OVH Vs Hetzner Detailed Comparison 2024 – Features, Security & Pricing

If you are looking for web hosting services, you must be aware of OVH and Hetzner. Are you perplexed by the 2023 cloud choice between Hetzner and OVH? Then here is the OVH vs Hetzner article for you.

In the next section, we have discussed and compared them both to clear up your confusion. We have analyzed the features and pricing of both OVH and Hetzner and tested them to find the best one for you.

OVH Cloud Vs Hetzner – Introduction

Before we get started with the comparison, let’s get an overall overview of OVH Cloud and Hetzner. So, that you can get a clearer perception of them.

OVHcloud Introduction

We will begin with the OVH cloud in Hetzner vs OVH. It provides more versatile web hosting services for its users, like dedicated, shared, or VPS. It is a well-known company that provides its users with cheap web hosting.

Pros of OVH Cloud:

  • It provides its users with dedicated, VPS, shared, and bare metal web hosting services.
  • It has data centers in countries like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Poland, etc.
  • Provides DDoS protection.
  • Has automatic backups for its servers.
  • OVH supports all kinds of OS.
  • Provides SSL certificate.
  • Has disk space of 40GB NVMe-640GB NVMe.
  • Has 24 server locations around the world.

Cons of OVH Cloud:

  • Does not provide free CDN and DNS integration.
  • Might affect your server speed.
  • Fails to provide a complete refund.
  • Takes a cost to provide a 24/7 support team.
  • Has a messy arrangement.
  • It is not beginner friendly.

Hetzner Introduction

In the OVH vs Hetzner article, we will now get an introduction to Hetzner. It even provides web hosting services like shared hosting, VPS, cloud, and dedicated servers.

Pros Of Hetzner:

  • It provides shared, VPS, cloud, and dedicated servers.
  • Provides a free SSL certificate.
  • Has a bandwidth of up to 20 TB.
  • Provides automatic backups.
  • Has high loading times.
  • Has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Uses Juniper backbone technology for impressive performances. 
  • Guarantees a 99.9% of network availability.
  • Has DDoS protection.

Cons Of Hetzner:

  • Does not provide a free domain.
  • Has no free site migration.
  • No free CDN.
  • Has only 3 data centers.

Hetzner Vs OVH 2024 – Comparison Of Features

Hetzner Vs OVH - Comparison Of Features

We went over all of the key features and pricing for Hetzner and OVH cloud in the following section. But first, let’s take an overview of the features of both in the OVH Vs Hetzner article.

FeaturesOVH cloudHetzner
Services ProvidedIt provides shared, dedicated, and VPS hostingIt provides cloud, VPS, managed, and shared hosting
Data CentersHas 30+ data centers around the worldHas three data centers around the world
Countries where data centers are presentFrance, Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Poland, the UK, and SingaporeGermany, Finland, and USA
CostHas starting price of $3.72 Has the beginning price of $0.97 per month
InterfaceOVHCloud Control Panel interfaceGraphic client admin interface: konsoleH
Free MigrationNoNo
Technical supportProvides a 24/7 technical customer support at a cost via phone, email (ticket), live chat, or technical guides.Does not provide 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone, contact form, or email (ticket) at no cost.
SSL certificatesHas SSL certificatesProvides SSL certificate
Free DomainAvailable Unavailable
DDoS ProtectionHas anti-DDoS protectionHas DDoS protection
Refund PolicyNo full money refund guarantee30 days money back guarantee
Operating System supportSupports Linux and WindowsSupports in both Windows and Linux
Uptime guaranteeprovides a 99.9% uptime guarantee.No uptime guarantee

OVH Vs Hetzner: Performance

The performance of any web hosting service provider greatly depends on the uptime and server speed needed to load the website’s pages. Let’s check the performance of both Hetzner and OVHcloud.

OVH Performance

If compared to Hetzner, the OVH cloud has a bit of a slow loading speed for the webpage. It has a page load speed of 6.42 seconds and 5.9 seconds when tested on PageSpeed Insights and GT Metrix, respectively.

OVH provides an uptime guarantee of 99.9%.

Hetzner Performance

Hetzner has a high loading speed on the website. When the load speed of the website was tested on GT Metrix and PageSpeed Insights, it turned out to be 3.8 seconds.

Provides no uptime guarantee but has an annual average network availability of 99.9% at its data centers.

In Hetzner vs OVHcloud, both have average performance. Despite the fact that Hetzner has faster server speeds than OVH. Unlike OVH Cloud, it fails to provide an uptime guarantee.

OVH Vs Hetzner: Security

Security provided to the website from any kind of malicious activities is very important by any web hosting service provider, whether Hetzner or OVH.

OVH Security

OVH provides anti-DDoS protection and a free SSL certificate to its users. However, it fails to provide a firewall to secure your sites from any kind of malicious nuisance.

It always has attack detection. Moreover, it even has daily backups available to restore your websites.

Hetzner Security

When it comes to security, Hetzner also offers anti-DDoS protection and a free SSL certificate. They also conduct daily backups to restore your website’s data and can access them whenever you need them.

You can also get password protection for your websites with it. Moreover, Hetzner provides the most important thing, which is the firewall.

So, Hetzner provides better security than OVH Cloud. In Hetzner vs OVH, both provide similar security features, but Hetzner has an additional firewall.

OVH Vs Hetzner: Ease Of Use

Any good web hosting service, whether Hetzner or OVH, should provide a user-friendly interface.

OVH-Ease Of Use

The OVH control panel is simpler to use but also very technical. However, OVH does not offer a completely smooth platform to its users, and even then, it is not beginner-friendly

Moreover, it loads slowly, which is one of its drawbacks. Even its setup process is hard.

