Best Free VPN For iPhone 2024: Top Most Popular VPN

VPN is the best way to secure online activities from cyber threats. This software also helps you to access geo-restricted sites. The use of the iPhone becomes a trend and people have also become privacy-conscious.

It happens because they stored most of their data on their phone. People who do not want to spend money to get privacy can look for the best free VPN for iPhone. Here we have mentioned some of the top best free iPhone VPN you can look at, so without any further ado let’s dig in:

Is There A Free VPN For iPhone?

Yes, there are many well-known and popular VPN that you can use on iPhone for free. However, these companies are in a huge number. This makes it difficult to choose which provides you with the best VPN service. Which is the best paid VPN vs free? Many companies offer both paid and free VPN software. Free can also be known as a free trial for limited days. If you are a Netflix or gaming lover. Then, this article is also useful to get the best free VPN for iPhone to play PUBG and stream Netflix.

But some companies also provide a free version of VPN software. A free version of VPN is useful for iPhone users to enjoy online privacy. 

Now, here is a list of the best free or paid unlimited VPN for iPhone users. Some companies only provide free VPN service and some offered both paid and free versions. After reading this article, you can easily decide which is the best VPN for iPhone. 

List Of Top Free iPhone VPN

  • Windscribe VPN
  • ProtonVPN VPN
  • Hotspot Shield VPN
  • TunnelBear VPN
  • Hide me VPN

Top 5 Best Free VPN For iPhone

Here we are providing a full explanation of the top free iPhone VPN. These companies provide both free and paid versions. But, as you all know that free VPN can lack some online privacy and geo-blocking access features. So, we have also brought out other solutions for you. You can enjoy the subscription plan of Virtual Private Network software. Now, we are describing the list of 5 top free VPN for iPhone.


Windscribe VPN

Get unlimited bandwidth while using the WindScribe VPN. This is popular as well as one of the best free as well as paid iPhone to play PUBG and Netflix.

Features Of Free Version Of WindScribe VPN

  • WindScribe offers up to 10GB/month.
  • This VPN company provides average speed at the time of connectivity of the internet.
  • It is safe to use because it does not contain logs.
  • Its servers are located in only up to 10 countries.
  • This is also the best free VPN for iPhone Netflix.

Features Of Paid Version Of WindScribe VPN

  • The paid version of WindScribe VPN gives you a strong 256-bit encryption facility. You can own this version at low price with Windscribe VPN coupons.
  • It gives you secure browsing.
  • You can switch the IP address because it includes many IP addresses of different countries.
  • You can get access to up to 64 countries. 
  • This company is useful to give you the chance of taking help through E-mail. 
  • Torrenting is safe and secure while switching IP addresses with any other country. 
  • You can also visit and stream the geo-blocking sites. 
  • It gives you the firewall security to block the traffic of your sites.



As we have discussed above that Proton VPN contains both free and paid versions. While choosing the free version, you will get limited features which are described below. Because of many features, ProtonVPN comes in the list of best free VPN for iPhone Netflix. ProtonVPN is one of the best free VPN for Kodi.

Features Of Free Version Of ProtonVPN

  • Only 23 servers in 3 countries.
  • This VPN is useful to show you as anonymous on the internet.
  • No logs but browsing are not fully secure.
  • Only 1 VPN connection at a time.
  • Speed is medium.
  • Access to geo-restricted sites.

Features Of Paid Version Of ProtonVPN

  • VPN servers and countries increase according to the plan you choose.
  • No logs mean fully secure.
  • It can also hide your IP address.
  • Up to 10 VPN connections with a single subscription.
  • A paid version of Virtual Private Network is also best to get the speed.
  • While getting premium of ProtonVPN, you can also get access to stream geo-blocking sites.
  • You have a great opportunity to visit and unblock the blocked content while connected with a VPN. 
  • ProtonVPN is useful to provide the Kill switch feature to give you double-layer privacy. 
  • It also offers a P2P connection which is beneficial while sharing files and data. 
  • You can easily block ads while using VPN.

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Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield is a popular Virtual Private Network software company that comes with the best VPN features. This VPN is suggested by many people because of the features which are provided by the Hotspot Shield company. This can also be the best free VPN for iPhone to play PUBG.

