Paid VPN vs Free VPN Comparison 2021

What You Should Prefer Paid VPN or Free VPN?

VPN is one of the high-demand services liked by users around the world who want to save leakage of their important information and data. We have explained What Is VPN for your help in a previous post.

In this post, we are not going to compare the Free VPN with Paid VPN services. We just clear your mind which is better and you should really use. We want you to tell the reality of both Free & Paid VPN services and what is the difference between Paid VPN vs Free VPN comparison 2021.

Difference Between Free VPN and Paid VPN

Paid VPN vs Free VPN Comparison

VPN Helps You Hide Your Identity

VPN is a tool or a service that makes a secure path where you can hide your important data get leaked to the public network when you are using it as induvial users. So you are hiding your data for different reasons through VPN services providers. But do you those VPN company which you used to hide the data have access to your data.

Does VPN Service Provider Have Access To Your Data?

Yes, when you use a VPN service provider location to access the internet. They have your data and history which should not be saved. Then only you are in a safer zone and the real purpose of VPN served. This is something important you need to know your data is safe but there is an eye where it can be miss used.

So now we can make you the clear which is best for you Free VPN Vs Paid VPN services provider.

If you want 100% privacy and safety then the paid VPN service provider with a no-logs policy is the best. But Free VPN service is something attracts you so we are going in deep to tell you the different situation where you can use Free VPN and some other situation where you should only use no logs VPN service provider. This is how you can make a comparison between Paid VPN vs Free VPN.

Time Where You Can Use Free VPN Service Provide Without Any Worry

Where To Use Free VPN

Free things are an all-time favorite for users but we are going to tell you when you can use a free VPN without any worry.

Browsing Web With Free VPN

You can use a free VPN while surfing around the web. You can use a search engine and browser for any data but without any logins. So, for websites & applications where there is no need to log in you can use Free VPN.

Restricted Content Over Free VPN

You can access restricted content like games, websites, or videos over a free VPN that too without any login. But before using this please check the cyber law of your country. Because for government authorities it’s easy to get information from the free VPN provider. If your government is serious about what they ban then avoid Free VPN providers.

Better to Use Fake Identity Over Free VPNs

Never use your real identity or data while using Free Services. As your identity is never in a safe case with free VPN service providers.

So, the most favorable condition to using a free VPN is browsing content that is not available on your regular connection or you want to hide your history from local environments. But when come to sharing information like your logins or credit card never use Free VPN service providers.

Situations Where You Should Use A Paid VPN Service With No Log Policy

Where To Use Paid VPN

Access Website With Your Personal Data

If you want to access the website where you need to create an account or share your information. Paid VPN is much safer and easy to use in public networks.

Use of Financial Information Is Much Safer With No Logs Paid VPN Service Providers

In a public network where you need to deal with banking transactions or any financial transaction, it’s better to use a trustable VPN service provider. There VPN companies that never save your data are the best option you should choose.

Login To Web Services Is Better With Paid VPN

You have to log in to different web services like email or social media is much safer with a paid VPN provider who is committed to your safety and never maintains any logs in any condition.

We suggest you use a VPN service in the public network. Prefer a paid VPN with no log’s policy and avoid the use of Free VPN as they can use your data. Here is our top VPN list for our users which is updated on regular basis. Our team is committed to the safety of users it is why we brought the comparison of Free VPN service against Paid VPN service provider.

Best Paid VPN Services 2021

NordVPN | Best VPN For Security

Nord VPN logo

  • Secure Internet
  • Ultra-fast connection 
  • Gives you onion over VPN facility
  • It blocks all malware and ads
  • 30 Day Money back guarantee
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NordVPN comes with advanced security features. It offers military-grade encryption that protects your browsing network. This is one of the top-rated VPN service providers that allow you to access Netflix, Torrenting, and unblock all the geo-restricted content.

Surfshark VPN | Fastest VPN With Advanced Feature

Surfshark logo

  • Provides Private DNS
  • Has Camouflage Mode
  • Connect To Multiple Countries
  • No Borders Mode
  • 30 Day Money back guarantee
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Surfshark VPN is an award-winning VPN service provider. With AES-256 bit encryption, the VPN secure your online data and hide your IP address. This VPN comes with strong security and gives protection against cyber thefts or hackers.

CyberGhost VPN | Best VPN For Privacy & Protection

Cyberghost VPN logo

  • Uses The Strongest Encryption.
  • Give Wi-fi Protection
  • Strict No-logs Policy
  • Provides Secure Connection
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
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CyberGhost VPN provides fast, reliable, and user-friendly services to its users. It comes with strong encryption protocols and can connect to five devices simultaneously. VPN also allows users to access international geo-restricted sites and content.

VyprVPN | With Advanced Security Features

vyprvpn logo

  • Provides Multiple Encryption Protocols
  • Chameleon Defeats VPN Blocking
  • It Has VyprDNS
  • It Has Natfirewall
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
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VyprVPN is best known for its latest technology providing a secure connection to its users. It offers an easy to use interface to their users with a strong encryption protocol.

ProtonVPN | Best For Advanced Security Protocols

Proton VPN logo

  • Fight Against Network-Based Attacks.
  • Perfect For Forwarding Secrecy
  • Provides DNS Leak Prevention
  • Kill Switch & Always-On VPN
  • Tor Over VPN
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ProtonVPN is a Swizz-based technology company that is away from fourteen eyes surveillance. It provides military-grade AES 256-bit encryption to secure your all browsing activities from hackers or cybertheft.

We are going to bring some more important articles about your security & safety on the world wide web so please read WebtechCoupons Blog on regular basis.

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