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BlueHost and DreamHost both hosting providing companies are trustworthy and reliable. Both companies give the best to their customers. Now, sometime people face difficulties while choosing the hosting company. They get confused about which hosting company suits them perfectly. The reality is there is nothing perfect in the world. It depends on your purpose for you are going to purchase the hosting. This article of BlueHost vs DreamHost.  You will see the difference between the hosting plans of BlueHost and DreamHost. The price difference and feature difference as well. 

It’s quite difficult to compare all the plans of BlueHost and DreamHost. So, we discuss the starting plans of all packages. But before discussing all the plans. Let’s start with the beginning of these companies. So, move on to the next paragraph to see the history of BlueHost and DreamHost.

Background of BlueHost and DreamHost

BlueHost Services vs DreamHost services


BlueHost started in 1996 by matt Heaton. The company started as a free hosting company. After that, the company changed its name to BlueHost from 0catch. Now, as you all know it’s a well-known company all over the globe. Bluehost is currently hosting more than 2 million websites and having more than 700 employees.

Apart from Webhosting Bluehost offers multiple services to its users.  BlueHost provides the domain name and some professional services as well. Professional services like full website service, SEO service, pay per click services, website migration, and full-service website. That’s why you should choose BlueHost Hosting for your beginning. 


BlueHost started in 1997  by four undergraduate friends that company name was New Dream Network. After that company name is changed to DreamHost. DreamHost is now a popular Webhosting company. Currently Hosting millions of websites. DreamHost offers multiple types of hosting. Like shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and WordPress hosting.

What Types of Web Hosting Does BlueHost And DreamHost Provides?

BlueHost Plans Vs DreamHost Plans

Shared Hosting Plans of BlueHost and DreamHost

Shared hosting is the type of hosting where multiple websites hosted on a single server. BlueHost and DreamHost both provide shared hosting but at different prices and different amounts of features.

BlueHost Shared Hosting Vs DreamHost Shared Hosting


BlueHost offers four shared hosting plans to there users. Here you will get multiple options compared to DreamHost. The BlueHost Shared Hosting plans.

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Choice Plus
  • Pro

You saw the four plans of Shared BlueHost Web Hosting. Now, we need to take a look at DreamHost.


DreamHost provides only two shared hosting plans to its customers. These are the following plans DreamHost Hosting offers.

  • Shared Starter
  • Shared unlimited

Now you know that DreamHost has less shared hosting plans in -comparison to BlueHost. Time to see the difference between features of the BlueHost Shared hosting plan and DreamHost shared hosting plan.

BlueHost Basic Shared Hosting Plan vs DreamHost Starter Shared Hosting Plan

BlueHost Basic Shared Hosting Plans


DreamHost Starter Shared hosting Plan


1 website 1 website
50 GB SSD Storage Fast SSD Storage
Unmetered Bandwidth Unlimited traffic*
Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate
1 included Domain Free domain included
Standard Performance WordPress  pre-installed
5 Parked Domains WP website builder
25 Sub Domains Add E-mail at $1.67/mo*


We have discussed all the features of both the basic shared hosting of BlueHost and the Starter plan of DreamHost. Now see the comparison of DreamHost Shared Unlimited and the BlueHost Choice, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro. You can also read about the BlueHost Hosting Review where you can get to know why this plan is preferable. 





Choice Plus






Shared Unlimited


Unlimited Websites Yes Yes Unlimited Website
Unlimited SSD Storage Yes Yes Fast SSD storage
Unmetered Bandwidth Yes Yes Unlimited traffic
Free SSL Certificate Yes Yes Free SSL Certificate
Standard Performance Yes High WordPress Pre-installed
Unlimited Domains Yes Yes WP Website Builder
Unlimited Sub Domain Yes Yes Fast SSD Storage
Spam expert Yes Yes Free SSL Certificate
1 office 365 Mail box-Free 30 days Domain + Privacy Protection Domain + Privacy Protection Unlimited e-mail @ your domain
  Site backup codeGard Basic Site backup codeGard Basic  
  1 office 365 Mail box-Free 30 days Dedicated IP  
    1 office 365 Mail box-Free 30 days  

BlueHost offers a lower price shared Hosting plan and BlueHost also offers the highest price Shared hosting plans compared to DreamHost. The features differ as per plans. After comparing the Shared hosting plans of BlueHost. Now move on to the next plan VPS hosting plans of DreamHost and BlueHost.  