Features Of Free Version Of Hotspot Shield VPN

  • Provides online anonymity.
  • Servers only in 1 location.
  • You can easily browse the blocked content.
  • Encrypt your shared data.
  • Keeps logs of your browsing.
  • 1 subscription for 1 device at a time.
  • Limited data usage for the free version users of Hotspot Shield.
  • Connect speed is not too fast.

Features Of Paid Version Of Hotspot Shield VPN

  • While choosing Premium Plan, you can connect up to 5 devices. And when you choose the Family Premium Plan, you can use the single subscription for up to 25 devices. 
  • Unlimited data usage capacity.
  • Servers are located in up to 115 locations.
  • Help to secure and switch IP address with other countries.
  • It gives you access to stream or browse any sites or content.
  • You can take help 24/7 from the company of Hotspot Shield. 
  • This VPN also helps you to alert malicious sites.
  • No buffering because of high internet speed. 
  • It can automatically block the spam call.  
  • This software also gives you the authority to apply passwords to give an extra layer of security. 

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TunnelBear VPN

The use of TunnelBear companies can be the best choice for the Virtual Private Network software. It is one of the best VPN for iPhone Netflix and to play games like PUBG and any other. 

Features Of Free Version Of TunnelBear VPN

  • It is useful to hide Internet Protocol addresses.
  • The free version includes limited data usage. 
  • May be contained logs.
  • You may face many regarding the speed of the internet at the time of connectivity of VPN. 
  • The use of public Wi-fi is not safe because you can easily be tracked by the 

Features Of Paid Version Of TunnelBear VPN

  • You can switch the IP address of your device or internet at any time while using this VPN software. 
  • A paid version is useful to enjoy the usage of unlimited data. 
  • The paid version of Hotspot Shield is helpful to provide fast internet speed.
  • One single plan of Hotspot Shield can be used in up to 5 devices at a time.
  • 256 – bit strong Encryption of your data or activities which are done through the internet connection. 
  • Servers of Hotspot Shield VPN company is located in up to 47 countries. 
  • This software does not contain logs of your browsing and online activities. 
  • You can securely stream and browse the content which is blocked in your country. 
  • At the time of connection of VPN, your original IP becomes disabled. 
  • You can also torrent the content while using Hotspot Shield Virtual Private Network software.

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Hide me VPN

Hide me is not a new company, it is still a popular company that’s why users recommended it. Both free and paid features offer you a different level of online security and access. However, the free version of VPN is not as much secure as paid version. Free VPN includes limited features as compared to the paid Hide me Virtual Private Network software. It is also considered one of the best free VPN for Hotstar.

Features Of Free Version Of Hiding me VPN

  • You can only use data up to 10GB/Month. 
  • It does not contain logs of your browsing history.
  • You can use this software to hide online protect yourself from prying eyes.
  • This VPN company is beneficial to get online security without paying money. 
  • It has only one location to switch your IP address. 

Features Of Paid Version Of Hide me VPN

  • Hide me VPN company is best to use to get privacy on online activities from online threats.
  • This software does not contain logs of the activities which are done while the connectivity of the internet. 
  • This software is easy to use to stream as well as torrent the content.
  • The paid version gives you the DNS leak test to give you the security of risk. 
  • You can access geo-blocking sites to get the full information. 
  • The paid version gives you unlimited bandwidth and internet usage facility. 
  • Hide me VPN company has almost 2000 servers in 75 countries. 
  • You can connect and use a VPN subscription plan on up to 10 devices.
  • It does not show unnecessary or malicious ads. It is because this company blocks the ads which are harmful to your device and data. 

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Conclusion – Which Is the Best Free VPN For iPhone?

ProtonVPN and TunnelBear Virtual Private Network software are the best free VPN for iPhone. They have many servers in different countries and Proton VPN contains Kill switch feature. The Kill Switch feature works when automatically your VPN connection gets stopped. This is the main reason Proton is on the list of top free VPN for iPhone Netflix. If your iPhone not connected with VPN then restart the app and try again.

You can use their free version as well. They give you privacy but lack as compared to the paid version. So, you can try the paid version of the VPN company. They charge prices but it is worth it against the features you get. Deals are going on these VPN companies by which you can huge discounts. The Surfshark VPN is the best free provider and It is easy to use & download.

There are lots of paid VPN plans as well in the market but it may be costly. You can use Ben Shapiro ExpressVPN promo code for getting it low price.

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