The Pros And Cons Of Bitdefender Antivirus – A Detailed Analysis

Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus software companies around the globe. It provides you advanced malware protection and internet security. But as a coin has two sides, similarly, Bitdefender has both positive and negative aspects. This, pros and cons of the Bitdefender antivirus article will help you to make your decision whether it is worth the money or not?

About Bitdefender – What is Bitdefender?

Bitdefender is a cybersecurity company and provides antivirus for your devices. The company was discovered on 6 November 2001, more than 19 years ago. It was founded by Florin Talpes and is based in Bucharest, Romania. 

What are the Pros And Cons Of Bitdefender?

As every software has some advantages and disadvantages. Discussing Bitdefender’s advantages and disadvantages will provide you a good knowledge of this software. With the help of these Bitdefender pros and cons, you will get to know all the benefits and problems you are going to face. 

Bitdefnder Pros And Cons

Advantages Of Bitdefender Antivirus

  • Virus/ Vulnerability Scan
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Anti Phishing/ Web Protection
  • System Optimization
  • Secure Web Browser
  • Password Manager
  • VPN
  • Parental Control
  • Firewall
  • Ransomware Remediation
  • File shredder

Disadvantages Of Bitdefender Antivirus

  • Limited Free VPN
  • Unable to access geo-restricted content
  • Fewer Features In Mac
  • Unable to modify mac notifications.


Advantages Of Bitdefender Antivirus

  • Virus/ Vulnerability Scan- Bitdefender uses a big malware directory and machine learning to detect malware. Most of the antivirus software’s malware scanning happens in the cloud. But Bitdefender’s antivirus engine takes a small space of CPU and disk space while scanning. It provides you fast malware scanning.
  • Real-Time Protection- It provides you real-time protection that actively scans every file and email while you access them. Its real-time protection blocks every single malware file before downloading. 
  • Anti Phishing/ Web Protection- Bitdefender provides you good web protection. Its anti-phishing protection compares it with a regularly updated database of millions of blacklisted sites. If they found any match from those blacklisted sites it immediately blocks access to that site. It also prevents you from accessing those web pages that contain downloadable malware.
  • System Optimization- Comes with OneClick Optimizer that scans your system and removes unwanted files from your device. It also includes temporary system files, windows junk files, recycles bin files, broken registry items, and browser history. It also increases the speed of your PC.
  • Secure Web Browser- Bitdefender has a secure web browser and prevents hackers from stealing your personal information while making the transaction. It stops you from taking snapshots from your screen. It also gives you a password manager to protect your password. 
  • Password Manager- Its password manager quite simple and secure and provides you all the essential functions such as multi-device sync, unlimited password storage, Auto-save, and auto-fill, separate password vaults, and password generator.
  • VPN Its VPN is powered by a Hotspot shield that is one of the best VPN service providers. And provides you real good torrenting experience. To get Bitdefender VPN at an affordable price you check this on the Bitdefender VPN Coupon Code here you will get many exciting offers and deals. 
  • Parental Control- This parental control app is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. With this parental control app, you can set daily device limits, set device usage schedules, manage apps, categorize whitelist and blacklist sites, view location, and set safe and restricted areas. 
  • Firewall- With this feature, you can adjust network settings according to your network zones like whether you are connected to a dynamic network, a home network, an office network, or a public network. It also has a stealth mode that makes your device invisible. 
  • Ransomware Remediation- It identifies when some ransomware tries to code some of your files and hurriedly makes a backup copy of those files. 
  • File shredder- It permanently deletes files and folders.

Disadvantages of Bitdefender Antivirus

  • Limited Free VPN- Its free VPN has a 200Mb daily limit, though it’s enough for browsing but not sufficient for streaming movies. And to use VPN unlimited you have to pay for the premium version and the prices are a bit expensive. 
  • Unable to access geo-restricted content Its VPN is unable to unlock geo-restricted content. Plus it does not have the same functionality as Hotspot Shield VPN.
  • Fewer Features In Mac It has fewer features for mac as compared to windows.
  • Mac Unable to modify mac notifications.
  • Lacks at offline security- It does not perform properly when you are not connected to the internet and stops working without notifying you. 
  • Takes time while scanning- You will found that it stuck while scanning and consumes more power for scanning you have to keep your PC/Laptop battery full at that time. 
  • Expensive- Some of Bitdefender’s products are a bit costly than others.

