Turnkey Internet Review 2024: Why Choose Turnkey Web Hosting?

Most people accept not being well-informed of the Turnkey Internet or simply never heard of it. But at the same time, also there are many folks who have heard and already using Turnkey Internet. Whether you have heard or not, both will get equal benefits through this Turnkey Internet review. In this post, I’ll be reviewing Turnkey Internet with its benefit, and features including its pros and cons. But before we start let’s know about Turnkey Internet.

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What is Turnkey Internet?

What is Turnkey internet

A simple answer to this question is it’s a web hosting service provider. The interesting thing about this company is that actually it was not initially focused on hosting services.

It was first established in 1999 with the motive of providing consulting services to Internet Service Providers and Enhanced Telecommunications Providers, before entering the world of several hosting solutions.

Turnkey Internet is based in Latham, New York, and provides a 100% green web hosting service.

So, how reliable is this Turnkey Internet? Does this hosting company turn heads?

Stay on with this Turnkey review to get all the answers to your queries and to know more interesting unearthing about Turnkey Internet.

Reviewing Turnkey Internet Pros and Cons

Every hosting company has its good side as well as bad. But one thing you must accept, none of these hosting provider companies is perfect in this world. So, accepting the fact and reality, let’s begin the review with the cons of Turnkey Internet.

Turnkey Internet Pros & Cons

Turnkey Internet Pros

It’s time that we move on to the pros of Turnkey Internet. Without any doubt, this hosting provider has exciting features and its feature could make you feel miser. To explore all the pros and breathtaking features we do require separate mention.

Coming straight to the point this Latham-based company provides multiple hosting services whether you are looking for a small website or for a large business. This is an all-in-one platform so you do not need to search for various hosting service providers.

The hosting services are affordable and provide green hosting. By joining the green company you’ll also be contributing some consciousness to making the environment pollution-free.

You might be wondering what are the features of Turnkey Internet.

Turnkey Internet Cons

Before we dive into the positive side of Turnkey, let us see what are the reasons that are making this hosting provider lack in the business.

Though Turnkey Internet hosting has a versatile list of services, the very first cons side that I found with this hosting provider is that it lacks equal security enriched features.

This doesn’t mean that Turnkey is not wise hosting to host the website. It has also SSL, SPAM Assassin filtering, ClamAV virus protection, password protection for the directories, etc. but what’s missing out of the cage is that it doesn’t provide distinguishable industry security features.

Another matter of fact is apart from AWStats, there is no advanced analytics support.

There is a piece of good news for those who want to rank in a good position in search engines. Turnkey Internet has separate SEO hosting that is specially designed for SEO. But there is still something you should be aware of.

Like most hosting providers, Turnkey Internet charges a high price for their hosting plan at the time of renewal compared to the price of first-time purchases. So better go for 2-3 years that could make you save much revenue.

Having these cons or downsides doesn’t mean discarding Turnkey completely. It has more pros, you would know further in the Turnkey Internet review ahead. Stay on!

So, why delay Let’s spill the beans.

Features Analysis: Turnkey Internet Review

Here are some of the prime features of Turnkey Internet hosting providers.


Turnkey Internet uses the highest advanced technology solutions. Having their own Turnkey Internet data centers they provide green hosting by converting renewable energy.

Their data centers are fully redundant with next-generation fiber optic so they guarantee to provide 100% network uptime in all hosting solutions.

Unlike most hosting companies, Turnkey Internet is not a reseller or sales agent for another data center or web hosting company. Having their own infrastructure they are able to offer the most reliable service and 100% uptime guarantee.

Money-back guarantee

The hosting provider is offering you a one-month free trial that does not cost you a penny. If you are satisfied with the hosting you can go further or the Turnkey Internet will refund your money without asking a question. This is a huge advantage to set your hand having a Turnkey money-back guarantee.

Free Migration

If you already have website hosting with another hosting company, you can migrate to Turnkey free of cost. The most hosting company charges up to $14 but it’s free with Turnkey Internet.

Backup Service

Turnkey Internet uses advanced technology like Turnkey Vault and GUI for backup services. This service is based on cloud backup technology which is reliable and secure.

Customer Support

Benefits of Turnkey Internet

Overall you may not require any help with the hosting service but if required you can contact Turnkey Internet customer support through phone, live chat, or by submitting tickets.

Turnkey has covered most of the answers in a knowledge base. You can go through that knowledge base page to solve your queries. Also, there are a lot of FAQs in each section of the Turnkey page which can help you understand better.

If found issues regarding hosting-related service Turnkey support teams are ready 24/7 around the clock to assist you. So, in my opinion, you do not need to worry about the infrastructure as this hosting company is reliable and secure to host websites.

Other Important Features of Turnkey Internet

After analyzing its features in detail now it’s time to check out its more features to more about Turnkey Internet.

Turnkey Internet Windows Plesk Prices
  • Talking about Linux hosting, Turnkey provides unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, dedicated IPv4/ IPv6 support, multiple domains, encrypted SSL, and premium 2048-bit SSL(optional).
  • If we look into Windows-based hosting it has a good combo of features. Up to 100GB of SSD, unlimited bandwidth, and multiple domains.
  • It also supports multiple MS SQL and MySQL databases, Dedicated IPv4 (optional), Premium SSL, ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Pearl & SSI.

Plans and Pricing of Turnkey Internet: Review

When it comes to the plan, Turnkey provides multiple hosting services on one platform. Its services are available for both Linux and Windows.

First, let’s have a look at the Linux cPanel hosting plan. At the top, there are two Linux hosting plans available. The plans are very affordable and enriched with features.

Turnkey Internet Linux cPanel Hosting

The Linux plan starts at just $1/month. Sounds good isn’t it but here is the kicker these plans are getting up to 90% off on this coming Turnkey Internet Black Friday sale. For more instant discount offer on this hosting server, you can use the latest Turnkey internet coupon hosting.

Another plan of Turnkey to check is Windows shared hosting. In this service, you’ll find three different plans- Professional, Business, and E-commerce.

All above plans are also getting up to 50% off on this Black Friday sale & Turnkey Internet Coupon Code. Opportunity to grab hosting plans at an affordable price.

Now comes the interesting plan offered by Turnkey Internet hosting provider. For most bloggers looking for SEO, here is the SEO Hosting plan.

Turnkey offers three different plans for SEO hosting. All Turnkey Internet hosting plans are designed for ranking in the search engines. It means you have the advantage of the Google SEO ranking algorithm. You can use the Turnkey Internet SEO hosting coupon to get a maximum discount on your purchase.

Apart from this, you have the authority to choose Dedicated servers, self-managed and fully managed servers. For this, you can also apply a Turnkey dedicated server promo code to grab a huge discount on this.

These plans are not cheap but worth value for money. If you go for a long period of 2-3 years you could get many benefits. Then, again and again, renewal harassment will also ride off.

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