BlueHost VPS hosting vs DreamHost VPS Hosting

BlueHost VPS vs DreamHost VPS

When you want to scale your website from shared hosting or you want a private server in quite a low budget. Then VPS hosting can be best for you. You will get an environment of the dedicated server. BlueHost and DreamHost both provide VPS hosting. Let’s take a look at both companies starting the VPS hosting plan.





VPS Basic


2 core Unlimited websites
30 GB SSD Storage 30 GB SSD Storage
1 TB Bandwidth Unlimited traffic
1 IP Address Free SSL Certificate
  Unlimited E-mail@ your domain

DreamHost VPS hosting offers the lowest price in comparison to BlueHost VPS hosting plan. On the other hand, BlueHost provides more features compared to DreamHost.


BlueHost has three plans for the users. Basic, Enhanced, Ultimate. Prices are different as per plan.

  • Standard- $18.99/mo*
  • Enhanced-$29.99/mo*
  • Ultimate-$59.99/mo*


 DreamHost offers four plans. VPS Basic, VPS Business, VPS Professional and VPS Enterprise. Let’s take a look at the prices of these plans.

  • VPS basic- $13.75/mo*
  • VPS business- $27.50/mo*
  • VPS Professional-$55.00/mo*
  • VPS Enterprise-$110.00/mo*

BlueHost has low numbers of VPS Hosting Plans in comparison to DreamHost VPS hosting Plans. If we discuss the prices. DreamHost provides the lowest VPS hosting plan and the highest VPS hosting Plan compared to BlueHost.

Let’s move to the next paragraph to see the comparison of BlueHost Dedicated web Hosting and DreamHost dedicated Webhosting.

BlueHost Dedicated Web Hosting vs DreamHost Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is the best option for you. If you want a highly safe with great performance server. You have to spend a high amount of your hard earn money. DreamHost and BlueHost both offer Dedicated hosting at different prices with different plans.

BlueHost Dedicated Hosting vs DreamHostr Dedicated Hosting


BlueHost provides three types of dedicated hosting.

  • Standard-$79.99/mo*
  • Enhanced-$99.99/mo*
  • Premium-$119/mo*


In the case of DreamHost, you will get lots of options. DreamHost has nine dedicated hosting plans.

  • Standard 4 – $149/mo*
  • Standard 8 -$189/mo*
  • Standard 16 – $229/mo*
  • Enhanced 16 – $279/mo*
  • Enhanced 32 – $329/mo*
  • Enhanced 64 – $379/mo*
  • Enhanced SSD 16 – $279/mo*
  • Enhanced SSD 64 – $379/mo*
BlueHost Standard Plan vs DreamHost Standard 4 Plan

Time to take a look at the comparison between BlueHost standard dedicated hosting and DreamHost standard 4 dedicated hosting.


Standard Plan




Standard 4 Plan


4 Cores @ 2.3 GHz Intel Xeon 4- core 8 Thread
500 GB (Mirrored) Storage RAID 1 storage
5 TB Bandwidth Root Access
3 IP Address Local My SQL DataBase server
  100% Uptime Guarantee
  DDoS Protection

It is clear that BlueHost gives the cheapest hosting. When it comes to the high price dedicated hosting then DreamHost is the best. DreamHost offers the most expensive plans. Let’s take a comparison of the highest dedicated hosting plan of BlueHost and DreamHost.

BlueHost Premium Dedicated Hosting VS DreamHost Enhanced SSD 64GB





Enhanced SSD 64GB


4 Core 3.3 GHz Intel Xeon 12- Core 24 Thread
1 TB (Mirrored) Storage 2240 GB SSD
15 TB Bandwidth Local MySQL Database server
5 IP Address Ubuntu
  100% network uptime Guarantee
  DDoS Protection

So, in DreamHost dedicated hosting, you will get lots of options to choose from compared to BlueHost. We have compared many plans now time to compare one of the most popular types of hosting the WordPress hosting.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting VS DreamHost WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is specially customized for WordPress users. BlueHost and DreamHost both offer WordPress Hosting. The prices are different and the features are also different.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting VS DreamHost WordPress Hosting


BlueHost has a partnership with WordPress. BlueHost has 3 types of WordPress hosting.

  • Shared WordPress Hosting
  • WP Pro Hosting
  • e-commerce

These plans are made to fulfill the different needs of users. Mostly, WordPress users use this type of hosting.


Again, DreamHost has lots of types of WordPress hosting. DreamHost provides five types of WordPress hosting.

