NordVPN vs Private Internet Access 2024– Which VPN Provides Secure Connection?

If you want to purchase a VPN subscription but are confused about which VPN service is better between NordVPN vs Private Internet Access then check this comparison.

No doubt both VPN service providers are better in security & privacy and well-known name in the industry through their customers and aggressive advertising. In fact, both VPNs have millions of users from around the world.

A Brief About NordVPN And Private Internet Access   

NordVPN was founded by Tom Oakman with his school friends in Panama and it was released on 13 February 2012. It is a risk-free VPN as it is free from the data retention laws of the US, UK, etc, and used by over 14 million users.

Private Internet Access was initially released in August 2010 by London trust media and later in 2019 acquired by Kape Technologies. It is providing secure internet to its 15 million active users daily.

Comparison Of NordVPN VS Private Internet Access 2024

Comparison Of NordVPN and PIA VPN

We will try to provide you with a proper comparison of all the information about the difference between NordVPN vs Private Internet Access proper comparison. 

We will cover the below topics in the comparison: 

  1. Encryption 
  2. Number of Servers on Globe
  3. Five Eye Countries Jurisdcation 
  4. Speed of Server Network. 
  5. Compatibility with Devices. 
  6. IP Address 
  7. Unblocking Streaming Platforms and Content
  8. Simultaneous Connection.
  9. Price

Which Is Better Among NordVPN VS PIA In Encryption?

Encryption Of PIA and NordVPN

Private internet access provides you AES-128-CBC with SHA-1 and AES-256-CBC with SHA-256 (more secure) you can switch to any of them. PIA VPN also uses strong protocols like- OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols. 

Similar to PIA, NordVPN provides AES-256-CBC with SHA-256 and the same OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols to provide protection. 

In the encryption comparison both the company, are providing the same encryption for your security. You can refer to anyone in encryption as it is almost the same in safety and privacy. 

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Servers Of NordVPN And Private Internet Access?

Servers difference between PIA and NordVPN

PIA will give you access to 74 countries with its massive 12,330+ servers around the world. On the other hand, NordVPN only provides you with 5,200+ servers in 62 countries. 

PIA VPN has a clear edge over NordVPN in terms of servers that are required to unblock content and fast speed. However, NordVPN has not a major difference with Private Internet Access in covering the globe with its servers. 

NordVPN VS PIA 2024: Based In Five Eye Alliance Country 

Jurisdiction of NordVPN or Private internet access

Five eyes is an intelligence-sharing alliance between 5 countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand). Five eye country members can force VPN to provide their user data and share it with other countries in the alliance. If VPN is based in five eye country, it can be vulnerable to your security as it can provide information to the government.

NordVPN is based in Panama which frees from the laws of five eye countries or even nine eye or fourteen eye countries. However, you are not lucky in the case of PIA, as it is based in the US.  

Here, you can choose NordVPN for more security as PIA fall in the agreement of five countries. 

Is NordVPN Fastest VPN Than PIA?

Speed Test of private internet access vs NordVPN

Speed is one of the important features for any user in a VPN as a slow can ruin the user experience. Both the VPN claim to be the fastest ones but to check this we did a speed test. 

During our test of NordVPN vs Private Internet Access, we found that Nord VPN performs much better than PIA in download speed and lower ping in different servers in the US and some other countries. However, PIA performs well in the upload speed test but NordVPN also performs well.

Through the speed test result, we can say that you can trust and install NordVPN on iPhone, Android or any other supportable devices more than the PIA for unstoppable entertainment.

Compatibility Of PIA VS NordVPN 

NordVPN VS PIA Compatibility

Talking about the device compatibility of NordVPN vs Private Internet Access then take a look below,

Private internet access is compatible with major operating systems like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and routers. While NordVPN also offers the same compatibility with their VPN plus they provide how to use it on other devices and routers. 

In the compatibility features both the VPN lies in the same position, but NordVPN has a little edge with handy tutorials. 

IP Addresses Of NordVPN vs Private Internet Access

IP Address PIA VS NordVPN

NordVPN shared your assigned IP address with other users which made it difficult for any hacker or snooper to track your IP. Also, you could get a dedicated IP address in NordVPN but for this, you have to pay additional charges. 

However, in PIA you will get a new IP address every time you log in to your PIA account. Private internet access provides dynamic and randomized IP addresses to its users.

Unblocking Netflix With PIA And NordVPN

Unblocks Netflix PIA or NordVPN

Many people use VPN with the main motto of unblocking geo-restricted content of streaming platforms. In our test of NordVPN vs Private Internet Access for unblocking the sites, we have found the following result.

PIA VPN struggles to unblock Netflix restricted libraries and it also isn’t able to unblock BBC iPlayer. Private Internet Access nicely works with Youtube. While NordVPN can unblock Netflix with quite decent speed and also easily unlock BBC iPlayer. Plus NordVPN also works with Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Kodi, and more; where PIA failed to unblock. 

NordVPN vs PIA 2024 – Number Of Connections

Simultaneous Connections of NordVPN or Private Internet Access

Simultaneous connection is an important feature to provide internet security to your all devices. A VPN deal may become a regretting deal for you if it provides a few simultaneous connections as it lacks to protect your all devices. 

NordVPN provides 6 simultaneous connections which are good to secure all devices for an average American. PIA gives 10 simultaneous connections which are ⅔ times more than NordVPN. 

Both provide a good number of simultaneous connections to its user but you can choose PIA if you have more devices plan to buy new more.  

Price Of Private Internet Access And NordVPN

Price Comparison of PIA or NordVPN
1 Month $9.95/month$11.95/month
1 Year$3.33/month$4.92/month
2 YearN/A$3.71/month
3 Year$2.03/monthN/A
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Where PIA doesn’t provide any 2-year plan, NordVPN don,t provide any 3-year plan. 

In the comparison of NordVPN vs Private Internet Access, we have found that PIA is relatively cheaper than NordVPN. 

In this round, we are focusing on pricing not features so this round is won by Private Internet Access.

Private Internet Access VS NordVPN – Verdict

NordVPN is slightly better in the comparison if we study the research in-depth and win the round by 6:5. Through our detailed analysis, we are declaring NordVPN as the winner of this PIA Vs NordVPN comparison. 

Also, you can freely choose PIA as your partner because PIA loses the round but with great competition to NordVPN. 

NordVPN vs Private Internet Access – FAQs

Is NordVPN better than private Internet access?

In our research and expert test, we come to know that NordVPN is better than private internet access VPN in some expects. NordVPN is good in encryption, jurisdiction, speed, compatibility, unblocking Netflix and other OTT platforms, etc. 

Is private Internet access still trustworthy?

Despite being with slow speed and unable to unlock some content, PIA is still trustworthy with its strong security and privacy protection. With such a minimum price in the industry, it provides good encryption, compatibility, 10 simultaneous connection, and more.

Is it safe to torrent with NordVPN?

Yes, it is safe to use NordVPN for torrenting. NordVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption while receiving and sending messages and requests over the internet. With NordVPN’s strong encryption and hidden IP address, you can freely torrent. 

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