Wondershare FamiSafe Review 2024 – Is FamiSafe Safe To Use?

While looking for a parental software program, Wondershare FamiSafe will surely be on your list. It is one of the most popular and widely used parental software that lets you keep an eye on your child’s browsing activities. It boasts to provide lots of astounding features and tools. However, many users still don’t consider it to be the best parental tool. 

By doing an in-depth Wondershare Famisafe Review 2024, we will try to figure out is FamiSafe safe to use or not. For doing the review of FamiSafe, we will discuss its various aspects including its features, price, FamiSafe pros and cons, etc.

What Is Wondershare FamiSafe App?

FamiSafe is a utility software of Wondershare that lets you track and monitor the browsing activities of your child. With the help of this app, you can not only see your child’s search history but can also restrict him from visiting some specific websites. This can prove to be a great utility for you and can let you prevent your child from cyberbullying, online harassment, or any other online crime.

Wondershare FamiSafe Review: Features Offered By FamiSafe

There are lots of powerful spying features provided by Wondershare FamiSafe. These can prove to be beneficial for parents who are always concerned about their children. So, let’s analyze those features one by one to do a detailed review of FamiSafe.

Track Activities And Summarized Reports

It is one of the basic parental features and is provided by almost every parental software. By using the FamiSafe app, you can track the activities of your child. You can view what your child searches on both normal and private browsers. It also lets you monitor his various social accounts.

It provides daily summarized reports through which you can get an overview of their activities also you can track all these activities in real-time.

FamiSafe also claims to monitor the call logs and text msgs. However, in our analysis, we found this feature not performing well.

Control Screen Time And Data Usage

By using FamiSafe, you can easily control the screen time and data usage of your kid. You can set a specified amount of data usage so that he cannot access the internet more than that specified limit. Apart from this, you can also schedule their on-screen time so that they can use a device only during that specified period.

Filtering Of Websites And Applications

This feature of FamiSafe is really great and was even appreciated in many FamiSafe customer reviews. By using this feature, you can filter the website for your child that he can access. Doing this will restrict him from visiting the prohibited websites. The same can be done for applications and you can block the apps that you don’t want your child to access.

In our tests, we found this feature working perfectly. We even got Parental alerts while trying to access restricted websites or apps. This is a great tool and can help in keeping your kid away from addictive or inappropriate websites and applications.

Real-Time Location Tracking And Geofencing

Knowing whether your child is safe or not is really impossible when he is out of your sight. You may also get concerned if he/she is out of home for hours. However, you can get rid of this headache through the FamiSafe location tracker tool.

With the help of this tool, you can track the live location of your child. Apart from this, you can also check his timeline-based location history.

FamiSafe also provides a tool named Geofences. By using it, you select a circular virtual location on the map of up to a 1 KM radius. FamiSafe will alert you if your child goes out of this selected area.

YouTube And Social Media Monitoring

FamiSafe also lets you monitor various social media and video streaming sites including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

FamiSafe works brilliantly with YouTube. It lets you easily see what type of videos your child watches, likes, or follows on YouTube.

However, the results were not satisfactory with Facebook and Instagram as it was not able to monitor these sites properly.

thumbs up Wondershare FamiSafe Review: How Good Its Feature Are?

Here, we did a review of FamiSafe features. Overall, its features are good and can help you in knowing what type of content your child consumes or what places he visits. But it cannot be considered as an advanced parental tool as it doesn’t properly track SMS and call logs. Apart from this, it also doesn’t function properly with social sites and limits you to know what kind of people your child interacts with.

Now, let’s know is it worth paying for this software or not by discussing the FamiSafe cost.

cost How Much Does FamiSafe Cost?

FamiSafe offered three subscription-based plans. The FamiSafe cost of these plans is as follows:

  • Monthly Plan: The cost of this plan is $9.99 and by choosing it, you can secure up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • Quarterly Plan: It is a 3 months plan and costs around $19.99. With this plan, you can secure up to 10 devices at a time.
  • Annual Plan: This plan will last up to 12 months and lets you protect 10 devices. The cost of this plan is $59.99.

