What Is WordPress Hosting?: Types & Best Hosting Servers

Wondering what is WordPress Hosting? For launching an online venture and startup business you must have a new website. WordPress is one of the simplest, most affordable, and most immediate ways to build your website. WordPress Hosting is the process of making your website accessible over the World Wide Web including safety, daily updates and backup of the website, and speed. Also, in this type of web hosting, a server only hosts the sites having WordPress as their CMS.

How Many Types of WordPress Hosting?

There are mainly four types of WordPress Hosting that we use in our daily routine for taking care of our websites namely:

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting is useful for websites that have less and low traffic on their websites. Also, is very cost-effective and easily able in a low range. It is best for the startup business that has created their first website and would like to go things slow and bring up to date when the needs arise. Plus It is set up easily and offered you a wide range of offers. Even you can use scripts in it rather than WordPress. In this, you have the shared IP address with other users

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

In VPS hosting you have a high level of control over your website. Client privacy has been given priority and your security cannot be affected by the other clients who are software. These types of hosting are best for websites that have a high level of traffic on their website. There are fewer clients per server as compared to a shared hosting server. This is best for people who want more power. The server’s clients are not always equal between resource allotment.

Dedicated WordPress Server

It gives you all-over control over your server. Users who have high traffic sites and are in need of great performance with high investment. On this server, you have good website speed and accessibility and can be open very easily with an occurring error. You can give a lease to other websites because you have your own dedicated servers. A high level of technical skills is needed so that you can run and solve problems that are occurring on your server.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This server gives you full technical support and increases your security. You do not need to update your website it will automatically give you updates and a backup of your website. It gives you a high range of fast website speeds. In this, you have to use only WordPress.It protects your website from firewalls and anti-malware. It Is best for the consumer who is starting large and has high traffic on their websites.

Some of Best And Cheapest WordPress Hosting Providers

There are 100s of WordPress Hosting providers among all these providers we have picked the cheapest and best options for WordPress. We did a best WordPress hosting comparison to find out which one of them is better to use:


GoDaddy is one of the famous and biggest name hosting providers in society. If you are having one or two websites this hosting is good for you. They are providing their services at very cheap prices Even if you are a startup company you can use this hosting service provider because its rates are not maximum as compared to others.

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Apart from the website hosting service provider you also get the free domain name and daily automatic backups for your website. It has good page load times. They offer a relatable plan which your website needed. They mainly provide their hosting in Virtual Private Server (VPS), Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Server. To save maximum on this hosting server you can use the GoDaddy coupon code and grab a huge discount.


Hostinger is the cheapest and best hosting provider worldwide. If you want a cheap and the best service provider hosting this one perfectly suits you. This hosting is well known for its affordable prices and the offers that they are providing on its hosting website.

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They are providing enough offers at limited prices. For a simple website project, it is a righteous path to get yourself a host. They provide you and allow you to host your own website apart from, this they are offering one email account which will go alongside. They are also giving enough capacity of 100Gb in their offers. To save more on this hosting platform you can use our Hostinger coupon code. By this, you can save huge on its various plans.


This hosting provider is giving you a different package that you can select with your wish according to your website needs. It attracts more customers by its unlimited storage of websites and bandwidth. Also, It provides you with the best quality & cheap web hosting services for your website at a very reasonable rate. It is mainly best for small businesses and someone who is using a personal website.

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They support multi-languages. It gives you services that no one is giving like a 30-day money-back transfer, cPanel, and free transfer assistance. It mainly works in Virtual Private Server (VPS) a claims great flexibility and high performance with ist VPS Hosting. You can also apply the HostPapa discount code to grab a maximum discount on this hosting server.


HostGator gives you mainly their types of hostings( Shared WordPress Hosting, Virtual Private Server, and Dedicated WordPress hosting ). It is one of the easiest website providers. If you want a business hosting website plan or a personal hosting website plan, it is the best key for you for giving your website hosting.

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It is very cheap and they are providing their services at a very low rate. Besides this, you can use HostGator promo code and get a huge discount on its services. If you are facing any kind of problems related to your website you can easily get your problems solved by the 24 hrs staff support. It provides you with many offers like giving your website a free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and free auto-backup support. It is one of the fastest hosts and extreme speed providers to your website.

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