So, these are the main pros and cons of Bitdefender that we found through our research. To know how good is Bitdefender we have reviewed Bitdefender Vs Malwarebytes in detail.

Products Offered By Bitdefender

After seeing the advantages and disadvantages of Bitdefender antivirus lets at look at its products what they offer you:

Products offer by bitdefender

Bitdefender provides many useful products for home security to business security products. You can choose any product according to your requirement. Below is the list of their products and to get all these products at a discounted prices you can browse on Bitdefender Coupon Code here you will get many offers. 

Bitdefnder Antivirus Plus 

This product plan comes with real-time malware protection and web protection. It also includes the following:

  • Multilayer ransomware protection
  • Secure browser for online transactions.
  • Comes with a password manager.
  • Anti-tracking protection
  • User Profiles
  • File shredder
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Bitdefender Internet Security

This Bitdefender internet security has all the features that come with Bitdefender antivirus plus and additionally, it gives you:

  • Firewall
  • Anti-Spam filter
  • Webcam and microphone protection
  • Parental Control
  • Supports Multi-Platforms such as Android, Mac, or iOS plus covers up to 3PC.
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Bitdefender Total Security 

Bitdefender total security is one of the best product of Bitdefender and has all the feature that comes with internet security. And additionally, it provides you the following:

  • Coverage for Mac.
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • System tune-up tools.
  • Works with up to 5 devices.

Bitdefender Family Pack 

Bitdefender Family Pack is an upgraded version of Bitdefender’s total security and gives you all the same features. Additionally, it supports 15 devices at a time. Bitdefender’s total security and a family pack are some of its best-selling products. In our previous article, we give a detailed Bitdefender family vs Total security review so that you can find the difference between them. To get a discount on its family pack apply our Bitdefender Family Pack Coupon and get a discount of up to 50%. 

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Bitdefender Premium Security Vs Total Security

People often get confused between Bitdefender premium security and total security as they look alike. We have reviewed Bitdefender premium security and total security to find the difference between them:

Bitdefender Premium SecurityBitdefender Total Security 
Invincible detection to stop cyber threats. Detects threats quickly to stop malware.
Provides multi-layer ransomware protection to keep your file safe It comes with new technologies to protect you against zero-day attacks.
Comes with an unlimited secured VPNGives you multilayer ransomware protection to protect your personal important files. 
Great customer supportProvides 200MB/per day device limit for using VPN
It has advanced parental control Advanced parental control for the safety of your kids
Low impact on your computer performance. Minimal impact on your PC/Laptop performance 

 Bitdefender Mobile Security Review

Bitdefender mobile security review

Bitdefender also provides you great security for your mobile app we have reviewed its mobile security app and found these things: 

Its mobile security app for iOS and Android includes a Total security package and it also has an option for a standalone subscription. Bitdefender’s mobile security app includes the following features:


  • Antivirus Scanner
  • Web Protection
  • Autopilot
  • App lock
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Data breach monitoring
  • VPN with 200 MB daily limit.
  • Smartwatch capability


  • Its iOS app has limited features.
  • iOS app do not have virus scanner.

So, these are some advantages of Bitdefender you will get from its mobile security app but its lacks at some points. Overall, it’s good antivirus security for the mobile app you could give a shot to it for your mobile protection.

Customer Support Of Bitdefender

Bitdefender provides you good customer support their customer support officer available 24/7 to guide you. They give you a knowledgeable database, email support, phone support, live chat support, and community support. You can ask them any query anytime you want. Bitdefender provides a 30 days money-back guarantee which is its plus point. If you are not satisfied with their services you can ask them for a refund within 30days.  

Bitdefender Alternatives 

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FAQs: Bitdefender Pros And Cons

Is Bitdefender a good antivirus?

Yes, Bitdefender is a good antivirus software it offers you great malware protection, web protection, Anti-theft, etc. In the above article, we have mentioned all of its pros and cons so that you evaluate whether it is good or not.

Why is Bitdefender Bad?

Bitdefender is not a bad antivirus it’s just lacking at some points which we mentioned above.

Is Bitdefender the best internet security?

Yes, Bitdefender counted as one of the best antivirus software and provides you the best internet security.

Is Bitdefender Safe?

Yes, Bitdefender is safe and prevents you from all kinds of malware attacks.

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