Compared to its peers, Qustodio, Covenant Eyes, and Net Nanny, the plans of FamiSafe are much more flexible and affordable. All these plans are also backed with a 7-day money-back guarantee. And if you ever feel stuck with this software then you can also contact their 24/7 available support team through mails or calls. With the help of our latest Wondershare FamiSafe Coupon Code, you can save massive amounts on all these plans.

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safe Is FamSafe Safe?

Yes, FamiSafe is one of the most reliable parental software and you can use it without any worry. It not only lets you see your kid’s activities but also allows you to manage them for keeping your child safe.

devices Wondershare FamiSafe Review: Device Compatible With FamiSafe

FamiSafe is a highly responsive software and is compatible with all the major platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Apart from this, it is also available for Kindle FireOS now.

free icon Is FamiSafe Free?

No, FamiSafe isn’t free. Although, it provides a free trial through which you can access all the features of its premium versions. This free version will last only for three days and after that, you have to choose any of its paid plans. You can download the free version of FamiSafe from here. This trial version is great and lets you test this software before making any decision. You can also read this Wondershare FamiSafe review, to know whether this software fulfills your requirements or not.

How To Use FamiSafe App?

It is very easy to monitor and manage your child’s activities. For this, you have to just go through the following steps:

  • Visit https://famisafe.wondershare.com/download.html and download FamiSafe on your Android or iOS device.
  • Once the FamiSafe App is downloaded, open it. Now, either sign in through a third-party account or create a new account.
  • After successfully signing in, click on ‘Start’ and a code will be displayed on your screen.
  • Download the FamiSafe app on your child’s device that you want to monitor and sign in as a kid.
  • Now, just enter that FamiSafe code to pair both the devices.

After following all these steps, you will be able to track and manage the activities of your kids.

install Wondershare FamiSafe Review: How To Install FamiSafe On iPhone?

In this FamiSafe iPhone review, now we will know how to install and set up FamiSafe on iOS devices.

  • Visit the FamiSafe website and download the FamiSafe app and install it.
  • Open the app, sign in with either your Gmail ID, Apple ID, or Facebook ID. Besides this, you can also create a new account.
  • After signing in, select to start as a child.
  • Now just enter the FamiSafe code displayed on the parent’s phone. This is the last step and doing this will activate your FamiSafe account.

snapchat Does FamiSafe Monitor Snapchat?

Now, in this Wondershare FamiSafe Review, let’s check does it work with Snapchat or not. With the help of the FamiSafe App, you can check for how long your child uses Snapchat. Besides, you can also schedule time or block Snapchat for him. However, using FamiSafe won’t let you know the activities that he does over Snapchat.

FamiSafe Pros And Cons

Like, every coin has two sides, you will find both positive and negative aspects with FamiSafe. So, let’s have a look at FamiSafe Pros and Cons to know about these areas:

PROS Of FamiSafe:

  • Easy to use.
  • Let’s you manage and monitor activities.
  • Supports filtering and blocking of websites and apps.
  • Able to track the live location of your child.
  • Cost-efficient prices compared to its peers.
  • Compatible with all the major platforms

CONS Of FamiSafe:

  • Doesn’t track text messages, call logs, etc.
  • Can’t monitor social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. properly.
  • Can’t work with video games or gaming consoles.

Can My Child Disable FamiSafe?

It is obvious that a child won’t like to be spied on by his parents that’s why he may try to uninstall FamiSafe from his device. However, he won’t be able to uninstall FamiSafe from his device as FamiSafe comes with an inbuilt uninstall protection tool. Disabling this tool requires the parent’s FamiSafe account password. In this way, FamiSafe restricts a child from deleting this software without the consent of his parent.

Conclusion Wondershare FamiSafe Review: Is FamiSafe A Good App?

In this review of FamiSafe, we analyzed its various aspects along with its features and pricing. This software works as a basic parental tool and doesn’t support advanced tools like monitoring messages and social accounts. Compared to its competitors its price is also reasonable and allows you to secure up to 10 devices, which is great for a family.

So, if you want basic protection then this software is worth it for you.

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However, for getting full-fledged protection, it is suggested to look for any of its alternatives. Net Nanny and Qustodio are the two prime alternatives of FamiSafe that you can look for.

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