provides real-time anti-malware protection. To remove, detect, or block any suspicious malware attacks, Avast has this world’s largest threat detection network.

Avast malware protection automatically updates the latest versions of anti-malware that helps in stay up to date. It can detect suspicious browsing activities on your device and block them if find any threat.

Kaspersky vs Avast Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use


Kaspersky comes with a very easy to use interface for their users. By clicking on the website various options display on your screen and easy to access. It also offers customization options that add a bonus to the programs like this.


Avast has a very sorted and informative site interface. It provides a very easy navigation path, simple clear statistics with big buttons. By using Avast software you don’t need to take much worry due to their interface. But, yes the free version, sometimes becomes annoying because of their ads pop.

Kaspersky vs Avast: Customer Support

Customer Support


Kaspersky offers good customer support such that phone, email, live support, tickets, and training. The company also offers extensive videos and FAQ sessions on its official website. If you have any query regarding software, then you can find various solutions for the same.


Avast provides limited customer support options such as live chat and email. Telephonic customer support available only for premium customers with extra fees. Similar to Kaspersky, Avast also offers their users to find their solution regarding software with a detailed FAQ section mentioned on their website.

Kaspersky vs Avast: VPN



Kaspersky  VPN is available on their paid subscription but also includes to some limited extent in Kaspersky Antivirus products.

It offers a VPN secure connection that allows you to access geo-restricted content. Kaspersky VPN can boost your internet speed and give protection against cybercriminals.


Avast offers their SecureLine VPN that can provide you encrypted network. Avast VPN offers strong privacy, secure connection, stream restricted content, and fast browsing speed. Also, the company offers a VPN for a free trial for up to seven days.

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Kaspersky Vs Avast Pricing


Kaspersky Antivirus: Starts at $29.99/ year for 3 PCs

Kaspersky Internet Security: Starts at $ 39.99/year subscription for 32 PCs

Kaspersky Total Security: Starts At $49.99/year for up to 5 PCs

Kaspersky Security Cloud:

For Family: Starts at $149.99/year for protection up to 20 PCs

For Personal: Starts at $89.99/year for 1 PC for 3 licenses & $99.99/year for 5 licenses.


Avast Pro Antivirus: Starts at $49.99 for a one-year subscription plan.

Avast Internet Security: Available at $47.99 for 1-year & $87.99 for 2-year subscription.

Avast Premier: Membership for one year at $55.99 and two years at $111.99.

Avast Ultimate: Starts one year member at just $119.9 only.

Avast Security For Mac: Available for $47.99 for a one-year subscription.

Money-Saving Deals & Coupon Codes For Kaspersky and Avast

Final Verdict To Avast Vs Kaspersky Comparison 2024

Now on concluding to Kaspersky vs Avast which is better antivirus software 2024! As we discuss in detail their security products, malware protection, user interface, pricing structure, latest discount deal, and customer support. So we hope you will now wise decision in choosing which is the better antivirus Kaspersky and Avast.

kaspersky logo


  • Provides Real-Time Antivirus Security
  • A fast and flexible scanning system
  • Prevent device from hacking
  • The software supports the latest Windows and Linux platforms

Get Kaspersky Now

avast logo


  • Compatible with all the latest devices.
  • Multiple layers of malware protection
  • Various security products for Users
  • Advanced security plug-in to detect suspicious sites for browsers

Get Avast Now

FAQs: Kaspersky Or Avast Which Is Better

Which Total Security Is Best?

In the above article, we have discussed both the premium plans for both Kaspersky and Avast as Total Security and Ultimate. You can find which one suits you best as per your requirement.

Is Avast better or Kaspersky?

Both software shows great security features. Avast offers multiple levels of protection whereas Kaspersky provides advanced security protection.

Which Is Good Kaspersky or Avast?

Depending on your requirement. Kaspersky offers great device protection suites compare to Avast. But, on the same side, Avast offers free antivirus with decent protection and security features.

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