Hetzner-Ease Of Use

Hetzner’s interface is more diverse, but it is more technical to use. It employs konsoleH, a much more advanced graphic client admin interface.

OVH has a better interface to use than Hetzner, despite the fact that it loads slowly. As Hetzner’s interface is a bit more technical to use.

OVH Vs Hetzner: Features

Let’s take a glance at the features provided by both Hetzner and OVH. Although feature comparisons are important criteria for comparison.

Features Provided By OVHcloud

  • Offers a free SSL certificate.
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth with all hosting plans.
  • It also has free daily backups.
  • Also provides a free WordPress installation.
  • Even provides unlimited SSD disk space.
  • Provides CDN security.
  • Has anti-DDoS protection.
  • Provides rapid installation of CMS tools.
  • It even allows you to expand your storage limit.

Features Provided By Hetzner

  • Provides daily backup to restore your site.
  • Provides free SSL certificate.
  • Has DDoS protection.
  • It provides a virus scanner for emails.
  • Provides unlimited traffic with all its hosting plans.
  • It provides its users with NVMe SSD disk space starting from 10 GB.
  • You can also get the 1-click installation of WordPress.

Both OVH or Hetzner provides equally amazing features for their users. You can clearly observe in Hetzner vs OVH article that both provides DDoS protection and a free SSL certificate.

OVH Vs Hetzner: Customer Support

The customer support provided by a web hosting service provider is very important. It should be fast, precise, and helpful for the users. Let’s check the customer support provided by both OVH Cloud and Hetzner.

OVH’s Customer Support

The response time of OVH’s customer support team is a bit slow. They typically take a long time to respond to customer inquiries. You can contact them via phone, live chat, email, ticket support, or knowledgebase

But to get premium support 24/7 for your business or enterprise, you have to pay a certain amount.

Hetzner’s Customer Support

Hetzner provides far better customer support to its users than OVH. The response time of the customer support team at Hetzner is quite amazing and fast. They are available 24/7 for their users at no cost.

You can send your query via live chat, phone, contact form, email (ticket), or knowledgebase. Their professional team of customer support is always ready to solve your query.

Hetzner’s customer support is undoubtedly better in Hetzner vs OVH cloud. The customer support at Hetzner is both effective and fast.

OVH Vs Hetzner: Refund Policy

Let’s take a glance at the refund policies provided by Hetzner and OVH Cloud.

OVH Refund Policy

OVH Cloud does not provide its users with a good refund policy. It neither provides a complete refund nor assures a money-back guarantee.

However, it refunds a certain amount of money back after deducting the number of days of services used, within 30 days.

Hetzner Refund Policy

Hetzner has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you want to cancel your account, do it within one month of purchase, and your money will be refunded by the end of the month.

Undoubtedly, Hetzner has a better refund policy than OVH.

OVH Vs Hetzner: Pricing

Let’s take a glance at the pricing plans offered by Hetzner and OVH. 

OVH Pricing

The starting price of a VPS server of the OVH plan is $0.97 per month. It offers three kinds of services like dedicated, VPS, and shared web hosting.

Let’s check all other packages with their prices:

Dedicated Servers:

There are 10 different kinds of packages available with dedicated servers. They offer different plans for their users. It has a minimum starting price of the dedicated server of OVH Cloud is $28.28 per month.  

VPS (Virtual Private Servers):

It provides the minimum packages in the plan. VPS has a starting value of $0.97 per month.

Here are the other plans of VPS:

VPS PlansStarterValueEssentialComfort
Memory2 GB2 GB4 GB8 GB

Public Cloud:

The starting price of public cloud starts at $200. This helps you to create your cloud-native application.

This is the pricing of the different plans offered by the OVH. You can also get up to 50% discount on these plans after using OVH promo code.

Hetzner Pricing

The starting price of Hetzner is $1.54 per month. Even Hetzner has a variety of plans for their users. Let’s see their other plans with pricing.

Level 1$1.5410 GB
Level 4$3.0150 GB
Level 9$8.02100 GB
Level 19$16.11300 GB

Hetzner has lower pricing compared to OVH Cloud.

What Is More Secured Web Hosting Among Hetzner and OVH cloud?

Hetzner provides a more secure platform for its users than OVH. It has a firewall, spam filter, virus scanner, and password protection feature for your website to protect and secure it.

Which Web Hosting Service Offers The Best Performance OVH Or Hetzner?

Hetzner offers better performance than OVH, as it has a faster server speed. However, among Hetzner and OVH, it fails to provide an uptime guarantee of 99.9% which OVH does. 

Which One Among OVH And Hetzner Provides Better Refund Policy?

Hetzner has a better refund policy than OVH. Unlike OVH, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to users.

In Hetzner Vs OVH, Which One Provides Better User Interface?

Hetzner provides a better user interface with its graphic client admin interface. Though it is a bit technical and advanced to use. But, OVH is less technical to use.

Conclusions – Hetzner Vs OVH Cloud 2024

In the article, OVH Vs Hetzner, we have compared the important features of both and their pricing. It is very tough to decide which one is better than the other, as both has almost equal features.

However, it can be concluded that Hetzner is better than OVH Cloud. In terms of providing security, performance, refund policies, and pricing. It has a more advanced and technical user interface.

Even, OVH has a variety of plans to offer with a different range of pricing.  

Which Is More Better Hosting Service- OVH Or Hetzner?

Hetzner is a better hosting service than OVH Cloud in terms of performance, security, and refund policies. However, both Hetzner and OVH are excellent web hosting service providers.

Which is less expensive: Hetzener or OVH Cloud?

Hetzner is a cheaper web hosting service provider than OVH Cloud. It provides hosting at a much cheaper rate.

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