  • Shared WordPress Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • VPS for WordPress
  • Dedicated for WordPress

So, DreamHost gives you lots of options there. Here you have two more types of WordPress hosting in comparison to BlueHost. We will discuss and compare the plans. So, you will be able to select the best for your website.

BlueHost Shared WordPress vs DreamHost WordPress hosting

BlueHost Shared WordPress Hosting VS DreamHost Shared WordPress Hosting

Let’s take a look at the starting Shared WordPress plans of both companies. 


Basic Shared WordPress hosting



Starter Shared WordPress hosting



1 website 1 Website
Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate
50 GB SSD Storage Unlimited traffic
Free Domain for 1 year WordPress Pre-Installed
5 Parked Domain Free Domain Included
25 sub Domains WP Website Builder
$200 Marketing Credit Add E-mail as low as $1.67/mo*
Free Domain Included Free Domain Included

DreamHost Shared WordPress hosting is higher than the BlueHost Shared WordPress Hosting. The Feature you have already seen in the table. Time to see the comparison between BlueHost WP Pro Hosting and DreamHost managed WordPress hosting.

BlueHost WP Hosting vs DreamHost Managed WordPress hosting

BlueHost has Three WP pro plans Build, Grow and Scale. Similarly, DreamHost has also three plans Dream Press Basic, Dream Press Plus and Dream press pro.BlueHost claims that WP Pro is there best-managed WordPress hosting. On the other hand, DreamHost claims that there Managed WordPress Hosting is Hassle-free. And having a high performance to grow your business.

BlueHost WP Pro vs DreamHost Managed WordPress Hosting

To find out the reality we have to see the features of both plans. So here, I am going to present the starting plan of WP BlueHost and DreamHost Managed WordPress.





Managed WordPress Hosting


JetPack site Analytics  Jetpack Pre Installed
Marketing Centre 30 GB SSD Storage
100+ Free WordPress Themes Unmetered Bandwidth
Daily Scheduled Backups Daily Backup and 1 & one-click Restore
Free SSL Certificate SSL Certificate Pre-Installed
Domain Privacy + Protection WP website builder
24/7 WordPress Support 24/7 WordPress Support
1 Office 365 Mailbox for – 30 Days Build 100k monthly visitors
Malware Detection and removal 1-click-staging

Here DreamHost is providing you the low price hosting compared to BlueHost. Now come to one of the most interested WordPress Hosting. WordPress e-commerce hosting. To know more visit the next paragraph.

BlueHost WordPress e-commerce hosting plans vs DreamHost Woo-commerce Hosting plans

BlueHost WordPress hosting plan is powered by woo-commerce. Same with the DreamHost but still there are some differences between them. BlueHost and DreamHost both offer three e-commerce plans. DreamHost offers dream press plan, dreamPress plus plan and dreamPress Pro. BlueHost has a starter plan, plus plan and pro plan.

BlueHost e-commerce VS DreamHost WooCommerce

To see these plans very closely. We are going to show the comparison of the BlueHost starter plan and DreamHost’s dreamPress plan.







1 Online store Build for 100K monthly visitors
100 GB Storage 30 GB SSD Storage
Storefront theme installed Storefront theme pre-installed
Free SSL Free SSL
Domain Privacy + Protection 1 click staging
Free Setup call Daily Backup and 1 click restore
Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
1 Office 365 days mailbox-Free 30  Days JetPack Pre Installed
  WP website builder

After this comparison, we can say that BlueHost offers cheaper hosting compared to DreamHost. On the other hand, DreamHost has more types of WordPress hosting. like VPS for WordPress starting from just $10.00/mo*. Dedicated for WordPress. Starting at $149/mo*.


BlueHost and DreamHost are well-known hostings providing companies in the market.  BlueHost founded in 1996 and Dreamhost founded in 1997. We saw many comparisons between BlueHost and DreamHost in this BlueHost vs DreamHost article.  BlueHost provides the cheaper hosting plan starting at just $2.95/mo*. Here BlueHost offers 3 plans of shared hosting. At the same time, DreamHost offers only two Plans of shared Hosting. In the case of VPS hosting, DreamHost has four VPS hosting Plans and BlueHost has 3 VPS hosting plans. If we talk about the dedicated hosting then BlueHost offers the cheaper hosting plans in comparison to DreamHost. Cloud hosting is offered by DreamHost only. BlueHost doesn’t provide cloud Hosting. DreamHost has five types of WordPress hosting and BlueHost has three types of WordPress hosting. DreamHost offers a cheaper starting WordPress hosting.  Starting at just $2.59/mo*. Now it depends on you which plan suits you best.