Web Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting 2024 – How Do They Differ?

Choosing the right web hosting is really crucial for a website, though most of the users always remain confused between web hosting and WordPress hosting. That’s why here we will tell you what is difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting. To do this comparison, we will compare the various aspects of web hosting vs WordPress hosting 2024. But before heading towards the comparison, let’s have an overview of both of them.

Overview To WordPress Hosting And Web Hosting

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a very broad term and WordPress hosting along with other types of hosting is included in it. This can be stated as a service in which a WebHost allows you to host your website on his server. In return, that hosts charges a recurring fee from you. Web hosting is considered suitable for individuals and small organizations as it saves the cost of setting up a server. The major types of web hostings are shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress hosting, etc.

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What Is WordPress Hosting?

On the flip side, WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting in which servers are configured to host only WordPress sites. This helps a server to be optimized according to WordPress which results in better performance. There are thousands of hosting options for WordPress are available but choosing the right one is crucial.

Now, let’s move on to the comparison to find web hosting and WordPress hosting differences.

What Is Difference Between Web Hosting And WordPress Hosting?

As we have already stated, web hosting is a very broad term and WordPress hosting also falls under it. So, to know a bit more about them, let’s discuss the major differences between WordPress hosting vs Web hosting.

Website CMS

web hosting vs WordPress hostings

The very first difference between WordPress hosting and web hosting is the freedom to choose CMS. WordPress hosting is specifically designed only for WordPress websites. In it, you can create a website only by using the WordPress CMS platform. Whereas, in the normal type of hosting, you are free to use any type of CMS including WordPress for your website. Besides this, you can also upload coded websites on simple web servers.

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Managed Resources

This is one of the biggest difference between web hosting vs WordPress hosting Reddit. In WordPress hosting, your host will himself manage your server. Additionally, you are provided with managed WordPress resources including developer-friendly tools. Besides, you will also get access to premium sets of WordPress themes and features. This makes it very easy to build a website.

On the flip side, you won’t get such luxuries with simple web hosting. You need to configure the server by yourself. To get managed services and premium WordPress features, you will have to pay an extra charge.

Performance And Security

In WordPress hosting, sites build only with WordPress are hosted on a server. This makes it very easy to optimize the server according to WordPress. Also, the host can install firewalls to protect all the sites against known WordPress threats. With simple web shared hosting, you won’t be able to enjoy this privilege as different types of websites are hosted on a server. However, if you opt for premium web hosting like VPS or a dedicated server, you can experience high performance and security.

Automated Updates

In this aspect, WordPress hosting has a slighter edge over normal web hosting. In WordPress hosting, the host himself manages your server. This helps your website to run on the latest available version of the available operating system. This will eventually improve the performance of your website. However, in simple shared hosting, you need to it all these things manually.

User Friendliness

If you are new to web building then user-friendliness can prove to be an important aspect for you. Between Web hosting vs WordPress hosting, it is very easy to start working with the latter one. As not only the resources are managed but also all the technical aspects are configured by the WebHost in the WordPress hosting. Due to this, WordPress hosting is also considered one of the best web hosting for beginners.

Whereas you need to configure the server by yourself and all the technical aspects will be handled by you in other types of hosting. If you are not a tech-savvy person then this could be a bit tricky for you.

User Support

Customer support is one of the most important features yet many people neglect it while choosing web hosting. With most of the standard web hosting services, you will find good user support that can help you to solve the queries related to your hosting account.

Whereas with the WordPress hosting plans, you will get support for hosting and WordPress as well. You can contact your WebHost even if you face any issues while using WordPress.

These are the major point of differences between web hosting and WordPress hosting.

Web Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting: Which One Is Better For You?

Both WordPress hosting vs web hosting looks similar, though, there are lots of dissimilarities that you can find between them. If you are new to the field of web hosting then it is better to start with WordPress hosting. It is user-friendly and will help you to start a website with ease. However, if you are a professional having good knowledge about website building then you can consider other types of web hosting.

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